Half-Life: Alyx – Basic Guide, Tisp & Tricks (2020)

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Basics Guide


You don’t really need to stretch around your back to put ammunition/tar in you rucksack typically I either imagine i’m eating it or I toss the thing at my head/neck territory. This took a limited quantity of training. (you can kinda play get with you head if your sufficient).

Item Crates

Rather than picking them and swinging my arm noticeable all around to crush it into the ground, I slam it with my gun to tear it open. (valuable for when you don’t have a great deal of IRL space).

Reflex Sights vs Laser Sights

I initially purchased the Reflex sights however found the to ease back and inconvenient to utilize and was missing frequently. The Reflex sight highlights weakpoints, anyway it’s just extremely helpful on the off chance that you’ve never experienced that foe. I saw Lasers Sights as a lot quicker as you can promptly observe where your shot will land and you can shoot around corners better.


I really didn’t have a clue about this one till the end. You can discharge the multi-device while hacking the ball thing with the red specks and it won’t bomb the hack even they contact it after you let go.

Armour and Stuff

Around the globe are hardhats, covers and different things that Alyx can wear. Hardhats can be worn to shield her from Barnacles and Headcrabs and gas covers will enable her to relax. .


A not many zombies have a green gleaming tumor thing that when shot detonates, insta-executing the zombie and the crab. On the off chance that you think that its disgusting when barnacles pull you up, there is a setting to debilitate it.



The side of your gun can let you know whether there is a round in the load and if your magazine is unfilled. In the event that the crate at the base is red the mag is unfilled. On the off chance that the left line at the top is white, there is a round in the load. On the off chance that the correct line is orange a round is fit to be loaded, if red your mag is vacant and you have to reload.


You can have up yo 7 shells stacked without updates and with the autoloader 13. Likewise the projectile launcher can utilize the two kinds of explosives.

Source By YouTube: MKIceAndFire



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