Half-Life: Alyx Custom Maps Guide – How to Make Custom Maps

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I made sense of how to make and import custom maps into Half-Life: Alyx. I don’t know whether this is new, however I thought I’d share this with you all similar to no uncertainty much greater at map making than me!

Setting Up

You need a couple of things to get set up, first you’ll require a VR HMD, clearly, and a duplicate of the game, additionally clearly. You additionally should have the option to get to the designer comfort, to do this, right snap on the game from your library, go under Properties > Launch Options and enter ‘- reassure’ and ‘- vconsole’. I don’t know whether this is fundamental, yet I suggest introducing the Half LIfe Alyx resource pack on the Steam VR workshop.

In any case, open up Steam VR, without opening any applications. Right snap at the highest point of the Steam VR window and under workshop hit ‘Make/adjust a domain.’

From their, double tap your addon or choose it and snap ‘Dispatch Tools’, this will open the advantage program.

There’s a great deal of stuff you can do right now, not going to claim to comprehend everything, except to begin mapping open the mallet editorial manager (upper left).

Using The Hammer Editor

Presently I am in no way, shape or form a mapper, yet I feel like without including only a tad about the supervisor this guide would be fragmented.

To begin, go File > New to make another guide document, and afterward simply begin mapping. As I said I am in no way, shape or form a mapper so I can’t help you there, yet there are a lot of online assets to enable you to learn!

After you’ve completed the process of mapping, go File>Build Map and play out a Full Compile (you can un-check ‘Burden in motor in the wake of working’ since you’re simply going to port the guide into HLA in any case) by clicking ‘Full Compile’ and afterward ‘Manufacture’.


Ensure you add a light to your level! I made the error of overlooking this and for a considerable length of time thought the game was simply not rendering my level!

Substances from HLA accomplish work in the manager, however they won’t show up until you gather and run it in HLA. Simply give the substance the fitting name, for instance, npc_zombie for a zombie and it will work!

Use resources from the benefits pack where conceivable, else you could run into issues of missing surfaces or models.


Bringing Your Map Into The Game!

To at long last play your guide in great augmented simulation, discover it in your Steam VR addons (for the most part under Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\ steamvr_environments\game\steamtours_addons\*Addon Name*) and duplicate the substance into the HLA envelope hlvr (ordinarily under Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr) you’ll know it’s the correct organizer since it will have the maps organizer inside it.

Significant: don’t supplant any .pak documents or it might make your game unplayable, if this happens you can check the game’s trustworthiness to fix it.

Presently, open HLA and enter the designer comfort by squeezing the key underneath escape (differs relying upon your console format) and entering ‘map your_map_name’ (ensure this is the name of the .vpk record you aggregated, and not the name of the addon you made in Steam VR)

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