Hearthstone: Ashes of Outland – No Minion Spell Mage Deck List Guide

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No Minion Spell Mage Deck List Guide

No Minion Spell Mage is an intriguing one. As the name proposes, it’s a deck whose principle objective is to exploit the Mage class’ new ‘no-follower’ cooperative energies to increase long haul esteem and an over the top number of spells.

Some time ago, we totally adored Spell Hunter, so we’re eager to see the Mage class get a similar treatment in Ashes of Outland.

No Minion Spell Mage deck list and strategy

Here’s the No Minion Spell Mage deck we’ll be utilizing for the Ashes of Outland development. We’ll keep you refreshed with any changes!

Mage Neutral
1 x Evocation
2 x Font of Power
2 x Ray of Frost
2 x Magic Trick
2 x Learn Draconic
2 x Incanter’s Flow
2 x Frostbolt
2 x Ancient Mysteries
1 x Flame Ward
2 x Netherwind Portal

2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Frost Nova
2 x Fireball
2 x Apexis Blast


General strategy

No Minion Spell Mage is a worth arranged deck on the most fundamental level. You have a huge measure of spells which can create considerably more spells, letting you string together a lot of impacts each turn. Obviously, you depend pretty vigorously on fortunate pulls from your spells, yet we’re completely adoring the potential arbitrariness.

Early game: This deck can play like an ordinary Quest Mage deck, considering it incorporates Raid the Sky Temple. Play it out on turn 1, and you’ll have the option to begin getting things going.

Your initial spells will be about endurance if essential. Learn Draconic gives you a 6/6 sometime later which is constantly valuable, and any semblance of Magic Trick permit you to pick a spell that will assist you with adjusting best to your circumstance. Whenever you find the opportunity, Incanter’s Flow is an astounding card to play, since it limits pretty much each and every card in your deck by 1 mana. The prior you can cast it, the more significant it’ll wind up being, so attempt to discover an open door while remaining buzzing with cards like Ray of Frost.

Mid game: Since each card you play is a spell, your Raid the Sky Temple Quest is probably going to get a reasonable piece of progress as of now. When you figure out how to finish it, you’ll profit by a consistent wellspring of significantly more worth.

You do at present need followers on the board however. Text style of Power is greatly solid, as a 1 mana draw 3 when you have no cronies in your deck. Netherwind Portal gives you a 4 cost crony for 3 mana as well, which frequently encourages you challenge the board better than you in any case would’ve.

You ought to have all that could possibly be needed fuel to keep things ticking over now – don’t be reluctant to utilize your card draw with Arcane Intellect, just as your Ascendent Scroll Hero Power at whatever point you find the opportunity. Freeze impacts can slow down your adversary out until your late-game strategic maneuvers as well.

Late game: Keep your board developing with any semblance of Power of Creation, and utilizing Apexis Blast can be a genuine advantage for your board improvement while additionally taking off genuinely enormous adversary dangers. In the event that things get extremely edgy however, you have The Amazing Reno to retake control. His Battlecry makes all cronies vanish totally. They’re simply gone. Until the end of time. No Deathrattles, no restoration, nothing. The concern is his Hero Power. ‘What Does This Do?’ throws an irregular spell toward the beginning of your turn. This possibly gives you a heap of significant worth or rhythm to mess with your whole turn, however you additionally risk Fireball-ing your own face, or throwing Forbidden Words and squandering all your mana. It’s a hazard, so attempt to begin hitting face however much as could reasonably be expected once this card is played. You’ll generally profit, however the odds of you totally missing out on a turn (or the whole game) are as yet present.

Continue managing harm however and you should wind up OK.

No Minion Spell Mage Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with No Minion Spell Mage:

  • Assault the Sky Temple is a conspicuous pick. Except if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt the adversary is hyper-forceful, you should keep this card.
  • Incanter’s Flow is a fabulous card to get played early, and it sets up for some strange plays later on since it limits your whole deck.
  • Enchantment Trick and Ray of Frost both work to stem the progression of hostility. Enchantment Trick is increasingly adaptable, yet Ray of Frost lets you prevent a follower from assaulting for a whole two turns.


No Minion Spell Mage tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a couple of combos and collaborations to pay special mind to with No Minion Spell Mage.

Evocation is an extraordinary last trick play. It fills your whole hand with Mage spells, however you lose them toward the finish of your turn. With a little hand, you’re really liable to get yourself some immediate harm if that is what you’re searching for, simply make sure to monitor your mana – when it’s gone, the cards are as well.

– Remember, Flame Ward bargains its harm after your Hero endures a shot. This implies you’ll despite everything take harm, dissimilar to Hunter’s Explosive Trap which will murder low-wellbeing adversaries first.

– Your cards that profit by this no-follower assemble are Apexis Blast and Font of Power. Their impact is invalidated if foes mix flunkies into your deck however. In the event that No Minion Spell Mage gets famous, we’ll be whacking out Albatross Priest instantly.

Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron throws 10 arbitrary spells. Entirely nutty, yet simply like The Amazing Reno’s Hero Power, it can reverse discharge staggeringly. Possibly cast it in the event that you truly need to.

Learn Draconic expects you to burn through 8 mana on spells before calling you a 6/6 Dragon. It’s incredible in the event that you get the chance to play out the sidequest, on the grounds that practically the entirety of your mana will be spent on spells at any rate.

– Spells in your deck ready to call followers include: Font of Power, Learn Draconic, Netherwind Portal, Apexis Blast, and Power of Creation. Obviously, different cards hold the potential for crony bringing, including your Discovered spell from Magic Trick or your arbitrary throws from Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron.

– Try to pick up as much incentive from Raid the Sky Temple as possible. You don’t get the chance to pick the spell added to your hand, yet you’ll in any event have the option to cast it for 2 mana less, and you’ll likely discover an utilization for most Mage spells.

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