Hearthstone: Ashes of Ourland – Zoo Warlock deck list guide

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Zoo Warlock is a Hearthstone deck that is existed since the beginning times of the game. Its capacity has changed here and there many occasions throughout the years yet it generally appears to show up in the game. Normally a go-to decision for players toward the beginning of another development cycle, we’ll see whether it has any life span in Ashes of Outland.

We constantly prefer to keep our Zoo Warlock control forward-thinking also on the grounds that it is, for example, extraordinary deck to play for novices. Not exclusively is it regularly moderately modest to assemble as far as residue, however it additionally goes far to show you a significant number of the essentials of playing Hearthstone well. Things like crony exchanging and position, when to go forever absolute harm and how to most successfully play around your rival’s deck.

In light of all that, look on down to locate the top Zoo Warlock deck list in Hearthstone at the present time. You’ll additionally discover a riches system counsel to assist you with taking full advantage of the deck, in addition to we have the best cards to pick during the Mulligan stage and the entirety of the significant card combos as well.

Zoo Warlock deck list and strategy

Warlock Neutral
2 x Voidwalker 2 x Guardian Augmerchant
2 x Flame Imp 2 x Soulbound Ashtongue
2 x Fiendish Servant 2 x Hot Air Balloon
1 x Kanrethad Ebonlocke 2 x Blazing Battlemage
2 x Imprisoned Scrap Imp 1 x Teron Gorefiend
2 x EVIL Genius
2 x Expired Merchant
2 x Darkglare
2 x Nightshade Matron


Deck Import ID: AAECAf0GAta5A9S6Aw4wwgiInQP9pAOBpQP5rgPqsAOwtgO1uQO2uQPHuQPLuQPevgPjvgMA

General technique

Cinders of Outland has included some solid new instruments for Zoo Warlock, including both card draw and crony buffs.

Assuming responsibility for the board is simple with this deck, as you have countless early cronies that can exchange effectively and a Hero Power that straightforwardly attracts you more cards to play.

You’ll need to storm out into a lead with the deck’s incredible early game drops and stretch your preferred position so far that your rival can’t react. On the off chance that they can’t get a toehold in the game you can deny them every step of the way before they can even set up their course of action.

Play out your cronies, and whenever you find the opportunity, convey a Lackey with EVIL Recruiter for an over the top rhythm swing. Towards the finish of the game, simply continue drawing cards and playing them. You ought to have enough to traverse.

Early game:

Challenge the board with your amazing early drops and make reasonable exchanges where conceivable. Keep in mind, Zoo Warlock is a board control deck and not one for indiscriminately surging face harm. Search for high-wellbeing followers that adhere to the board, and produce Lackeys with EVIL Genius to guarantee a quick early push while making an incentive close by as well. You never need to be coasting mana, so attempt to get the same number of flunkies onto the board as you can.

Mid game:

Keep applying pressure with your flunkies. Detained Scrap Imp is an astounding card for buffing up your hand, setting you up for some uncontrollably great plays a few turns later. On the other hand, you can utilize the Diseased Vulture blended in with self-harm any semblance of Life Tap to call free flunkies. Darkglare will even let you Life Tap for nothing, since you revive 2 mana at whatever point your Hero takes harm.

At this stage, you ought to consider weaving in a Life Tap each turn where conceivable to guarantee you don’t come up short on assets or use Nightshade Matron to delve further into your deck by disposing of Hand of Gul’dan. Simply recollect, Hand of Gul’dan must be the greatest expense card in your grasp or the impact won’t work!

Late game:

In the event that you’ve raged out into a lead, at that point the game may as of now be over now, or you’ll in any event be searching for that last additional piece of harm. Teron Gorefiend is a solid strategy for buffing up cronies, though a postponed one. It’s solid to have a full solid board holed up behind a Deathrattle however, and you can completely obliterate adversaries on the off chance that you assemble one more board on this.

Aggro Opponents

We’ve assembled a couple of tips to manage other aggro decks you may look on stepping stool:

  • 1. It’s considerably increasingly imperative to exchange astutely against aggro decks, as Zoo Warlock has not many rebound components on the off chance that you fall behind on the board.
  • 2. Blasting Battlemage exchanges perfectly with adversary flunkies, including numerous 2-drops.
  • 3. Voidwalker is an extraordinary early play, regularly pounding early hostility to an end while you hope to settle.
  • 4. Don’t Life Tap when you don’t have to. Forceful adversaries will exploit and could murder you quickly.

Control Opponents

Remember these tips when you face control decks:

  • 1. Certainly play all the more forcefully against control, as you need to polish them off before they get an opportunity to balance out.
  • 2. Simultaneously, be careful of over-reaching out into a board clear on the off chance that you realize one could be going ahead the following turn. Ensure you have a few assets spared for possible later use, in the event of some unforeseen issue.
  • 3. Be cautious with your high-esteem cards. You might need to spare a solid board, similar to a lot of followers buffed by Imprisoned Scrap Imp, for after you’ve teased out a board clear from the adversary.


Zoo Warlock Mulligan guide

As you would anticipate from the quick playing Zoo deck, you’ll need to get your one-drops into your turn in the Mulligan stage. Here are the particular ones you need to see:

  • 1. Fire Imp is as yet outstanding amongst other one-drops in the game dependent on the details alone and certainly justified regardless of the hit to your Health.
  • 2. Detained Scrap Imp is too solid for getting your followers buffed up close by. It’s additionally surprisingly good details insightful, being a postponed 2 mana 3/3.
  • 3. Lapsed Merchant is incredible nearby Hand of Gul’dan. You can dispose of it and draw cards, before getting more duplicates of it to dispose of later with any semblance of Nightshade Matron.
  • 4. On the off chance that you have 1-drops close by, it’s regularly worth keeping Teron Gorefiend. He’ll shield your cronies from board clears by clearing them himself, setting you up for solid plays later on.

Zoo Warlock tips, combos and synergies

It’s one of the game’s most seasoned models yet the Zoo Warlock equation changes a little with each set discharge. Ensure you know the entirety of the accompanying combos accessible in the deck before you hop into your first match:

– Diseased Vulture gives you a free 3-drop when your Hero takes harm on your own turn. It shows up this must be activated by Life Tap, however exchanging with Soulbound Ashtongue additionally carries out the responsibility!

– Kanrethad Ebonlocke limits your Demons, including Fiendish Servant, Flame Imp, and Imprisoned Scrap Imp. He’ll likewise put Kanrethad Prime into your deck, which will resummon 3 neighborly Demons who already passed on, going about as a brisk board revive.

– Be cautious with Kanrethad Prime. Your dispose of cooperative energies are intended for Hand of Gul’dan, however on the off chance that Kanrethad Prime is in your grasp, that will be the most costly card there and will be disposed of.

– Guardian Augmerchant is frequently best used to make exchanging progressively important for your cronies, letting you keep board control. Notwithstanding, it’s additionally conceivable to coordinate that 1 harm at a foe to polish it off, particularly helpful to dispose of a Taunt.

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