Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons – Dragonbane Face Hunter Deck List Guide

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Tracker has consistently been a class that exceeds expectations in consolidating its assets and Hero Power to play forcefully. With the cards uncovered in Descent of Dragons, we’ve been given much increasingly forceful Hunter cards. Here’s our theorycraft of an early aggro Hunter deck to take a stab at, including the fresh out of the box new Legendary crony Dragonbane.

You’re hoping to utilize your Hero Power as much as you can, because of all the new Hero Power cooperative energy this deck gives. We’ve included a Secret bundle as well, since it offers a lot of inclusion for forceful decks’ shortcomings just as the new flunky Phase Stalker being a massively significant synergistic play.

Face Hunter Deck List

We have a deck list for a Face Hunter list without Dragonbane included as well, in case you’re feeling it. You’re hoping to bargain immense hits to your adversary with direct harm on account of your Hero Power, and utilize the intriguing choice of Spellzerker to buff your Arcane Shots and Rapid Fires, yet recollect that you’ll have to harm it first. This adaptation of the deck is hyper-forceful, with the greatest expense card being Lifedrinker at 4 mana.

Hunter Neutral
2 x Arcane Shot 1 x Spellzerker
2 x Dwarven Sharpshooter 2 x Lifedrinker
2 x Rapid Fire
1 x Timber Wolf
2 x Toxic Reinforcements
2 x Tracking
2 x Explosive Trap
2 x Freezing Trap
2 x Misdirection
2 x Phase Stalker
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds


Dragonbane Face Hunter deck list and strategy

Here’s the Dragonbane Face Hunter deck we’re utilizing for the beginning of Descent of Dragons. Watch out for refreshes once the meta settles a piece!

Hunter Neutral
2 x Dwarven Sharpshooter 2 x Sunreaver Spy
2 x Toxic Reinforcements 1 x Masked Contender
1 x Explosive Trap 1 x Subject 9
2 x Freezing Trap
2 x Phase Stalker
1 x Pressure Plate
1 x Rat Trap
2 x Snake Trap
1 x Snipe
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Deadly Shot
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
1 x Dragonbane

General system

This work of aggro Hunter is extraordinary in that it centers around the utilization of your Hero Power, as opposed to solely on the beat produced from your initial cards. The cards you play are intending to expand the utility of your 2 harm Hero Power, managing however much to look as fast as could reasonably be expected before your adversary can react.

Early Game: Your two 1-mana plays are not too bad choices here. Dwarven Sharpshooter is well-statted at 1/3, and offers you the opportunity to control the board on turn 2 by focusing on adversary followers with your Hero Power. Harmful Reinforcements, the new Sidequest card, rewards you for meshing your Hero Power into turns, so getting it out early methods you’re not releasing it to squander.

From here, you’re hoping to play out your mana bend, with things like Phase Stalker remunerating you further for utilizing your Hero Power, or simply putting a strong Secret onto the front line. A Sunreaver Spy is best played when you have a Secret in play, yet on the off chance that vital it’s regularly alright to simply play it out on bend, contingent upon the circumstance in your grasp.

Mid Game: The more Secrets and Hero Powers the better. Eaglehorn Bow can go face, and if your Secrets continue setting off, the adversary will energize your bow just as battling to clear your board. Stage Stalker can be played close by your Hero Power for 4 mana, and on the off chance that it sticks on the board the worth is tremendous. Dragonbane can be played for 4 mana as well, and it takes a shot at two levels – your Hero Power bargains 2 to the foe face before Dragonbane either clears a flunky or hurls an additional 5 to their Hero.

There are a couple of various Secrets right now, your adversary will regularly not recognize what they’re facing. Freezing Trap should alarm them into not assaulting your flunkies, and rebuffs them when they do. Snake Trap gives you a couple of additional flunkies to exchange and hit face with, and the token cronies can be expanded with Leokk from Animal Companion. Your adversary will be continued speculating, and will ideally accomplish something senseless like misplay into a Rat Trap, giving you a free 6/6.

Late Game: At this point, you ought to be in a telling position. Subject 9 can top off your hand in case you’re urgent, and Zul’jin is an incredible shutting move, replaying every one of your Secrets and slowing down the rival until you can locate that last blow. Obviously, Kill Command is a simple 5 harm to look insofar as you have a Beast ready, so ensure you’re continually computing the harm accessible to you so as to discover deadly.

Dragonbane Face Hunter Mulligan Guide

The following is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Dragonbane Face Hunter.

1. Dwarven Sharpshooter has incredible details for a 1-drop, and offers you some utility in the accompanying turns, with the choice to clean adversary cronies up the board with your Hero Power.

2. Stage Stalker is a 2 mana 2/3, so it’s frequently ready to endure a turn whenever played. After this, you can begin dispersing your deck by utilizing your Hero Power, hurling a Secret in play each time for good measure.

3. Keep the weight up with Animal Companion – the quintessential 3 mana play for Hunter and one that will compel your adversary to respond, ideally into one of your Secrets.


Dragonbane Face Hunter tips, combos and synergies

The following are a few hints for how to best play Dragonbane Face Hunter in the up and coming Descent of Dragons meta:

– Dragonbane isn’t ensured to hit the objective you need, yet on a vacant load up you’ll be managing 7 harm to confront without fail.

– Deadly Shot is an incredible method to expel huge adversary Taunt flunkies, permitting your board to smack them in the face.

– Phase Stalker, when you utilize your Hero Power, puts a Secret from your deck into play. This implies the Secret is gone, and makes it more probable for you to topdeck a progressively effective card.

– Remember, Eaglehorn Bow increases +1 Durability at whatever point one of your Secrets is activated, not when they’re played. You’ll have to trust that your rival will take the snare before you get that additional swing.

– Subject 9 has quite terrible details, yet it can burrow through your deck to get the rest of the Secrets out, particularly in case you’re searching for greater cards like Zul’jin.

– Masked Contender offers a free Secret alongside a 2/4 crony, yet recollect you have to have a Secret as of now in play.

– Hyena Alpha is an enormous card for this deck, giving you Beast collaborations with Kill Command just as 7/7 worth of details for 4 mana. Simply make sure to have a Secret in play for the Battlecry to trigger – the framework of the card will be featured in yellow if so.

– Toxic Reinforcements is a decent ‘fire and overlook’ card to have. For 1 mana, it’s acceptable to gather 3 Leper Gnomes, which bargain an additional 2 harm to confront when they bite the dust, just as being irritating board existences for your rival to manage. There’s a certainty about them – you’re ensuring 12 harm to confront when you play the Sidequest, it’s slightly postponed.

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