Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons – Galakrond Dragon Priest Deck List Guide

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The Priest class’ form of Galakrond will be Galakrond, the Unspeakable. He’s a 7 mana Hero card who wrecks adversary flunkies with his Battlecry, and has a Hero Power – Galakrond’s Wit – that adds an arbitrary Priest crony to your hand.

At the point when he’s Invoked, the card’s Battlecry improves. The second phase of Galakrond wrecks 2 adversary flunkies, and the Azeroth’s End form (in the wake of Invoking him multiple times) annihilates 4. It’s a quite solid board clear and an opportunity to swing the game in support of you.

You’ll be playing a control-like strategy, planning to outvalue your rivals and in the long run overpower them. Your Dragon cooperative energies will keep you in charge of the board, while Galakrond’s Wit should offer a consistent wellspring of significant worth all through the game.

General Strategy

This is a quite standard Dragon Priest style of play. With this Descent of Dragons franticness and the immense power level of the cards discharged, we’ll be seeing an entire heap of .

Early Game: You have a lot of 1 and 2 cost cards to play from the get-go in the game. Northshire Cleric conveys splendid card draw, particularly when buffed with Power Word: Shield. The new Descent of Dragons crony Disciple of Galakrond is an incredible early play as well, building up a nearness on the board while additionally overhauling Galakrond, the Unspeakable most of the way to his first change. Conjuring Galakrond additionally gives you an irregular Priest follower close by, and we completely love a touch of significant worth.

Firetree Witchdoctor can exchange well as well, and you’ll for the most part have a Dragon close by gratitude to this current deck’s wealth of them. Find a spell that will assist you with excursion in your present circumstance. Perhaps Forbidden Words to dispose of an early risk, or another Power Word: Shield to continue pushing through your deck.

Mid Game: Chronobreaker is a 5 mana 4/5 who’ll totally demolish your foe’s day when played. Your deck is filled to the overflow with Dragons, so the Deathrattle will quite often go off, and when it does you get a Duskbreaker-like impact that solitary targets adversaries. Those of us who recollect the Kobolds and Catacombs days realize the over the top power level of this impact, and it’s the ideal play to unite mid-game control.

Conjuring Galakrond is a strong piece of this present deck’s approach as well, as his Battlecry impact can be a gigantic swing later on and the worth created in the mid game can help hugely. Continue challenging the board with any semblance of Twilight Drake and Big Ol’ Whelp, and you’ll drive your rival to utilize significant board clearing assets to dispose of them.

On the off chance that anytime in the game you can get Frizz Kindleroost played, do it. The tremendous power spike this deck picks up when each and every Dragon is decreased in cost by 2 mana is ludicrous, and you’ll have the option to bring into those cards effectively with any semblance of Big Ol’ Whelp and Northshire Cleric.

Late Game: Kronx Dragonhood can draw your Galakrond, the Unspeakable in the event that you haven’t as of now. At the point when Invoked multiple times, this card can decimate 4 irregular adversary cronies right away. On the off chance that you’ve just played him, Kronx turns out to be much more grounded, releasing decimation on your rival either through producing a board nearness, clearing the board or managing direct face harm.

Another strong late play is Murozond the Infinite, who can replay each card your adversary played last turn. Targets are picked haphazardly, yet in the event that they just plonked a gigantic flunky on the board or something, you can simply duplicate precisely what they did. It’s an extraordinary response to any last gambit your adversary is attempting to haul out.

Galakrond Dragon Priest Mulligan Guide

The following is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Galakrond Dragon Priest.

1. Follower of Galakrond is excessively simple to play at 1 mana, produces you an arbitrary Priest flunky, and gets you one bit nearer to releasing the full intensity of Galakrond, the Unspeakable.

2. Northshire Cleric stays up there with the game’s best 1-drops. It exchanges well and would then be able to be mended for card draw, letting you burrow through your deck for mid and late game cards.

3. Frizz Kindleroost costs 4 mana, yet the impact this flunky has on a game is crazy to such an extent that you should keep them close by. Diminishing the expense of all Dragons in your deck by 2 is overly amazing at an early stage, so it merits going for this one.


Galakrond Dragon Priest tips, combos and synergies

The following are a few hints for how to best play Galakrond Dragon Priest in the up and coming Descent of Dragons meta:

– Remember that Chronobreaker expects you to have a Dragon close by when it passes on for its Deathrattle to go off, so in case you’re anticipating exchanging this follower off, do it before playing your last Dragon.

– Each time you Invoke Galakrond, you get an arbitrary Priest crony, so attempt to leave hand space for this.

– Time Rip works both for single-target expulsion and worth age, killing a foe flunky and ‘drawing’ you a card.

– Galakrond, the Unspeakable is an extraordinary method to tidy up foe cronies, however in the event that you need to spare this ensured impact for some other time, you generally have other load up clears like Mass Hysteria or Chronobreaker.

– Big Ol’ Whelp is an extraordinary trigger for your Dragon cooperative energies, however cycles your deck too with your Battlecry, particularly significant when played after Frizz Kindleroost.

– Breath of the Infinite is a strong method to tidy up foe cronies, and can even abstain from hurting what board nearness you previously had in case you’re holding a Dragon.

– Galakrond’s Wit, the Hero Power for Galakrond once you’ve changed, costs 2 mana to cast, however recall that regardless you gain the impact from Invoke cards regardless of whether he’s as of now in play.

– Kronx Dragonhoof has four potential Devastations. Obliteration bargains 5 to the foe Hero and recuperates yours by 5. Restoration calls a 8/8 Dragon with Taunt. Mastery gives all your different flunkies +2/+2. Destruction bargains 5 to all adversary flunkies. Contingent upon your game’s state, you’ll need to pick cautiously – once in a while you simply need to end everything, though on different events you have to clear the leading body of adversary dangers.

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