Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons – Galakrond Rogue Deck List Guide

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Galakrond, the Nightmare is Rogue’s variant of the card. For this Battlecry, you draw a card and its expense diminishes to 0. Summon Galakrond twice for two cards drawn, and multiple times for four cards.

Galakrond’s Guile is the card’s Hero Power. It adds an arbitrary Lackey to your hand for 2 mana, and with each Invoke. It’s really useful for esteem plays, and can be useful for hostility and board control contingent upon the Lackeys produced.

This isn’t our most loved Galakrond deck right now. It simply doesn’t appear to have very as quite a bit of a success condition as others like Galakrond Warrior or Galakrond Shaman. All things being equal, it ought to be a fun one to give it a shot, and with a Lackey bundle and modest Invoke cards, there’s an opportunity things turn out well.

Galakrond Rogue deck rundown and procedure

Here’s the Galakrond Rogue deck we’re utilizing for the start of Descent of Dragons. We’ll keep you refreshed with any changes!

Rogue Neutral
2 x Backstab 2 x Questing Adventurer
2 x Shadowstep

2 x Devoted Maniac
2 x Bloodsail Flybooter 2 x Faceless Corruptor
2 x Praise Galakrond! 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Eviscerate 2 x Shield of Galakrond
1 x Edwin VanCleef 1 x Kronx Dragonhoof
2 x EVIL Miscreant
2 x Seal Fate
2 x Umbral Skulker
1 x Flik Skyshiv
1 x Heistbaron Togwaggle
1 x Galakrond, the Nightmare


General Strategy

This should play in a Miracle Rogue style. Your Questing Adventurer and Lackey bundle, just as other modest cards, offer you the chance to flee with games early if your rival can’t manage it, and you have the capacity to go longer with the Galakrond bundle as well.

Early Game: Bloodsail Flybooter and Edwin VanCleef are strong early drops. On the off chance that you can play a couple modest spells with Edwin’s Combo, you can manufacture yourself an early risk that numerous adversaries will battle to manage. The equivalent happens with Questing Adventurer – getting a lot of Backstabs and Shadowsteps just as Lackeys produced from Invoke and EVIL Miscreant can prompt a major early swing in the game that your rival probably won’t have the option to deal with.

On the off chance that this doesn’t work, utilize your cards to settle. Flunkies from EVIL Miscreant and Invokes will probably have the option to produce worth and tidy foes up of the board, and cards like Sap and Seal Fate ought to dispose of any impending risk if necessary.

Mid Game: You’ll be attempting to flood the board with huge cronies before your rival can take care of business. Edwin VanCleef is a decent technique on the off chance that you haven’t just played him, and Shield of Galakrond helps control the board while giving you a Lackey close by for future plays.

In the event that you can, get Galakrond completely summoned as well. Creating a Lackey is fair pay for playing a card like Praise Galakrond!, and the +1 assault picked up can assist you with exchanging all the more adequately or push that smidgen of face harm. Seal Fate is marginally harder to play however managing 3 harm for 3 mana is truly strong, and your Lackeys can give you progressively significant spells and flunkies in case you’re fortunate.

Heistbaron Togwaggle is a great expansion to the Lackey bundle as well, and you’ll generally have the option to produce a Lackey to go with it. You can support your supernatural occurrence strategy with Wondrous Wand or attempt to push for a finisher with Zarog’s Crown. In any case, you have a great deal of alternatives for husky plays, so observe your situation ready and act as needs be.

Late Game: Galakrond, the Nightmare ought to ideally be completely conjured by this point. Drawing 4 cards that all cost 0 is madly significant, particularly in the event that they’re high-sway plays like Kronx Dragonhoof or Flik Skyshiv. You can overpower your adversary with this finale in case you’re fortunate and still needing that finisher, and on the off chance that not, at that point ideally your 2 mana Hero Power to produce an arbitrary Lackey can be sufficient to locate that last tad of harm.


Galakrond Rogue Mulligan Guide

The following is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Galakrond Rogue.

1. Bloodsail Flybooter is a 1 mana 1/1 that gives you another two 1 mana 1/1s. You can initiate combos and buff your Edwin VanCleef and Questing Adventurer with these modest young men, so keeping this card is well justified, despite all the trouble.

2. Malicious Miscreant may cost 3 mana, yet the Combo to give both of you Lackeys is overly solid. You can even utilize the Coin on go 2 to get it out prior.

3. Manipulate and Shadowstep can assist you with increasing early rhythm in various manners, actuating Combos and buffing flunkies, just as Shadowstep having the option to copy the impacts of your Bloodsail Flybooter and EVIL Miscreant.

Galakrond Rogue tips, combos and synergies

The following are a few hints for how to best play Galakrond Rogue in the Descent of Dragons meta:

– Kronx Dragonhoof is best utilized subsequent to playing Galakrond, the Nightmare, however on the off chance that you’re extremely frantic for a major play next turn, at that point you should play him before you lose.

– Edwin VanCleef is buffed by each card played before him on your turn, so you should set aside your modest cards like Backstab and Shadowstep to exploit this.

– Galakrond, the Nightmare can attract up to 4 cards with its Battlecry and diminish them all to 0 mana. It’s best utilized when you’ve rearranged a lot of duplicates of ground-breaking followers into your deck, for example, Kronx Dragonhoof or Heistbaron Togwaggle.

– Remember, Seal Fate must be utilized on a character with full wellbeing. This means it can hit face, however just if your rival is intact, and it’s generally best used to clear adversary cronies.

– Flik Skyshiv pulverizes all duplicates of the follower it decimates. This implies it slaughters copies on the board, for example, Tomb Warden’s double duplicates, just as any additional variants in your adversary’s hand or deck.

– Galakrond’s Guile is the Hero Power for the Rogue adaptation of the card. It adds a Lackey to your hand for 2 mana, but on the other hand is activated by Invoke cards for no additional expense.

– Kronx Dragonhoof has four potential Devastations. Devastation bargains 5 to the foe Hero and mends yours by 5. Revival brings a 8/8 Dragon with Taunt. Mastery gives all your different flunkies +2/+2. Demolition bargains 5 to all foe cronies. Contingent upon your game’s state, you’ll need to pick cautiously – in some cases you simply need to end everything, while on different events you have to clear the leading group of foe dangers.

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