Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons – Treant Token Druid Deck List Guide

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Treant Druid is a Hearthstone deck that is attempted so regularly to succeed. Shockingly, it’s battled up to this point, with a course of action that doesn’t exactly meet up. In any case, with Descent of Dragons, we’ve seen a great deal of incredible alternatives for Treant decks to approach, and now may very well be the ideal opportunity for them to demonstrate their value.

Goru the Mightree is the first-class card here, giving all future Treants +1/+1, making them 3/3s. Given the quantity of Treants you’ll be bringing, this is quite huge, especially since at 7 mana, this Legendary crony descends on the turn before The Forest’s Aid.

You’re essentially looking to simply get a major leading body of Treants and continue assaulting until your adversary can take it no more. Aeroponics is another and amazing expansion to this deck as well, and you’ll routinely have the option to draw 2 cards for 0 mana on account of this present card’s stipulation. You’ll likewise have the option to initiate Garden Gnome with it, and Garden Gnome legitimately limits the card. Essentially, Treant Druid is looking considerably more reasonable than at any other time.

Druid Neutral
2 x Embiggen 2 x Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2 x Acornbearer 2 x Faceless Corruptor
2 x Treenforcements

1 x Dendrologist
2 x Shrubadier
2 x Landscaping
2 x Savage Roar
2 x Garden Gnome
2 x Aeroponics
2 x Anubisath Defender
2 x Force of Nature
1 x Goru the Mightree
2 x The Forest’s Aid
2 x Mulchmuncher


General strategy

Treant Druid is a board control deck. You’re attempting to exchange adequately and utilize the Treant-based collaborations to overpower your adversary’s capacity to keep up. You are very brave late-game plays also, so in case you’re battling to polish the adversary off, there’s a couple of cards to swear by.

Early game: Your initial turns are tied in with getting Treants in play. Treenforcements is a 1 mana 2/2, and it straightforwardly actuates Dendrologist on turn 2. On the other hand, Shrubadier gives you a Treant on turn 2 alongside a convenient 1/1 crony nearby it. These are pleasant details to have on board early, and as long as you draw a portion of your modest cards you ought to be set for a quick beginning.

Mid game: It’s truly likely your Garden Gnome is dynamic at most focuses in the game. Power of Nature, Aeroponics, and The Forest’s Aid all actuate it and let you bring two 2/2 Treants alongside the 2/3 unique flunky. In the event that you have flunkies adhering to the board, make them considerably progressively clingy with Soul of the Forest, and drawing 2 with Aeroponics is constantly a decent play if it’s limited. With even one Treant in play this card is on a par with Arcane Intellect, and it’s quite simple to make it significantly less expensive.

While Treespeaker doesn’t really synergise with the remainder of your deck, turning 2/2s into 5/5s is too significant to even think about passing up. Hit face with a few Treants, ensure you’ve played Aeroponics if it’s limited, and for 5 mana Faceless Corruptor changes them into far bigger dangers. It’s frequently enough to complete an ill-equipped enemy.

Late game: If at all conceivable, Goru the Mightree on turn 7 is a ground-breaking play. He buffs your Treants by +1/+1 for the whole rest of the game, remembering any Treants as of now for board. He’s additionally not unimportant as a risk, at 5/10 with Taunt to ensure your flunkies and face.

This comes just before The Forest’s Aid as well, and with the buff you ought to have a board with 15/15 worth of details for only 8 mana, with the chance to either do it again or buff them all with your bunch spells and different lifts. Cenarius, Power of the Wild, Savage Roar and Blessing of the Ancients all work splendidly here, and you ought to have a modest Mulchmuncher to pummel ready for significantly all the more a danger. These powerplays ought to be sufficient to complete the game, however regardless of whether you don’t, your Twinspell forms of The Forest’s Aid are a steady wellspring of aggravation for your rival and there’s an opportunity they’ll simply come up short on answers.

Treant Druid Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with Treant Druid:

1. Treenforcements is a 1 mana 2/2 that will set your Treant cooperative energies the correct way.

2. Shrubadier is solid for a similar explanation. You need to begin the game quick, and 2 mana for 3/3 worth of details and a Treant fit that depiction pleasantly.

3. It may merit clutching Garden Gnome, as the 4 mana 6/7 worth of details it offers can be immensely gainful for heaping pressure onto your rival.


Treant Druid tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a diagram of the collaborations to pay special mind to right now deck. We’ll keep you refreshed as the meta creates!

– Don’t be reluctant to utilize your buff cards early. In the event that your rival neglects to clean a couple Treants up the board, beefing them up with Power of the Wild or Blessing of the Ancients can spell your enemy’s fast approaching fate.

– Transforming your Treants into 5/5 Ancients with Treespeaker implies they don’t profit by buffs from any semblance of Goru the Mightree, and they don’t enact Mulchmuncher or Aeroponics. All things considered, you’re beefing them up a critical sum and it’s frequently justified, despite all the trouble. Simply remember to assault first, as the Ancients need to hold up a turn before assaulting.

– Mulchmuncher ought to get pleasant and modest by the mid-game, and in the event that you get the chance to mesh it into a turn, pull out all the stops. Its Rush capacity implies it’ll likely tidy an adversary flunky up the board and make another pleasant exchange also.

– The Forest’s Aid has Twinspell, which means you get a sum of four throws of the spell. This, joined with Goru the Mightree’s Battlecry can be sufficient to overpower your enemy, particularly joined with Power of the Wild and different buffs.

– Embiggen is a fair method to get your moment sway cronies greater and additionally scary. Buffing Hench-Clan Hogsteed and Faceless Corruptor implies you can recover energy when your hand begins coming up short, regularly offering the weight you have to complete your adversary.

– Don’t neglect to play Anubisath Defender in the wake of playing a major spell – it’s a free Taunt that will consistently be a risk to the adversary.

– Dendrologist lets you Discover a spell, however just on the off chance that you control a Treant. The card will be featured yellow in your grasp to show this, so look out.

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