Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons – Mech Paladin deck List Guide

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Mech Paladin is a Hearthstone deck that is seen play since the Boomsday Project included an entire carport worth of mechanical flunkies to Hearthstone. That development additionally added the Magnetic catchphrase to the game, which gives you the choice to crush together two Mech flunkies so as to make an a lot bigger risk. This standard at that point framed the premise of Mech Paladin, which likewise utilized the inconceivable swing intensity of Kangor’s Endless Army to reconstruct a tremendous board in the late game.

We’ve seen some solid increases to Mech Paladin in Descent of Dragons as well, including the magnificent Sky Claw, which sits perfectly into the current forceful arrangement this deck is going for. Haven is another incredible choice for this deck, going about as a 2 mana 3/6 with Taunt to drive your adversary to settle on some truly awful choices.

In the most recent form of our Mech Paladin direct, we have the best performing deck list being played at this moment. We’ve likewise got point by point technique guidance on the best way to steer the deck when you’re confronting both moderate and forceful rivals in the new meta. At long last, we’ve featured a couple of tips on the best way to explore the Mulligan procedure and separated all the center combos so you can benefit from this deck.

Mech Paladin Deck List and Strategy

Here’s the Mech Paladin deck we’re utilizing for the start of Descent of Dragons. We’ll keep you refreshed with any changes!

Paladin Neutral
2 x Crystology 2 x Hot Air Balloon

2 x Glow-Tron 2 x Mecharoo
2 x Micro-Mummy 2 x Galvanizer
2 x Goboglide Tech 1 x SN1P-SN4P
2 x Sky Claw 1 x Explodinator
2 x Annoy-o-Module 2 x Replicating Menace
2 x Blessing of Kings 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Truesilver Champion 2 x Wargear
1 x Zilliax


General Strategy

Mech Paladin is a midrange deck that constructs a solid board nearness through the exchange of Mechs and buff spells. The deck additionally utilizes the Magnetic catchphrase to engage its flunkies significantly further, or trigger Deathrattle impacts in front of calendar to make destroying rhythm plays.

The Legendary Paladin spell from The Boomsday Project extension – Kangor’s Endless Army – still has a huge influence of Mech Paladin, as it permits you to carry back three well disposed Mech cronies with all the Magnetic overhauls that were concerned them. Significantly after your rival has managed dangers, for example, Annoy-o-Module, Mechano Egg and Zilliax, you can similarly as fast restore them once more.

Early game: You’ll be attempting to get some Magnetic activity moving on with little mechs like Micro Mummy as the base. Putting Glow-Tron and so forth over these gives them early game survivability, and challenges the board brilliantly. The new cards, Sky Claw and Sanctuary, work brilliantly from the get-go in Mech Paladin, as you’ll have the option to develop early weight for low measures of mana. Particularly on the off chance that you’ve played a Mech on turn 1 and 2, Sky Claw can offer 7/4 worth of details, and on the off chance that you can secure it with a Taunt your adversary will battle to deal with it.

Mid game: Continue to build up your board and exchange into your adversary’s flunkies in the mid game. You have an incredible method to back them off too utilizing Annoy-o-Module. You’ll additionally need to take a gander at setting up a Mechano-Egg and buffing it with a portion of your Magnetic cronies so it tends to be enacted later in the game. Join it with Wargear, for instance, and you’ll have an incredible 5/10 follower for your rival to ward off, just as its fearsome Deathrattle. Unremarkable Manipulator helps here when you’re in charge of a lot of enormous Mechs. It legitimately changes into those cronies, which means you don’t need to utilize Magnetic buffs – the Faceless Manipulator just transforms into your effectively gigantic Mech.

Late game: With a solid board built up you can truly go into overdrive in the late game with some amazing unbelievable cards. Zilliax is incredible for applying quick strain to your rival’s board because of the Rush catchphrase, while the Lifesteal and Divine Shield capacities will give you some additional survivability. Charging Zilliax onto an effectively large Mech like your 8/8 Robosaur produced by the Mechano-Egg adds its Lifesteal impact to the base flunky as well, which means you’d recuperate your Hero for an incredible 11 harm if necessary. Other late game alternatives incorporate Mechanical Whelp, which you can consolidate with different Mechs to make more grounded, and afterward trigger the Deathrattle impact.

At last, however, you’ll be working towards Kangor’s Endless Army to bring back up to three of your devastated (and buffed up) Mech cronies. Your adversary may believe they’re protected in the wake of clearing them prior in the game, yet on the off chance that they’re out of evacuation they’ll have no response to such a major swing turn.

Aggro opponents

Here are a few expressions of guidance for managing any aggro decks you may face:

1. You’ll need to adopt to a greater degree a control strategy in the early game, yet with the clingy and high Health cronies you have this shouldn’t be an over the top issue.

2. You have some strong early game Taunt choices in Annoy-o-Module that will close down aggro.

Control Opponents

These tips will assist you with defeating any control rivals you face on stepping stool:

1. You’ll need to take the forceful line right now and attempt to push for harm immediately, significantly more so than expected.

2. In spite of the fact that it assists with building up a wide board, make an effort not to over-submit and run into a board clear that may hamper you excessively far. Continuously keep more assets for possible later use.

3. Be mindful so as not to put such a large number of buffs into a solitary crony either. A well-coordinated hard expulsion or a quiet impact can totally destroy your arrangements.

4. Kaleidoscopic Lens can be utilized splendidly to gain in front of power decks on the off chance that you luck out and hit a costly flunky with the Mana cost swap.

5. Kangor’s Endless Army can give you that last piece of contact you need in the late game to verify the success, so ensure you don’t fill the restoration pool with an excessive number of feeble Mech flunkies.

Mech Paladin Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with Mech Paladin:

1. Crystology: 1 mana to draw 2 cards is an absurdly incredible card. Most Mech Paladin players keep it inevitably.

2. Galvanizer: Discounts Mechs in your grasp, taking into consideration large turns when you play a lot of modest Mechs in one go.

3. Devout Priest Thekal gives this deck survivability over the long haul, permitting you to recuperate over 30 Health from the get-go with Lifesteal followers.

4. Sparkle Tron is an extraordinary turn 1 play that is likewise valuable a short time later as an approach to meat your Mech cronies up so they can take better exchanges with foe flunkies.

Mech Paladin Tips, Combos and Synergies

Here’s an outline of the card combos that are accessible right now. The specific make-up of Mech Paladin will change after some time, and we’ll generally ensure this area is refreshed to mirror those changes.

– The accompanying cards right now the Magnetic watchword, which implies they can be intertwined with a current Mech in the event that you drop them to one side of the objective: Annoy-o-Module, Wargear and Zilliax. All details and capacities are consolidated as a component of this procedure.

– Glowstone Technician is a strong card, however is made significantly more grounded when Magnetic is considered. Buffs from Glowstone Technician onto a mech are extended to Kangor’s Endless Army when Magnetized, which means your 1 mana 3/5 Glow-Tron buffs a benevolent Mech by 3/5 as opposed to the underlying 1/3.

– Prismatic Lens can get you a very early Kangor’s Endless Army, as it’s the main other spell in your deck.

– Micro Mummy is a clingy follower with Reborn that amplifies your different flunkies somewhat turn-by-turn. It can sneak you a major early game lead if your rival doesn’t manage it.

– Mechano-Egg is a card you need to murder off at the earliest opportunity to find a good pace gainful Deathrattle impact.

– Kangor’s Endless Army is the Paladin’s generally new Legendary Spell. In addition to the fact that it resurrects three amicable Mechs, in the event that any of those Mechs had been overhauled by means of Magnetic, at that point they’ll hold those unique updates. You should monitor your Magnetic plays after some time to guarantee you get the most incentive out of this spell.


Card Choices and Substitutions

Mech Paladin has various distinctive playstyles, so look out for these specific cards:

  • Skaterbot: Adds the Rush catchphrase (just as +1/+1) to any Mech it’s polarized to, permitting them to assault cronies immediately.
  • Corroded Recycler is an agony for your adversary to expel, and it’ll recuperate you up essentially as its Taunt powers rivals to assault it.
  • Wargear is simply splendid. +5/+5 on any Mech as of now on the board with the capacity to assault quickly if the buffed flunky is prepared to assault is gigantically incredible, yet you’re permitted to simply stick it on the board as a 5 mana 5/5 in the event that you so pick.
  • Bother o-Module: A bulkier (and Magnetic) Annoy-o-Tron that is a correct aggravation for aggro decks to manage viably.
  • Rocket Launcher is truly irritating for rivals with wide sheets. Give it Lifesteal with Zilliax or Magnetizing it to Rusty Recycler, and each and every one of those rocket hits will mend you for 1 wellbeing!
  • Bronze Gatekeeper: Adds Taunt to any Mech on the board, just as +1/+5. Scuppers any adversary’s arrangements to clear your board or hit your face, at any rate for some time.
  • Mechano-Egg: Will cheerfully gestate on the board until you’re prepared to buff it with a Magnetic follower and afterward it turns into a genuine danger. Considerably more so when it brings forth as well, on account of the 8/8 Robosaur holding up inside!
  • Mechanical Whelp: If you’re hoping to play much increasingly enormous Deathrattle Mech cronies, this is a strong decision to add to the deck. Not exactly at the degree of Mechano-Egg, however in any event it can assault without being buffed first.

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