Hearthstone: Highlander Secret Hunter Deck List Guide

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Highlander Secret Hunter is a deck worked around receiving the rewards of cards that work best when your deck contains no copies. A midrange fabricate centered around getting Dinotamer Brann calling King Krush to hit your adversary’s face on turn 7, your strategy is to challenge the board early and overpower your rival when the open door shows up.

Obviously, you need an alternate course of action in the event that you don’t draw the ideal bend, so our Highlander Secret Hunter deck is intended to play like a customary Midrange Hunter more often than not. It incorporates Zul’jin and a progression of incredible Hunter spells, which will prompt noteworthy swing turns that can dominate you the match individually, just as top off your hand with a lot of significant worth for a last push. A mess of Secret cooperative energy, just as some strong Beasts and Mechs to remain in the game alongside Zul’jin.

It’s worked out that Highlander Secret Hunter is as yet feasible in Descent of Dragons, in spite of the fresh out of the plastic new model of Highlander Dragon Hunter being solid too. Our Highlander Secret Hunter direct has the best deck list for the new meta, just as tips on steering this deck to the most ideal achievement.

Deck Import


General strategy

Your principle objective is to use Secret cooperative energies so as to burden your adversary, with a divert seven completing blow from Dinotamer Brann’s calling of the relentless King Krush (alongside your military of cronies from past turns).

Clearly, this is the most ideal situation, and the deck contains reinforcement choices for when you don’t occur to draw such a great bend. Incredible plays ought to be anything but difficult to get a hold of, regardless of the way that your deck has no copies. Truth be told, the capriciousness of a deck like this may simply perplex your adversary watch, as they have no chance to get of comprehending what cards to expect in your grasp at a given point.

Early Game: You’re a Hunter, so play out early followers however much as could be expected. Given the common absence of consistency this deck has, each game will start in an unexpected way. In light of this, play what you can and don’t get behind on the board. You have early-game flunkies like Secretkeeper and Springpaw to challenge the board, and your spells can be phenomenal devices to respond to foe moves.

Each game will play out in an unexpected way, so it’s imperative to adjust to early game plays your adversary makes, and guarantee they don’t flee with the success.

Mid Game: This is the place you begin to grab hold. Spells like Deadly Shot and Marked Shot keep control of the board and create additional incentive to pressure your adversary, while the more costly mammoths in your grasp can be played at this point. Start hitting your rival’s face for harm on the off chance that you find the opportunity, and guarantee you weigh up the advantages of each exchange before submitting.

Worth is everything now in the game, and you would prefer not to exchange enormous flunkies away for short of what they’re worth. Continue forcing your adversary, utilizing cards like Wing Blast and Houndmaster Shaw to harm foe cronies and control the board. Your spell check ought to be ascending at this point, with Unleash the Beast and every one of your Secrets boosting future Zul’jin esteem.

Late Game: By now you ought to be surrounding the slaughter. You’re on the chase, and the foe is limping. Presently is an incredible time to hammer Dinotamer Brann on the load up, demolishing your adversary’s expectations of returning into the game. On the off chance that the game is longer than you’d trust, you’ve generally got enormous cronies like Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Dinotamer Brann to compel that last it of harm.

You’ll for the most part have enough fuel to arrive at the end goal. In a crisis, you have a lot of chance to expand the game, and Zul’jin’s ridiculously ground-breaking battlecry will probably top off your hand, crush the adversary board, and even add a couple of followers to your side if things get frantic. Siamat is another brilliant endgame flunky, as you can give him catchphrases that will assist you with trip of any dilemma. At last, on the off chance that you’ve spared Zephrys the Great, he’ll give you the ‘great’ card from the Basic or Classic set, be it direct harm, board nearness, or a full clear. It’ll regularly be sufficient to see you over the end goal, particularly on the off chance that you have a vibe for what cards Zephrys will offer you in a given circumstance. Our Zephrys guide can assist you with trip with this!


Highlander Secret Hunter Mulligan Guide

Regardless of the backbone of this deck, you would prefer not to get overwhelm at an early stage.

1. Springpaw: Two cards for one, it merits keeping a Springpaw close by to build up an early board nearness.

2. Stage Stalker lets you haul Secrets out of your deck by squeezing your Hero Power button, allowing you to disperse your deck while making life progressively hard for your adversary.

3. Secretkeeper: An opportunity to actuate Secret cooperative energies the accompanying turn, you’ll have the option to challenge the board and lock your rival out on the off chance that you can get this crony developing.

Highlander Secret Hunter tips, combos and synergies

Highlander Secret Hunter is a basic deck to play, yet look out for the accompanying cooperative energies and circumstances:

– Siamat is a stunning card to play much of the time. You’ll likely be utilizing Rush and Divine Shield more often than not, yet it’s critical to watch out for when something like Rush and Windfury might be better.

– Zephrys the Great can be utilized right on time to guarantee you bend out appropriately, yet it’s most likely best utilized for that additional oomph in the late game. He’ll discover deadly for you as well, so on the off chance that you think one about the choices is a touch of an odd one, consider how you could play it for a success.

– Use your mystery bundle astutely. Consider the potential ways you could disturb a foe’s arrangements and play your insider facts as needs be. For instance, on the off chance that you have a major adversary follower gazing you down, a Freezing Trap would be an incredible method to destroy their rhythm.

– A major issue to keep an eye out for when playing this deck is Bomb Warrior. At the point when numerous duplicates of the ‘Cast When Drawn’ bombs get put into your deck, both Zephrys the Great and Dinotamer Brann’s Battlecry don’t trigger. Be cautious and don’t endure the duel agony of playing a 7 mana 2/4 and getting pummeled by the apparently unlimited explosives.

– Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is costly, as a 9 mana 8/8, however the normal worth you get is definitely justified even despite the mana, as you can promptly play two additional Dragons. This card can even create a duplicate of itself with the Battlecry, which is incredibly ground-breaking.

– Phase Stalker makes it into this deck, just as Subject 9, which means you can generally figure out how to get your Secrets out of your deck and in play.

– Zul’jin is a very vehement strategic maneuver. Release the Beast’s Twinspell technician implies that Zul’jin will cast the two duplicates, just as re-adding a third duplicate to your hand because of the rehashed trigger of the Twinspell. Your Secrets will be replayed as well, prompting an aggravating rhythm misfortune for your rival, and given the huge number of evacuation spells in the deck, the foe’s flunkies will likely fail horrendously as well.

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