Hearthstone: Pure Paladin Deck List Guide

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Pure Paladin is a Hearthstone deck that is basically pristine to Descent of Dragons. It depends on Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader’s ground-breaking impacts and a forceful strategy to overpower your adversary and bring them down before reloading with your No Neutral cooperative energy cards.

It’s an odd one to guide yet is certainly justified regardless of a shot at an opportune time, and we’ll keep you refreshed on the most recent advancements to this class-cards-just deck.

In the most recent form of our Pure Paladin manage, we have the deck we’re going for toward the beginning of Descent of Dragons. It’s a quite forceful one, and you’ll be seeking after a quick beginning that doesn’t come up short on fuel on account of Lightforged Crusader.

Paladin Neutral
1 x Pharaoh’s Blessing
1 x Blessing of Wisdom
2 x Brazen Zealot
2 x Crystology
2 x Glow-Tron
2 x Micro Mummy
2 x Sanctuary
2 x Sandwasp Queen
2 x Aldor Peacekeeper
2 x Bronze Explorer
2 x Sky Claw
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Consecration
2 x Lightforged Zealot
1 x Amber Watcher
2 x Lightforged Crusader
1 x Tirion Fordring

Deck Import

ID: AAECAZ8FAvoGw6QDDtwDrwePCdb+Atn+At3+AsWhA8ikA5amA4euA4iuA5uuA5yuA66wAwA=

General Strategy

Unadulterated Paladin – once called No Neutral Paladin – holds the strangeness, regardless of the name change. You’re attempting to execute your adversary right on time with hostility, yet you have a reinforcement plan on the off chance that this doesn’t work.

The two staple cards for this deck – Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader – are tremendously incredible on the off chance that you figure out how to get them played. There’s an opportunity you won’t require them, however they’re ideal for those games where your animosity needs a minor piece extra to polish your adversary off.

Early game: Glow-Tron is an incredible starter, and Micro Mummy can get it reinforced. Against control-style decks, they’ll need to reply as fast as workable because of a paranoid fear of Sky Claw turning out on turn 3. Haven is another incredible card against more slow adversaries, giving you a 2 mana 3/6 with Taunt that will secure your wide board and likely remain alive for longer than your rival might want. It merits clutching Crystology early as well, as you’ll have the option to draw your solid cards like Micro Mummy and Sky Claw.

Mid game: Keep flooding the board with all that you have, and in the event that you have a greater flunky in play (like the 3/6 from Sanctuary) give it Blessing of Wisdom to spin through your deck with each assault. Baldfaced Zealot can likewise be played close by the entirety of your other modest cronies like Sandwasp Queen’s tokens and even your Hero Power to buff its assault. At 4 mana, Lightforged Zealot ought to be played at the earliest opportunity, as it’s the equivalent mana cost as Truesilver Champion however accompanies a free 4/2 crony that can bargain large harm with its forceful details. The aggregate sum of face harm you can hand out is truly high, so continue getting those hits in and attempt to trim your adversary down before they can react.

Late game: At this point, you may be coming up short on fuel. You’ve Discovered a couple solid Dragons with Bronze Explorer, you’ve played your 4 mana 8/8 in Nozdormu the Timeless and Tirion Fordring is at the end of his life. Fortunately, Lightforged Crusader is here to make all the difference, giving you 5 cards and a 7/7 body for 7 mana. In case you’re fortunate, you’ll get significant direct harm as well, similar to Consecration or Hammer of Wrath, yet the vast majority of the Paladin cards accessible ought to be helpful here and there.

This should assist you with getting that last piece of harm out there, and bring down your foe before they can balance out and force you to leave assets.

Pure Paladin Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with Pure Paladin:

1. Crystology costs 1 mana to draw 2 cards and is a preposterously amazing card. One you should keep without fail.

2. Glow-Tron is an extraordinary 1-drop that synergises pleasantly with Sky Claw if things line up for you.

3. Sky Claw costs 3 mana, however on the off chance that you can get it ready for another Mech or two it’ll be a quickly terrifying possibility for foes to manage.


Pure Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a review of the collaborations to pay special mind to in this No Neutral deck. We’ll keep this refreshed after some time as various models go to the fore, so watch out!

– Your Mech collaborations are amazingly solid in the early game. In the event that you can get Glow-Tron on turn 1, Micro Mummy on 2 and Sky Claw on 3, your rival will be on the back foot promptly, particularly if it’s a moderate deck.

Nozdormu the Timeless is a 4 mana 8/8, however it additionally promptly puts the two players at 10 mana. Your rival will profit by this first as well, so be cautious in case you’re facing a combo deck.

Bronze Explorer has Lifesteal, so if your Health complete is getting low you can toss a Blessing of Might at it and give yourself a helpful mend.

Micro Mummy is a clingy follower with Reborn that augments your different cronies marginally turn-by-turn. It can sneak you a major early game lead if your rival doesn’t manage it.

Crystology draws 2 cards for 1 mana, and you ought to consistently be hoping to keep hold of it in your mulligan. Play it when you have mana to extra and you’ll reload your hand with solid followers.

Blessing of Kings can be throwed at any flunky you pick and they’ll increase +4/+4. It merits playing this on a flunky who can assault on a similar turn, expanding the card’s latent capacity esteem.

Lightforged Zealot is basically a free 4/2 follower over a Truesilver Champion. Attempt to get all that harm in the adversary’s face and they’ll be behaving irrationally quickly.

Lightforged Crusader can add arbitrary Paladin cards to your hand, however just in the event that you have positively no neutrals in there. Sadly, this implies decks like Albatross Priest and Bomb Warrior counteract this gigantically ground-breaking Battlecry.

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