Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum [Complete Guide] 2019

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The following Hearthstone development was affirmed a week ago as Saviors of Uldum. It sees our old companions from the League of Explorers set come back to do fight against the miscreants from Rise of Shadows.

In our manual for the new development we’ve featured the majority of the data that has been affirmed up until now. We’ll keep on refreshing it as new subtleties are affirmed in the weeks among now and dispatch.


We’ve refreshed our guide with a for each saint card graph so you can perceive what’s been uncovered for each class up until now. We’ll include all the new cards as and when they’re flaunted.

Release Date

First of all, Saviors of Uldum will dispatch for Hearthstone on Tuesday August 6, 2019.

We’ve not yet heard any data about the extension’s performance content, yet it will probably dispatch half a month after that date, and once everybody’s gotten an opportunity to play around with the new cards.

Plague Cards

The Rise of Shadows presented Scheme cards which develop in power with each turn that passes. Rescuers of Uldum will add Plague cards to the blend.

These ground-breaking spells will be accessible solely to the Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior classes, and every one of them have a major effect against all cronies on the two sides of the board.

One model gave so far is Plague of Death. This 9 Mana Priest card quiets, at that point wrecks all cronies on the board when played.

Note that the quieting impact will deal with any Deathrattles or buffs as a result before the flunky is vanished from the board.

Reborn Keyword

Reawakened is the new catchphrase for Saviors of Uldum. Cronies who have this specialist produce a form of themselves when slaughtered, yet that substitution just has one point of wellbeing.


Quest Cards

Journeys are additionally making a rebound with Saviors of Uldum. First acquainted with the Journey with Un’Goro set, these uncommon cards challenge you to meet certain criteria in return for a delicious new saint control.

The Druid, for instance, gets Untapped Potential. Completion four turns with Mana left in the bank and your legend power will be supplanted with Ossirian Tear. This latent impact triggers both of the Choose One consequences for consequently played a card game.


At the point when Saviors of Uldum dispatches, the accompanying card sets will shape the drafting pool for Hearthstone’s Arena mode:

  • Fundamental
  • Great
  • Class of Explorers
  • Voyage to Un’Goro
  • Kobolds and Catacombs
  • Rastakhan’s Rumble
  • Guardian angels of Uldum

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