Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum Taunt Warrior Deck List Guide 2019

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Dissimilar to past Taunt Warrior decks, which concentrated on the Quest Fire Plume’s Heart, this one depends on buffing your Taunt flunkies and setting up a constant flow of secure dividers that your adversary will exhaust themselves attempting to break.

Insult Warrior is the ideal solution for those occasions when you’re getting overwhelmed by forceful decks. You can put enormous Taunt cronies onto the board in the early-game, build up predominance and clear the rival’s board again and again until they’re reviling the name of Garrosh Hellscream.

It’s important that this deck is as yet subject to change as new cards are uncovered and the Saviors of Uldum meta starts to surface. Inquire here for any updates!

Taunt Warrior deck list and strategy

Here is the form of Taunt Warrior we’re utilizing for the beginning of Saviors of Uldum. Expect further refinements with card uncovers and meta movements, and we’ll make certain to refresh this page as and when they occur.

Warrior Neutral
2 x Eternium Rover 2 x Infested Goblin
2 x Into the Fray 1 x SN1P-SN4P
2 x Omega Assembly 1 x Witchwood Grizzly
2 x Shield Slam 1 x Zilliax
2 x Frightened Flunky 1 x Amani War Bear
2 x Warpath 1 x Rabble Bouncer
2 x Omega Devastator 1 x Archivist Elysiana
2 x Brawl
2 x Dyn-o-matic
2 x Supercollider
1 x Armagedillo
1 x Dr. Boom, Mad Genius


General Strategy

This is something of a control deck, yet has the open door for noteworthy early-game power spikes in the event that you play your cards right. The current meta’s Control Warrior plays host to a Rush bundle, yet this is supplanted here with Taunt, on account of the prompt effect the two kinds of card have on the board when they’re played and the amazing Taunt-based cards coming up in the Saviors of Uldum development.

Early Game: Being a control style of deck, you’ll need to bend out pleasantly into your most grounded cards. Eternium Rover is outstanding amongst other 1-drops in the game in light of its amazing statline just as the early protective layer gain you can profit by. Attempt to get it put and make some better than average exchanges with the adversary board while you sit tight for your mana to increment. On the off chance that you have any extra mana, don’t hesitate to cast Into the Fray on the off chance that you have several Taunt followers you’d like to play later.

In the event that the adversary’s hostility gets somewhat wild and they stupidly manufacture a wide leading body of followers, at that point having a Rabble Bouncer limited and given +2/+2 by Into the Fray is a splendid method to back them off. Terrified Flunky is an incredible 2-drop, and it can enable you to adjust to different circumstances along these lines to how Stonehill Defender did in earlier years.

Mid Game: Your board clearing utility is accessible once you’re somewhat further through the game. Utilize a Brawl, Dyn-o-matic or Supercollider to gather the foe up, before beginning to get together a couple of huge buffed Taunts onto the board. Tossing down a Zilliax with 5/4 (or higher) details is a tremendous agony for rivals to deal with to the degree that they probably won’t most likely answer you.

Late Game: Now this is the place you grab hold. Dr. Blast, Mad Genius is your closest companion here, crushing any expectation that most adversaries can out-esteem you. His consistent stream of Mech flunkies, protection addition and evacuation are absurdly incredible method for refueling in case you’re coming up short on stuff. Your Armagedillo is an incredible play later on in the game as well, buffing Taunt followers in your grasp each turn it remains alive, which can give you a staggering last push to triumph.

Obviously, as a last resort, there’s consistently the free 10 cards you can add to your deck with Archivist Elysiana. An arrangement to endure right into weakness against other control decks can give you that lastability you need. There’s even the potential for Elysiana to Discover some totally crazy cards for your endgame. Play quietly, however realize when to go in for the murder.

Taunt Warrior Mulligan Guide

So as to control through the mid to late game, you’ll have to endure first.

1. Eternium Rover is the best 1-drop in the game. It’ll get you some defensive layer, exchange proficiently, and ideally keep you perfectly healthy. It’s likewise pertinent for later on in the game, when Zilliax or SN1P-SN4P can be joined to it through Magnetic, giving it some truly necessary flexibility.

2. Scared Flunky secures your Hero and produces more cards. These cards are Taunt cronies, so they likewise can ensure your Hero. A splendid method to endure the early game, he can much Discover himself because of the improved probability of class cards showing up with the Discover technician. It’s initial game worth that is critical, and Frightened Flunky conveys it.

3. It’s a situational pick, however on the off chance that you sense that you’re in a situation to endure the early game without hard-mulliganing for shoddy cards, Dr Boom, Mad Genius is the most significant card in your deck. A great deal of the time, you should keep him when you attract him your opening hand, in light of the fact that understanding that long haul an incentive in as fast as conceivable is the most imperative piece of any Warrior deck.


Taunt Warrior tips, combos and synergies

Insult Warrior is a fascinating deck, as you’ll need to adjust your methodology relying upon your rival. With the correct basic leadership, however, you ought to have the option to pull through:

– Armagedillo is the hot new Warrior Legendary follower, and it has the possibility to solo a game if the foe doesn’t slaughter it rapidly. At 6 mana for a 4/7 statline, it’s surprisingly good, and could even endure whenever played on bend. On the off chance that it does, at that point the worth is ridiculous, including +2/+2 onto your Taunt cronies each and every turn it’s alive. Try not to be hesitant to play it with only a couple of Taunts close by however – the statline goes to bat for itself, particularly on the off chance that you’ve just buffed it with Into the Fray.

– Speaking of which, Into the Fray is a fascinating prospect. You could practically get a mess of significant worth from it by buffing your little Taunt cronies in the early game. Your Frightened Flunky, just as the Scarabs created by the Infested Goblin, can get route greater than they should be, driving forceful adversaries to settle on poor exchanges and extreme choices.

– Your deck is loaded up with worth creating cards. Terrified Flunky is an extraordinary pick, and you should expect to get him on the board as fast as could be allowed. It’s as yet a quite not too bad card later on in the game as well, since it’s ready to Discover the more costly Taunt cronies, including itself and Armagedillo.

– Dr. Blast, Mad Genius’ Hero Power, which enables the player to Discover a Mech, can be utilized related to this deck also. A few of the discoverable Mech flunkies likewise have Taunt, which means they can be buffed, and thusly, Dr. Blast’s potential power level will be much higher than expected.

– Omega Assembly and Omega Devastator are stunning cards to have in the late game because of their great impacts when the player is at 10 mana. In any case, in a forceful matchup, there’s a hazard that you probably won’t arrive. Never stress over playing an Omega Devastator on bend to challenge a forceful board, as holding up until turn 10 may be past the point of no return.

– Against forceful decks, Witchwood Grizzly is a brilliant card. Frequently, these sorts of players void their hand quickly trying to locate an early deadly. Playing a Witchwood Grizzly for only 5 mana with insignificant wellbeing expelled is significant against this style.

– Take care to adjust to your rival’s course of action. Some of the time, you should need to hit them with an unexpected leading group of enormous Taunt flunkies, yet different occasions that is to a lesser degree a smart thought. Possibly you have to goad out an adversary Warrior’s board clears before submitting, or perhaps you need to submit against a Shaman before their Hagatha’s Scheme powers up. Remaining on your toes is indispensable when playing this deck.



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