Hip Pouch Locations in Resident Evil 2

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Stock space is a consistent battle in Resident Evil 2. All through the world, however, you’ll discover Hip Pouches that expansion your stock by two openings each. There are six Hip Pouches to discover and grow your stock space from eight openings to 20.

In this guide, we’ll show you the areas of every single Hip Pouch.

Police Station Hip Pouch Locations

There are three Hip Pouches to discover in the Police Station — at any rate until you return from the Parking Garage.

West Storage Room

You’ll locate your first Hip Pouch in the West Storage Room (3F) close to the cell where you’ll get the Maiden Medallion.

West Office

The following Hip Pouch is in the safe in the West Office (1F) office-inside an-office. You’ll have to get the blend from the Internal Memo in the STARS Office (2F). Or on the other hand you can peruse the following sentence. The blend is Left 9, Right 15, Left 7Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

Machinery Room

After your first manager battle against G (Phase 1), you’ll investigate the region around the Machinery Room. You’ll locate the following Hip Pouch not very a long way from the Machinery Room, directly before you ascend the stepping stool to the Parking Garage. It’s in the storage directly by the Typewriter.

Parking Garage Hip Pouch Locations

There’s just a single additional Hip Pouch to discover during your experience to get away from the Parking Garage. It’s quite a room you’ve likely visited two or multiple times, yet you’ll at long last have the option to gather it now.

Safety Deposit Room

The following Hip Pouch you’ll discover is in storage 203 in the Safety Deposit Room. You’ll have to discover both of the Spare Keys to get into the storage, however. One is in the Locker Room (3F) and the other is in the Linen Room (2F).


Sewers Hip Pouch Locations

Theres just a single Hip Pouch in the Sewers, and you’ll require the T-Bar Handle to get it.


Utilizing the T-Bar Handle in the Upper Waterway will let you get into the Workroom Lift and up to the Workroom. There’s a Hip Pouch directly on the table when you show up.

Nest Laboratory Hip Pouch Locations

The last Hip Pouch is in one of the early rooms of the NEST Laboratory, yet like a few of the pockets above, you’ll need to return to the space to get it.

Nap Room

The last Hip Pouch is in the furthest right rest unit in the Nap Room that you find soon after you enter the NEST Laboratory, however you won’t have the option to get to it on your first visit. You’ll have to return to the Nap Room with the Signal Modulator that you find in the stairwell close to the Lounge ground floor. Utilize that on the power board to open the units, and you’ll have the option to get the Pouch.

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