How to find and complete the Runescape Easter quest In OSRS Easter event

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The 2020 OSRS Easter occasion has arrived in Gielinor and as consistently with regular occasions, there’s some restricted version things available to anyone. To start the Old School Runescape Easter occasion in any case, you have to realize where to go, and afterward how to finish the mission to win the prizes. Tragically, there’s no mission face available for anyone, however you can get a plenty of Easter-themed gear. Here’s the means by which to start and complete the OSRS Easter occasion this year.

OSRS Easter event location

First up is the place to go so as to start the Easter occasion. On the off chance that you haven’t seen the various town proclaimers shouting about an “eggsciting occasion” occurring in East Falador, let us manage you. Go to Falador (the White Knight city west of Varrock and north of Port Sarim) at that point go toward the north-east corner inside the city dividers, close to the Party Room.

Here is the place you’ll locate The Disappointing Gelt, encompassed by a little armed force of hares. He’s remained by the wellspring; address him and he’ll clarify about how his supernatural adversity has made a gateway to another domain. The Rabbit Realm.

OSRS Easter event walkthrough

Presently you’re in the Rabbit Realm, you’ll notice it looks strangely recognizable. This zone is a downsized form of Lumbridge Castle and the encompassing structures, suitably called Bunbridge on account of the entirety of the rabbits jumping around. Address the gatekeeper by the entry and he’ll instruct you to proceed to address Duke Rabbacio.

Duke Rabaccio is in a similar room you’d for the most part discover the Duke in Lumbridge Castle; up one trip of stairs and in one of the rooms. You discover that he reveres a Magic Egg, as do the various rabbits, which has caused this commotion. Go into the nearby room and address Paws who will give you an arrangement to fix this chaos and supplant the Duke’s egg with a phony one.

OSRS Easter event conch shell, broken egg, paint bucket locations

First up is the conch shell. Leave Bunbridge Castle and go toward the south-west side of the island where you’ll locate a couple of them on the sea shore.

Presently you have to get a messed up shell, which you can discover on the contrary side of the island. Cross the extension, go past the entry, and you’ll locate the crushed egg shell at the spirit of the chicken farmhouse.

At last, you need the paint. Go up to the highest floor of Bunbridge Castle and the paint cans are behind where the bank would normally be. Utilize the conch shell with the messed up egg at that point dunk it into the paint basin to make the phony enchantment egg.

Return ground floor and address Paws, at that point address the Duke. He’ll in the long run accept that his egg is the phony one and get yours from you, finishing the journey. You would now be able to leave Bunbridge to get the fundamental prizes, or you can finish two additional scaled down missions to get some additional Easter-themed treats.

OSRS Easter event 2020: The Rabbit’s Assistant

Go down the stairs in Bunbridge Castle and address the Rabbit Chef in the kitchen. He needs you to discover three elements for him to prepare a cake. One of those fixings… is a cake. All things considered, here’s the place you can discover them:

The cake is on the north-western corner of the island, on a similar side of the waterway as Bunbridge Castle.

You’ll discover the carrot on a table in the house south-east of the mansion.

At that point you can get a cabbage from the cabbage fix inverse the chickens on the opposite side of the stream.

At the point when you’ve discovered every one of the three fixings, return to Rabbit Chef and he’ll compensate you with five Easter eggs.


OSRS Easter event 2020: The Restless Goat

For different scaled down mission, enter the congregation by the structure with the carrots in. Address Father Buckerek and request a journey. He’ll inform you regarding a goat apparition frequenting the burial ground.

Go into the tomb south of the congregation and assess the grave, at that point investigate the grave nearer when it says the ground looks upset. Viktor the Restless Goat will show up and you’ll find out about how it needs to locate its missing horn before it can give to the following life.

Leave the grave, cross the scaffold, and go onto the sea shore in the south-eastern corner of the island. Here is the place you’ll locate the wrecked goat horn.

Get it and return it to Viktor for another five Easter eggs.

At the point when you leave Bunbridge and address The Disappointing Gelt once more, he’ll reward you with the enchantment egg ball, a carrot sword, and another two Easter eggs. In the event that you, at that point step once more into Bunbridge and climb Bunbridge Castle to the paint pails, you can utilize the carrot sword on the paint basins to get a “24 carat” sword. Astute.

Note that on the off chance that you’ve missed any past OSRS Easter occasions, you’ll likewise get the awards for those when addressing The Disappointing Gelt after you complete the journey, so you can get a lot of plunder in case you’re an Old School Runescape novice!

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