LavaLoon Attack Strategy Easy Guide For TH9 to TH11 {Updated} 2019

Lavaloon is one of most dominant and most utilized technique. Whenever done effectively you would 3 be able to star practically all bases. TH11 players are again utilizing this methodology.

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Choosing Correct Side To Attack:

Try not to Attack from the corner this will cause your inflatables to regroup at a spot this will to get them executed with zone sprinkle of wizard tower or by multi-target inferno tower. Continuously Attack from the posterior of air sweepers. Air sweepers can demolish your assaults in the event that you assault from their front. Assault from the side which has the most minimal dimension of air resistances if conceivable. On the off chance that the foe has single target inferno assault decisively, Multi-target infernos are risky for nut cases.

Deploying Troops:

Send your magmas on two air safeguards and send a line of inflatables directly behind them. Apply fury spell on crackpots with the goal that they can tidy up barriers rapidly. At the point when inflatables are close inferno towers solidify them up. In the event that a gathering of crackpots is getting sprinkle harm from wizard tower toss recuperate spell on them. Right utilization of spells is important to get the best outcomes.

Purpose Of Lavaloon:

Lavaloon is typically utilized for trophy pushing or in war. Some clashers use it for gold cultivating as well. You can take out any base with this procedure. This methodology requires abnormal state legends in any event level 30, yet If you have low saints, you can utilize this system to 2-star bases. It is very simple to utilize.

Army Composition:

I utilize the accompanying troops: Lava: I train two magmas and one magma in CC. Flunkies: 10-15 followers (Use them for cleanup). Inflatables: I train nut cases in the rest of the space. Note: You can prepare some divider breakers in the event that you need to send your saints into the center of the base. Spells: Th9-3 Rages And one recuperate spell TH10-3 Rages, one mend, and one stop spell. TH11-3 Rages, two stop, one toxic substance spell and two scramble spells in CC.


How To Use Lavaloon:

In the event that conceivable quest for the bases that have infernos and xbows by Town Hall. This will assist you with destroying Town Hall with sprinkle harm of crackpots.

Taking Out Archer Queen And Clan Castle Troops:

The first and most significant advance is to execute château troops first. Convey one inflatable to draw group stronghold troops and take them to a corner and slaughter them with toxin spell and Archer Queen. On the off chance that the foe ruler is close to the edge of base take her out with Barbarian King, this will give you an extraordinary favorable position in fight.

Clean Up:

Go through flunkies to clean the external structure. Send in saints to take out Town Hall. Appreciate three stars! So this was a basic Lavaloon control. Remark underneath on the off chance that you are confronting any issues. We will compose more aides in future so continue visiting. Conflict On!

Source By YouTube: Judo Sloth Gaming



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