League of Legends: Tier List Solo & Flex Queue (2019)

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The accompanying rundown was created and curated following a nitty gritty research and long stretches of gaming examination in a joint effort with our companion, Harvey “notrookie” Benson, and a portion of our LOL sweethearts/designers in the group.

Not at all like most level records, we’re going distribute our own dependent on every one of the forecasts from the top gamers and players in the League of Legends Community.

When the fix goes live, you can put all our work into your interactivity, so you assume control over the leaderboards quicker.

Presenting the most authentic and working LoL Tier List for Solo Queue and Flex Queue for every one of the players.

This Champion Tier List furnishes League of Legends gamers with Challenger Elo knowledge, and here are the Best LoL champions that you ought to play in the present League of Legends Meta.

You can likewise see our other Role League Tier Lists completed with all the Item Builds, Masteries, Rune Pages and Skill Orders for the Best League of Legends Champions.

Our first Ranked Flex Queue/Solo Queue Tier List joins the best champion boycott decisions you should make after each fix.

The LoL Tier List: PATCH 8.15 {Latest}

We are severe and constantly educated about any ongoing change in the game methodologies. That is the reason you’d discover our LoL rundown state-of-the-art with respect to each LoL Patch, guides and the best champions that you can pick and the bans.

Actually, we aggregate everything that you have to Rank Up in the Solo Queue and Ranked Flex Queue for Season Rewards and Points. In addition, you get bunches of reward LoL level records for every path and job, and the Champions that we characterize in the levels are simply done according to the Master/Challenger mechanics by teaming up with the individuals we are right now working with.

This in fact is the most point by point and all around inquired about Ranked Flex Queue and Solo Queue Tier List for League of Legends that you could discover on the Internet at the present time. Make certain to look at all of the Patch Changes Log, combined with Champion Tier List about new LoL Items included the fix. Remain in front of the various players utilizing our LoL Tier List after the arrival of Patch Notes.

Format for the League of Legends Tier List

Our LoL level rundown is positioned by everything that our associates and specialists accept are the best champions by and by to top up the Solo Queue in Patch 7.22.

Besides, we have subdivided the rundown and further evaluated it as Lords (S-level), Great (A-level), or Good (B-level) by the general winning and climbing potential.

Some different augmentations to the trouble of using their move sets to their most elevated level are likewise used to arrange every one of the Champions in the Tier List.

In case you’re a fabulous player who will win with an ideal victor with the serious trouble level, at that point this level rundown would assist you with making huge changes. In case you’re a marginally normal player who needs to hop however has next to zero time to gain proficiency with the complexities of a mind boggling champion, you at that point browse the Great or Good Champions with Simple Difficulty.

To order every one of the victors, we’ve considered components like as forces and nerfs, by and large meta movements, and all the thing changes. Additionally, we’ve seen champion win rates from Lolalytics and shared our very own in-game encounters.

A Quick Note:

On the off chance that we have not included a victor on our Tier List, it doesn’t absolutely imply that you can’t heighten with them. You’ll simply need to place in more endeavors to get similar outcomes as an Optimal, Great, and Good.

Keep in mind that our League of Legends Tier rundown is completely based on the dependent on the past perceptions and some referenced things can turn out badly as their no official investment of Riot Games.

God Tier List

Champions with Highest Influence, Ferocious In pretty much every circumstance are as well as could be expected increase LP with.

  • Top Lane – Teemo, Maokai, Shen
  • Wilderness – Xin Zhao, Cho’Gath, Jarvan IV
  • Mid Lane – Katarina, Malzahar, Anivia
  • Marksman – Ezreal, Twitch, Miss Fortune
  • Backing – Sona, Leona, Lulu

Tier Level 1

The Tier 1 houses all the solid and favored decisions that are quicker to learn and at last win inside the League of Legends.

They all function admirably in Solo Queue.

Jungle Maokai, Nidalee, Sejuani, Udyr, Rammus,Jax, Ezreal, Kha’Zix, Warwick, Elise, Rek’Sai, Nocturne, Vi, Shyvana, Kindred.
Support Soraka, Blitzcrank, Janna, Taric, Nami, Zyra, Alistar, Zilean.
Top Jarvan IV, Jayce, Gangplank, Wukong, Pantheon, Urgot, Cho’gath, Malphite, Singed, Vladimir, Kayle, Talon, Jax, Kennen, Quinn, Akali, Swain, Ornn, Sion.
Marksman Jinx, Kog’Maw, Xayah, Draven, Kalista, Varus, Sivir, Vayne, Tristana.
Mid-Lane Morgana, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Zed, Vladimir, Annie, Ekko, Fizz, Ahri, Kassadin, Xerath, Jayce, Ziggs,Talon, Vel’Koz, Zilean, Orianna, Aurelion Sol.

Tier Level 2

Most Viable and balanced choices that’ll give you the best of both worlds.

Mostly prevalent in the Single Queue and require practice to get good.

Mid-Lane Azir, Syndra, Kennen, Taliyah, Yasuo, Karthus, Leblanc, Lux, Kayle, Corki, Gangplank, Swain, Brand, Karma, Viktor, Cassiopeia, Diana, Lissandra, Lucian, Akali, Gragas, Galio, Ezreal (AD), Heimerdinger.
Marksman Caitlyn, Ziggs, Ashe, Jhin, Lucian.
Jungle Dr. Mundo, Kayn, Gragas, Nunu, Evelynn, Shaco, Lee Sin, Master Yi, Zac, Amumu, Skarner, Graves, Hecarim, Rengar, Rumble, Volibear, Twitch, Quinn, Wukong, Olaf, Poppy, Trundle, Pantheon, Aatrox, Sion, Fizz, Nautilus, Ekko.
Support Rakan, Thresh, Karma, Braum, Sion, Tahm Kench, Teemo, Vel’Koz, Brand, Morgana, Bard, Nautilus, Maokai.
Top Yasuo, Riven, Renekton, Irelia, Kled, Fiora, Tryndamere, Garen, Nasus, Rumble, Kayn, Graves, Karma, Olaf, Diana, Trundle, Galio, Yorick, Camille, Gragas, Nautilus, Darius, Illaoi, Poppy, Mordekaiser, Fizz, Ekko, Gnar, Rammus, Rengar, Tahm Kench, Warwick, Lissandra, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, Aatrox.

Tier Level 3

And then there’s the Tier 1 requires higher skill trainers and knowledge. Counterpicks though.

Jungle Galio, Kayle, Ivern, Malphite, Diana, Camille, Riven, Talon, Tryndamere, Kled, Irelia, Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench, Mordekaiser, Kog’Maw.
Mid-Lane Ryze, Pantheon, Cho’Gath, Quinn, Wukong, Nasus, Lulu, Mordekaiser, Zyra, Sona, Kog’Maw (AP), Varus, Urgot, Jhin, Riven, Teemo, Ezreal (AP), Jarvan IV, Fiddlesticks, Malphite.
Support Galio, Cho’Gath, Malzahar, Camille, Fiddlesticks, Lux, Trundle, Annie, Volibear, Poppy, Malphite, Shen, Xerath, Veigar, Gragas, Nunu, Shaco, Kayle, Kennen, Taliyah, Syndra.
Top Shaco, Sejuani, Dr. Mundo, Zed,Ryze, Vayne, Lulu,Volibear, Nunu, Xin Zhao, Malzahar, Nidalee, Heimerdinger, Rek’Sai, Karthus, Vi, Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, Shyvana.
Marksman Graves, Kennen, Corki, Quinn, Urgot.


Tier Level 4

Last but not the least, we have the Tier 4 list for our Champions. These are mostly the ones you need to train and work upon to climb the leaderboards gradually.

Nevertheless, if you’re not going to wait for that much, you can go with the other tier lists mentioned.

Mid-Lane Nidalee, Kha’Zix, Master Yi.
Jungle Gangplank, Fiora, Karthus, Shen, Malzahar, Aurelion Sol, Garen, Darius, Zed, Alistar, Yorick.
Top Blitzcrank, Taliyah, Alistar, Udyr, Leblanc, Braum.
Support Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Lee Sin, Ashe, Anivia, Gangplank, Orianna, Yorick, Lissandra, Leblanc.
Marksman Twisted Fate, Mordekaiser.


Explanations for all the Champions

If you don’t mind check clarifications for every one of the victors in this level rundown.

Darius (Tier 2 Leader)

Darius is one of those bosses that are amidst a junction right. He is very brave high play rate, and individuals make the most of its style.

Notwithstanding, previous Darius players are accustomed to being a little insane path menace and are at present piling the harm runes on the old chap.

In the mean time, the best arrangement of Darius is through the settled tree, making him into a progressively predominant bleeding edge like each great skirmish champion was ever destined to be.

We will in general accept that as players move away from the old attitude into the new, we’ll see him really to be assessed in his present state.


Ezreal (The God Tier Marksman)

Kleptomancy Ezreal is incredibly amazing at this moment, and you ought to most likely be playing or ending him in each game.

His jabbing abilities harm is insane high, and each time you dock a Queue, you could create reward gold and possibly a consumable in LoL.

He’s still most famous as a marksman yet is rapidly picking up notoriety in essentially every job you think about him to place in his state. We’ll discuss Ezreal more in the article.

Gangplank (Tier 4 Support)

The greater part of you may think about working Gangplank as a help in the wake of going with Kleptomancy, yet we’d prompt against it.

He’s as yet a generally tight range contender, and the finish of more jab champions and abundant free show runes in the game implies that he’ll experience issues dealing with the shrubbery or proccing the barrels except if you’re only that great playing with Gangplank.

Gathering Aery heroes will likewise tear him to shreds.

Katarina (The Mid Queen of the God Tier List)

The new runes on Katarina are bonkers, and it enables her to get the primary slaughter by means of put away harm, joined by a snowball from that point.

All things considered, it appears everything would synergize splendidly with her unit.

Morgana (The Tier 1 List Mid)

Morgana’s constantly held a touch of dreary mid laner because of every last bit of her conspicuous abilities, and she’s constantly been one of the more secure ones when picking a tip top hero.

The new runes that enable her to support her mana inconclusively through Manaflow Band and Arcane Comet is essentially a free harm help in the event that she hits her authoritative.

Leona (The God Tier Support)

The expansion of the Second Wind permits Leona to eventually contend on balance with all the disturbing mend based backings.

When you consolidate such attributes with the new blasted harm capacities on marksmen, you’ll see that bot path would turn out to be significantly less of a support fest.

Miss Fortune (The God Tier’s Marksman)

When you’ll consolidate the Sorcery/Precision runes into her effectively harsh lethality manufacture, the feeling of one-shotting an adversary champion doesn’t appear to be so far away from any more.

Rammus (The ruler Tier 1 Jungle)

Being a victor that just increases a huge amount of free details by means of the Defensive Curl (W), and Overgrowth on Rammus gives him extensively more in the method for valuable wellbeing than it does most different bosses.

Shen (The God Tier Topper)

Like Rammus, Shen additionally increases a huge amount of capacities from the new Overgrowth rune since about the entirety of his aptitudes scale off wellbeing.

Sona (The God Tier Support)

Sona has been hot fixed mid-fix since her discharge of late.

Be that as it may, her success rate still keeps up a moderately high status in spite of this. The harm and shield control through Summoner Aery is staggeringly overpowered, and she’ll simply keep up a high state except if she gets the power into the ground.

Teemo (From the God Tier List)

Teemo holds a newly discovered achievement which is additionally ascribed to Summon Aery.

You can proc twice off an independently harmed auto assault as long as Teemo supports his range.

Consolidating this with runes, for example, Scorch for rewards would annoy harm and Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood for path continue, and it is difficult to exchange with him.

In the event that you’re a scuffle champion, at that point you influence also demand a path swap.

Teemo (The Exclusive Tier 2 Support)

As recently referenced, Teemo sounds like he could be better than average help dependent on his insane top path strength But he experiences a great deal the truth that he currently needs to manage two ran champions rather than one scuffle champion.

At crucial occasions, he’ll have to manage something like Miss Fortune and Sona, which can without much of a stretch one-shot him on the off chance that he gets excessively inevitable.

Source By YouTube: ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides



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