Legend of Keepers Character Guide: Enchantress Character

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Guide in utilizing the Enchantress, an unlockable character. This guide is absolutely my creation and my or may not accommodate your playstyle. Clearly spoiler for the individuals who need to discover themselves.

Enchantress Guide

What Is an Enchantress

Magician is an unlockable character increased in the wake of leveling Slavemaster to lv 10 or above. It is an enchantment type prison chief.

First Impression of Enchantress

Conjurer playstyle is distinctive to the Slavemaster without a doubt.

The main thing you notice is that Enchantress have practically no assurance lessening trap on the beginning. Sorcerer beast additionally will in general be increasingly mystical in nature with progressively basic soldiers and essential assailant. At that point you discovered that Enchantress as a prison manager is all the more basically slanted with lower protective layer and increasingly essential harm. Her single objective assault is part to two harm channel so may bargain less harm.

Her soldiers incline toward lower wellbeing type with you uncertain about how they can endure. Additionally, you generally start with less or no tanker.

The Magic of DoT

Speck represents: harm after some time.

Conjurer start by having numerous multi target trap.

In base structure, they are not exactly noteworthy. You may be pondering about the value of harming or consuming the foe. What you frequently overlook that they bargain more prominent harm as you stack them higher.

My primary technique for slaughtering adversary utilizing Enchantress is to stack those DoT high as can be. Yet, how to accomplish this?

You are given soldiers that bargain zone harm with lower assault and extra impact. I firmly recommend you to utilize that assault, except if you are going to slaughter a solitary objective. An a word of wisdom is to comprehend the succubus multi-target assault. Succubus can multi-focus as long as the initial 2 column of foe have positive reinforcement. Since foe first column quite often have positive shield, so free twofold assault.

Another solid counsel is to mastermind the stream. Put poison managing trap preceding or after a toxin managing beast. Peruse the fine prints and you will be fine.

Need For Speed

This one is significant yet regularly neglected.

As your beast will in general be on the gentler side, ensure that your beast can bargain harm before being annihilated. Yetigo is one regularly ignored beast, whose capacities permit to change the fight stream. Yetigo have a zone assault that hinder foe. It can have the effect between single assault or different assault.

One procedure I like to utilize is to have beast with death actuated capacity in my first beast trio so as to boost the DoT. Likewise, ensure your first trio of beast have confidence since they will consistently kick the bucket.

Focus on beast that develop in speed in the wake of preparing. There is a breeze essential (right me) that can do different assault to more slow adversaries.

Additionally, you may be enticed to purchase sturdier beast, yet you have to recollect the center is harm, not survivability of your beast

The Magical Second Group

On the off chance that you play it accurately, foe ought to infrequently break the subsequent gathering. Second gathering is typically saved for lower inspiration beast and harm vendor. The thought is to make the adversary excessively depleted to appropriately battle the second gathering of beast. Make the second gathering for harm combo, for example, ice shortcoming managing beast + ice harm managing beast.


Artifact Guide

  • Enchantment Screw (for twofold snare initiation).
  • Kaleidoscopic Stone (in light of the fact that your beast is normally basic and oppose for the success).
  • Enchantment handbag (additional cash never hurt. particularly when it work outside of fight).
  • Lager (on the grounds that each and every lift matter).
  • Sacred spear (additional reward to beast never did any harm).

Low need:

  • Bone? (you have modest number of skeleton).
  • Trader card (you for the most part purchase practically nothing, reason underneath).
  • Evil spirit promoter (once more. generally natural).

Trap Guide

I would firmly recommend to concentrate on your default trap since they are adequate. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to purchase traps, center around the DoT managing type. Abandon assurance since you as a rule need more energy to do as such.

Beast Guide

You really need a shockingly low number of beast. Reason will be clarified in later area. So center around improving the current one. I would even go more distant by urging you to have less tanker. This is on the grounds that you have to concentrate on managing harm. Limit your buy to DoT managing beast. Attempt to synergizes your buy with your current beast.

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