Legends of Runeterra: Open Beta – Teemo Mushroom Deck List Guide

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Our Teemo Mushroom deck is an unusual one to play. You’re hoping to plant an immense number of Poisonous Puffcaps in your adversary’s deck so as to work on their wellbeing absolute while figuring out how to remain alive by any and all conceivable means.

It’s a troublesome deck to prevail with, yet don’t let that prevent you from attempting. Filling your rival’s deck with shrooms and appealing to God for a decent draw is a strained at this point energizing approach to play, and protecting the success with this deck can be enormously fulfilling. Understanding that last piece of harm through mushrooms when your rival would’ve verified deadly is severe.

A great deal of karma is required to win with Teemo Mushroom however. Initially, it’s basic you draw Teemo. Without this little fella, you scarcely stand an opportunity. What’s more, he needs a great deal of help and you’ll need to manage adversary loads up a ton right off the bat – in the event that you can’t manage hostility, you’ll lose without fail.

In the most recent variant of our Teemo Mushroom control, we have the deck list we’re utilizing for the open beta of Legends of Runeterra.

Shadow Isles Piltover and Zaun
2 x Black Spear 2 x Counterfeit Copies
2 x Mist’s Call 3 x Mushroom Cloud
3 x Scribe of Sorrows 3 x Teemo
3 x Splinter Soul 3 x Mystic Shot
2 x Grasp of the Undying 3 x Puffcap Peddler
3 x The Rekindler 2 x Chump Whump
2 x Rhasa the Sunderer 2 x Trueshot Barrage
3 x Vengeance
2 x The Ruination


General Strategy

Your large spells and expulsion are crucial to endurance, yet it’s similarly as essential to get your enemy’s deck topped off with mushrooms. A large portion of our successes with Teemo Mushroom have been incredibly close, with our Poisonous Puffcaps finding deadly at the ideal time before we ourselves lost. This is what you’re hoping to pull off with this deck.

Early game: If you draw Teemo at an opportune time, play him out and attempt to hit the adversary Nexus. Except if your rival is playing a deck loaded up with Elusive units, you’ll have the option to begin planting mushrooms and jumping on your approach to buffing Teemo. Your Mystic Shot and Mist’s Call mean you can ping off adversaries, while resuscitating Teemo if necessary, and Black Spear could take out an adversary’s Champion when it’s played. You’ll frequently battle against aggro in the event that you don’t draw these spells, and regardless of whether you do, there’s regularly an opportunity for counterplay. Essentially, remain alive by whatever methods available and you’ll be showing improvement over most.

Mid game: Now is the time you ought to redesign Teemo. Planting 15 Puffcaps into your adversaries deck shouldn’t take excessively long, particularly on the off chance that you’ve actuated his Nexus Strike capacity a few times, and now every Nexus Strike he wills twofold the adversary’s shroom tally. Handle of the Undying, Trueshot Barrage and Vengeance are for the most part strong approaches to keep adversaries out of your hair for whatever length of time that conceivable, particularly in the event that you have Spell Mana to save. Be careful about Ionia decks however – they generally appear to have a Deny close by when you’re attempting to cast a major spell.

The Rekindler restores your Teemo in the event that one has passed on beforehand in the game, and you’re ready to play it while Teemo is as of now ready. Ensure you have Teemo played before the Rekindler however, in any case the Champion will change in your grasp into Teemo’s Mushroom Cloud. In a perfect world, you can get a few onto your side of the load up and hit the foe Nexus a couple of times. Fragment Soul can give you considerably more duplicates, and continually multiplying the quantity of mushrooms in your rival’s deck can totally crush them in case you’re ready to endure sufficiently long.

Late game: You ought to polish off your adversary by this point, with each draw managing harm. In a perfect world, they’ll have in any event 60 Poisonous Puffcaps in their deck to guarantee a solid wellspring of harm, however once you find a workable pace and continue multiplying their aggregate, you’re practically home free.

When they’re on a passing clock, your lone obligation is to remain alive. Your Chump Whumps and Puffcap Peddlers are generally useful for hindering now, particularly on the off chance that you have Teemo demolishing the adversary’s day the whole time. Keep in mind, you can get additional duplicates of him through Scribe of Sorrows (with a touch of karma) and The Rekindler, and Rhasa the Sunderer is a gigantically amazing card for cleaning up foe units. For one last push on your assaulting stage, it may merit throwing Splinter Soul on your Teemo as well, which will give you an additional duplicate that will bite the dust subsequent to assaulting, however in any event he’ll twofold the foe’s puffcaps again. This is an extreme deck to play, however it’s gigantically fulfilling viewing your rival scramble to kill you while they’re on a ticking time bomb of looming fate.


Teemo Mushroom Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with Teemo Mushroom:

  • 1. Teemo is the conspicuous perfect first card. Begin managing harm, planting shrooms, and for the most part being an annoyance as quickly as time permits.
  • 2. Spiritualist Shot can spare your bacon a bigger number of times than you’d anticipate. Managing 2 harm to an adversary unit is of fundamental significance when they’re whacking a Zed on the board ahead of schedule, for instance.
  • 3. It’s regularly worth keeping a Puffcap Peddler, particularly on the off chance that you as of now have a Teemo. This person makes your Mushroom Clouds progressively significant, and sets you ready for updating Teemo a lot quicker.

Teemo Mushroom tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a review of the cooperative energies to pay special mind to right now deck. We’ll keep you refreshed as the meta creates!

– You can have various duplicates of Teemo ready on the off chance that you do your best. Ensure you play Teemo from hand before utilizing any semblance of The Rekindler, in any case the Teemo close by will change into a Mushroom Cloud.

– You’ll need to utilize Black Spear when you can. This deck battles more than others with enacting this capacity, so it’s generally worth pinging off a conceivably risky adversary when you can.

– It’s frequently a smart thought to keep hold of all your Mushroom Clouds until you have a Puffcap Peddler or two ready. Each Puffcap Peddler adds 3 additional mushrooms to each spell you cast, so you can truly support your adversary’s shroom tally rapidly.

– If your Teemo kicks the bucket and you have extra mana to save, it’s frequently worth throwing Mist’s Call to get him back.

– Later on in the game, Rhasa the Sunderer can be a splendid method to slow down out your rival. In the event that they draw out a huge Darius, Rhasa can murder him straight up to an amicable unit has kicked the bucket a similar turn.

– Deny is your most noticeably awful adversary. Some of the time, it’s a smart thought to hold up until an Ionia deck has under 3 mana to cast your huge spells, however it’s regularly impractical. Recollect that they can just have three in their deck however, so bedeviling them out with something like Grasp of the Undying before they can utilize them on Vengeance can be an incredible assistance.

– The Ruination slaughters each unit on the board, however be cautious. Foe Last Breath impacts or Tryndamere’s Level Up still happen.

– The Rekindler doesn’t bring anything except if Teemo has as of now kicked the bucket this game, however once in a while you’ll require any sort of board nearness to manage adversary assaults.

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