Legends of Runeterra: How do you Unlock More Cards?

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How does Legends of Runeterra progression work?

In a post from Ryan Giuliany, the Legends of Runeterra movement configuration lead, the full way of thinking for movement in Legends of Runeterra was depicted. It’s truly indulgent, so we’ve rearranged it for you here.

What rewards are available?

Cases and Chests can be opened to win cards. You can overhaul them to increase better and rarer prizes, with the possibility of fastening moves up to build compensates on various occasions.

See underneath the table itemizing the potential Chests and Capsules you can procure – Chests contain the two Shards and Capsules, while Capsules contain special cases.

Economy Updates for the Beta

The beta, formally opening on 24th January 2020, is acquainting various changes with how movement and the game’s economy functions. Costs for in-game Coins have been changed, so you’ll get less coins than in the see patches. Costs for content have additionally diminished however, so there shouldn’t be a distinction in obtaining power. On the off chance that you purchased Coins in the review patches, you’ll be offered enough to supplant the acquiring power you had already.

You can locate the full update on the Legends of Runeterra site, yet we’ll abridge it here for your benefit.

Already, US$10 got you 1380 coins. Presently, it’ll get you 1000. To make up for this, costs for content have diminished. A Champion Wildcard now costs 300 Coins, as opposed to 400. In US Dollars, this implies you’re paying roughly 3.5% more for Champion Wildcards, yet this fluctuates relying upon the quantity of coins obtained and which cash you’re utilizing.

Shards will be progressively various as well. You’ll have the option to win more from Expedition prizes, and individual Shards are worth more than they were previously. This ideally implies players can utilize these Shards to fabricate decks more exactly as they would prefer, as opposed to being limited to the cards given to them at first.

What are Wildcards?

Special cases can be exchanged for any card of a similar irregularity. The four rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, and Champion. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a Common Wildcard, you can exchange it for any normal card you need.

You can purchase Wildcards in the Store with Coins, available with genuine cash, or you can procure them as remunerations for advancing inside the game.

It was likewise affirmed by Giuliany that you won’t have the option to get a fourth form of a similar card, since you’re just permitted to play with three of every a solitary deck. In the event that you get a fourth duplicate of an Epic or Champion irregularity card, it’ll consequently change into a card of a similar irregularity you don’t effectively possess. In the event that you get a fourth Common or Rare, the card will be changed into Shards.

How do Shards convert to cards?

Shards are the other way you can make cards, beside Wildcards. You’ll have the option to gain them from Chests, as point by point above, just as Quests. At the point when you get copies of Common and Rare cards, you’ll get Shards rather than the programmed reroll you get from Epic and Champion cards.

Here’s what number of Shards you’ll get from each card irregularity, and what number of Shards you’ll require so as to make a card of that irregularity.


Shard rewards have been switched in the approached the Beta’s discharge, so these numbers may be somewhat off. We’ll refresh you when we know more.

  • Normal: 25 Shards (150 required to create)
  • Uncommon: 75 Shards (400 required to create)
  • Epic: 300 Shards (1500 required to make)
  • Champion: 1000 Shards (4000 required to make)

Keep in mind: you won’t have to stress over getting Shards for Epic and Champion cards until you possess each and every one, which means there’ll be a steady stream of new opens for you to give it a shot.

Changes to XP Rewards

The review patches of Legends of Runeterra now and again felt lazy, movement shrewd. Here’s the way XP gain has been refreshed to battle this.

Constructed XP:

  • First-win rewards – 400XP reward for your first PVP win of the day, 200 for your second, and 100 for your third.
  • More XP for misfortunes – you currently get 100 XP for a misfortune, instead of 25.
  • Reducing prizes for huge measures of play – after 11 successes, your XP rewards begin slowing down. You’ll get none from win 31 onwards. Honestly, you need to play for a few hours to begin seeing unavoidable losses, so it’s not really going to influence you except if you’re playing a mess.
  • Endeavors XP – Base XP increase unaltered, yet shares indistinguishable consistent losses from built play. Reward of 0-2000XP upon preliminary fulfillment.

What are Quests and how do you complete them?

You’ll have the option to win XP every day from Quests. These work in a fundamentally the same as way to Hearthstone’s Quests, in that you’ll get one every day and you can hold up to three at once.

They reward you with various degrees of XP relying upon the degree of trouble. Make sure to keep an opening clear so you don’t miss any!

You can reroll a Quest once every day as well, so on the off chance that you get advised to play a lot of Noxus cards and you’re not so much inclination it, you can promptly get another Quest that will offer a similar measure of XP as a prize.


What are Region Rewards?

You’ll gain XP just as different awards for playing with explicit Regions. There’s an inside and out portrayal on the Legends of Runeterra FAQ site, however to lay it out plainly: you win awards for playing a game of cards from specific Regions.

Despite the fact that you can have decks including two separate Regions, just each can be positioned up in turn. You can pick which Region to rank up by clicking Rewards on the left hand side of the LoR customer. From that point, select Change Regions, and pick the one you need to rank up.

Continue playing a game of cards from your picked Region and you’ll begin opening prizes. You’ll have to win 52,500 XP to completely rank up to Level 20 of every a solitary area. Level 1 is 250 XP, and each level requires 250 XP more than the last.

  • 1 Rare Wildcard
  • 1 Epic Wildcard
  • 1 Champion Wildcard
  • 2 Random Epic Cards
  • 1 Bronze Chest
  • 1 Silver Chest
  • 2 Golden Chests
  • 2 Platinum Chests
  • 1 Diamond Chest
  • 2 Capsules
  • 2 Wild Capsules
  • 2 Epic Capsules
  • 2 Champion Capsules

What is the Legends of Runeterra Vault?

Every week, you’ll have the option to open the Vault. The more XP you’ve earned in the previous week, the better your prizes, giving a comparable inclination to arbitrary pack openings without the necessary installment.

You can discover your Vault level on the Home menu. Snap the symbol in the base right, and you’ll have the option to perceive that you are so near the boosting your prizes. It’ll additionally show how long you’ll have to hold back to open up your Vault, just as the prizes you’re presently on.

Your Vault levels up to a limit of 13, which requires 25,000 XP to be earned inside seven days. You’re ensured a Champion card at level 10 as well. You can see beneath the prizes accessible for positioning up your Vault in Legends of Runeterra – the Chests relate to the realistic above, so look at that to perceive what prizes are in every Chest.

Will I keep what I’ve purchased after the Account Reset?

All your movement and substance from the see patches has been reset. Be that as it may, starting now and into the foreseeable future, all substance will be all yours. On the off chance that you’ve bought coins, the specific number you get back will have changed, yet you’ll have at any rate as a lot of obtaining power as you did before because of the value changes.

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