Legends of Runeterra: How to Update Your Player Icon

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How to Update Your Player Icon

In Legends of Runeterra, you’ll have a little symbol springing up around the menu screens, just as just before a match begins. As a matter of course, our symbol was the cute Plucky Poro, yet there’s an entire host of choices.

How to change your Player Icon in Legends of Runeterra

All you must do is explore to the ‘Home’ menu inside the game. You’ll see the symbol in the upper left of the screen, alongside your coin and shard aggregates.

Snap on the symbol here, and you’ll be given a lot of choices to look over, including our top pick, the superb Jubilant Poro. Take a gander at him. He’s so glad to be here.


Can I acquire more player icons?

Right now, you have 26 to look over, however there ought to be all the more coming later on. Uncommon occasions and achievements are probably going to include more, particularly since all the present symbols are marked ‘Legends of Runeterra Launch 2019’.

We envision there’ll be additionally coming later in 2020 when the beta time frame closes and the full game discharges.

We have increasingly incredible assistance for Legends of Runeterra on the off chance that you need. From the best decks to give a shot to tips on opening every one of the cards, we have you secured.

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