The Longing: All Locations of the Mattocks Guide (2020)

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Full List of Locations of the Mattocks

The First Mattock

  • Tip 1: Outside the region of the ruler behind the entryway that takes 2 hours to open there is a mine.
  • Tip 2: When you can see the mattock you are in the correct space to find a workable pace.
  • Tip 3: Look at the help shafts under your ground.

Arrangement: Stand at the highest point of the subsequent help shaft, you’ll start hearing a splitting sound. Sooner or later you’ll additionally have the option to see that the split the help shaft has is going more extensive. Hang tight there for quite a while and the ground will crumple, letting you find a workable pace and furthermore to the sulfur and the charcoal mines directly from that point

Another Mattock

You will as of now have the option to see it before you’re ready to find a good pace!

It’s in the piece of the cavern where the greenery needs to develop ~2 weeks for you to arrive on it securely. Simply hold up that time (you can hold up at home obviously) and you can go get the mattock

Step by step instructions to arrive: It’s in the correct piece of the lords cavern framework. In the event that you don’t have a clue how to discover it, take a gander at another guide with a guide on it and quest for the Waterfall Cave.


Mystery Mattock

Late game spoilers!

So as to discover this mattock you should search for the mystery tower. The mattock is beneath the passageway alongside a skeleton.

There is a system so as to arrive as simple as could be expected under the circumstances: When you as of now have investigated all pieces of the cavern you are as of now ready to reach, you can make a sulfur fire in your chimney at home.

At the point when you do that, the shadow will say that they need to leave the room until the fire smothers and it will leave the room all alone and begin strolling. Try not to prevent it from strolling! On the off chance that you arrive on the off chance that you unintentionally stop the shadow it will say “Now I can at long last inhale once more”. This is the most least demanding approach to locate the mystery tower.

All things considered, you need to plan for that technique: Let the bug cause a web for you to climb and afterward to illuminate the mushroom puzzle since you should traverse the murkiness behind Angst.

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