Might and Magic Chess Royale: How to play Complete Guide


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You thought the Auto Chess fever had finished? All things considered, it kind of has, yet this hasn’t halted Ubisoft from propelling an Auto Chess – sit tight for it – Battle Royale (!) set in the Might and Magic universe. That is correct people, this is an Auto Chess game in which you’ll go head to head against 99 different players to rise as the sole survivor.

Fortunately, it claims matches will just last around 10 minutes, so it will be fast fire adjusts for those of us who don’t need great, hour long games – great stuff. Generally however, it’s Auto Chess as you’d anticipate it. Every player has a board, you purchase units, they battle consequently, etc.

Underneath we’ve assembled a guide which’ll run you through all that you have to think about Might and Magic Chess Royale.

Might and Magic Chess Royale: How to play

What stages is it on?

Might and Magic Chess Royale is coming to iOS, Android, and PC.

When does it release?

Might and Magic Chess Royale will be discharged on 30th January 2020.

How would I download the game?

Right now, you can pre-register for Might and Magic Chess Royale over on the iOS or Android Google Play Store. Just quest for the game in each individual shop and snap the “Pre-Register” catch to be advised when it goes live. When it’s discharged, you’ll have the option to download and introduce the game like you would with any application.


How does the game play?

Might and Magic Chess Royale is a blend of Auto Chess and Battle Royale. In the most essential terms, it’s an Auto Chess game like Dota Underlords or Teamfight Tactics, however with 99 different players to battle against, rather than the standard seven or eight.

Toward the beginning of each match you’ll pick a legend. They have interesting capacities, spells and ultimates. We’re not so much sure how this functions, however we’ll refresh this area when we do.

  • In each match you’ll take on 99 different players.
  • A match is broken into numerous rounds. Toward the beginning of each round, players will buy a unit from the shop utilizing gold. You will put these on the board, and once the round beginnings, they will battle consequently. Whoever wins will take no harm, yet bargain harm to their rival.
  • Players gain progressively gold for winning rounds, and less for losing. In any case, misfortune streaks will help players who are battling.
  • Units have various cooperative energies and capacities. To build a solid group and eventually dominate the game, you have to buy units which synergise with each other. This will allow them exceptional rewards which will give you an edge in fight.
  • Units can likewise be overhauled. In the event that you buy three of a similar unit, they will join and frame a more grounded variant. For a much more grounded, 3 star unit, you have to consolidate 3, 2 star units. Deal with this and they’ll be husky!
  • Players can utilize the gold they acquire to step up their legend. Each level earned expands the quantity of units one can have on the board. It additionally expands the opportunity of experiencing uncommon, more grounded units.

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