Minecraft Dungeons: All Secret Missions (Updated) 2020

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Minecraft Dungeons: All Secret Missions (Updated) 2020

Minecraft Dungeons All Secret Mission

Did you know there’s a Minecraft Dungeons mystery strategic? So as to get to it, you have to discover the entirety of the Minecraft Dungeons rune areas, of which there are nine altogether. Presently it’s implied that this manual for the shrouded level in Minecraft Dungeons will have a few spoilers for the game so on the off chance that you haven’t beaten the game on default trouble yet, I’d suggest bookmarking this page and returning later. Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission Then again, in the event that you couldn’t care less about spoilers, let us direct you to the entirety of the Minecraft Dungeons rune areas and disclose how to arrive at the mystery strategic the drawbridge.

How to access the Minecraft Dungeons secret level

Things being what they are, you realize that drawbridge in the south-east corner of your Minecraft Dungeons camp? When you beat the game just because, you can get to the opposite side and lower it. Essentially go toward the north-east corner, skip on the recently showed up cylinder cushions, at that point take the way south through the trees, directly before you get to the Nether Portal. Follow the way round and you can collaborate with the switch to bring down the drawbridge.

Go inside the structure and you’ll discover a congregation. Representations of the engineers line the dividers and right toward the end is a catch, alongside 10 images above it. The main image should as of now be lit up as it’s opened for finding the congregation in any case, yet the remainder of the images won’t be actuated at this point except if you found any rune areas on your first playthrough. Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission To arrive at the Minecraft Dungeons mystery level (subtleties of which are directly at the base of this guide on the off chance that you essentially need to realize what the strategic!), you have to locate the nine Minecraft Dungeons rune areas and come back to the congregation.

Minecraft Dungeons rune locations

Here are each of the nine Minecraft Dungeons rune areas, through and through.

Creeper Woods rune location

Play through the level until you arrive at the absolute last goal, to free five locals. Clear the adversaries at that point continue toward the south-west corner of the territory where you’ll discover the cobblestone and stone block areas presented previously. Interface with the catch in the cobblestone and an entryway will open up. Enter it and stroll as far as possible, collaborate with the following catch, at that point interface with the item that generates.

Soggy Swamp rune location

This one is directly toward the finish of the level. After you devastate the cauldron, search for the stone column presented above with vines swinging from it. Press the catch covered up inside the mushrooms, enter the entryway, and do something very similar you accomplished for the last rune.

Cacti Canyon rune location

For the rune in Cacti Canyon, play until you need to “locate the brilliant key”. Before you enter the territory with the blue key, examine behind the plant on the left-hand side of the door. Associate with the catch and a passageway will show up behind the blue key.

Pumpkin Pastures rune location

Mid-path through this crucial, your goal is still to discover the town, you’ll locate a long manor divider. Behind the containers is a catch that uncovers an entryway toward the end with the following rune.

Redstone Mines rune location

At the point when you’re entrusted with liberating five townspeople, head to the most distant side of the room, not long before you leave to the following segment. At the top will be a catch behind some redstone. Push it and that’s right, you got it — another entryway will open.

Desert Temple rune location

Directly after you get the gold key, look behind the palm tree in the neighboring space to discover another catch.

Fiery Forge rune location

This one is genuinely near the beginning; when you enter the segment with the fallen Redstone Golem, there’s a switch in the back left corner that will uncover the following rune region.

Highblock Halls rune location

At the point when you arrive at the commercial center zone and your goal is to drop in on the gathering, go to the top piece of this territory where you’ll discover the switch presented previously.

Obsidian Pinnacle rune location

At the point when you enter the indoor segment during your quest for the Arch-Illager, play until you’re nearly toward the end. Before you leave to go outside once more, there ought to be a little library territory. Approach the shelves and you ought to have the option to pull one of the books to uncover a room behind it. Alongside the rune, this one additionally has a couple of chests inside for additional plunder.



Presently you’re prepared to open the mystery level. With every one of the nine runes procured, head back to the congregation and press the catch toward the end once more. This will uncover another entryway with two soul chests and a guide. Get the guide to be offered access to the ??? level in the upper right hand corner of the strategic screen.

Travel here and presto! The mystery level is classified “Moo?” and is completely on a Mooshroom Island, one of customary Minecraft’s rarest disclosures. While Mooshroom Cows are quiet in standard Minecraft nonetheless, these ones are furious. Furious and incredibly, intense. Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission Play through the level as far as possible and you’ll go head to head against the Mooshroom Monstrosity, a harder form of the Redstone Monstrosity manager you’ve battled previously.

This level is a reference to Diablo II, which had a concealed dairy animals level. Obviously, Minecraft has normal dairy animals, however since they’re littered all through the game at any rate, making it a mystery Mooshroom Cow level bodes well. We haven’t figured out how to beat the Mooshroom Monstrosity yet, so in the event that you do, if you don’t mind let us realize what plunder you figure out how to get!

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