Minecraft Dungeons Camp: Every Secret at your Base

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Minecraft Dungeons Camp

There’s various activities at your Minecraft Dungeons camp, including a few privileged insights, however not all things are quickly self-evident. Subsequent to finishing Squid Coast – the absolute first level in the game – you’ll be acquainted with your Minecraft Dungeons camp, the spot you’ll call home all through your excursion. We have the total Minecraft Dungeons camp guide for you directly here, which incorporates all that you can do at your base and the entirety of the key to discover.

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First up is the Blacksmith. This fine chap is opened when you complete the Creeper Woods level on default trouble and you can trade Emeralds with him for an irregular bit of rigging proper to your level.

Wandering Trader

Inverse him is the place the Wandering Trader lives. He’ll be opened when you complete Pumpkin Patch on default trouble and as opposed to exchanging gear, he’ll give you arbitrary ancient rarities in return for Emeralds.

Mission Select

In the middle of the two merchants is the Mission Select region, where you’ll have to visit to advance with the game. Collaborate with it to be shown a guide of the Minecraft Dungeons world, with all the levels accessible to play showed.

Training Dummies

Toward the east of the primary square is the place you’ll discover two preparing fakers. This is the place you can try out your present form, to see precisely how much harm you’ll be managing to crowds, either in scuffle or went battle. It merits evaluating various forms here before you tackle a portion of the harder challenges!


North of the preparation fakers is your home! Enter and go up the steps to watch the room gradually develop with new items as you progress through the story.

Camp Chests

Each time you complete a strategic, in your camp will be a chest with 50 Emeralds in. The areas are irregular, so it merits doing a speedy lap of the camp each time you beat a crucial snatch the additional money.


Over toward the south is the place you can discover a drawbridge. It’s raised and difficult to reach until you beat the story, so, all things considered you can get across through an alternate technique (see the following section) and lower the drawbridge with a switch. Inside the structure is a congregation, however what secrets does it hold? Peruse our Minecraft Dungeons mystery crucial to discover more.


Nether Portal

At the point when you’ve beaten the story, go toward the north-east corner past your home to discover some platforms. Step on them and you’ll be pushed to the opposite side of the precipice. Stroll down the way to locate a wrecked Nether Portal. What would it be able to mean? You can hear the audio cues of the Nether when you draw near, yet it’s out of reach for now. We figure it’s arranged DLC, however the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually.

So as to arrive at the drawbridge and church referenced above, go south from the Nether Portal and slice through the trees. There’s a shrouded way you can stroll down which will bring you back around.

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