Minecraft Dungeons: Features, Tips & Tricks (Latest Updates) 2020

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Minecraft Dungeons has been the most anticipated round of 2020. Minecraft Dungeons is the new game made on the base of Minecraft. This game is bound to be an unexpected involvement with comparison to the great Minecraft game where the players adored square breaking, weapon making and battling hordes. Its trailer was propelled at the Minecon 2019.

Minecraft Dungeons

The first Minecraft has been a most loved game for players over the globe for 10 years now. At first propelled on the PC stage the game has gotten recognition and love everywhere throughout the globe. The engineers of Minecraft have consistently been following their saying to join players everywhere throughout the globe regardless of what stage or gadget they use. In the later years, it is currently accessible on practically all stages, for example, iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

The engineers Mojang have constantly stepped up to the plate of adding new things to the game which have constantly made an everlasting impact of this game on our brains. Along these lines not long from now there was the declaration of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’. Minecraft Dungeons will be discharged by Mojang and distributed by Xbox Game studios in the mid of summer of 2020

The engineers have just expressed that Minecraft Dungeons will be an entirely unexpected game from the exemplary Minecraft game. Minecraft Dungeons is motivated by the great Dungeon crawler games to be found in the market. The game won’t have any choice of square breaking or Crafting weapons however you should simply battle hordes and gather weapons as you will advance in the game.

What’s New in Minecraft Dungeons?

“Minecraft Dungeons” will be working on a totally different stage. The game will be following a storyline for the absolute first time. There are some new things like there is an alternative of multiplayer. Up to 4 players can play a similar stage. There are 4 unique characters and Yes four equal storylines on the game. Each character will have an assortment of things, for example, shields and weapons.

There are numerous mixes of ordnance which accompanies the characters you’ll decide to play. You can pick between four characters which are wizard, warrior, ninja, and protector. There are additionally numerous new hordes in the game however a couple of more established crowds can be considered such to be the skeleton and zombie.

Its essentially a RPG game where you have play stages where each stage will have a chief. There will baffle unraveling and plunders. In plunders, a horde will convey some valuable things and a few sections for the weapons update which the player should gather. It may be the hordes have transformed into Bosses of a phase who will desert these plunder boxes.

What is the storyline of Minecraft Dungeons?

The story starts with an outsider Illager attempting to discover salvage and another home while he was meandering in the wilderness. At the point when the illagers from a close by town exile him for being an insane person for his crazy person strategies. He meanders until he finds a Dungeon where he finds an Evil Cube known as ORB OF DOMINANCE.

The illager increases enchanted powers and turns into the Arch-Illager. The obscurity inside his heart is stirred and he needs retribution from everything and everybody who had harmed home once. He and his insidious armed force come back to the towns who once had surrendered him and Runs turmoil any place he goes. Just the ones who are Brave and have an unadulterated heart can stop them.

Which New Characters will be seen in Minecraft Dungeons?

There are four new primary driving characters in Minecraft Dungeons. There is an officer, a tank, a wizard and a ninja. These four characters play In four equal interactivity. Every one of them has an alternate arrangement of weapons. The in addition to point in the game is that you can play multiplayer right now you can go Solo.

What types of Weapons, Enchantment, Artefacts are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

In the opening succession of this game, you see an Evil Arch-Illager whose ruling the crowds in the Dungeons utilizing the ORB OF DOMINANCE. Subsequently there are charms in the game that will give numerous very exciting encounters.


  • Sword Enchantment: The sword is the essential weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. The sword charm will expand the assaulting power and the players can continue harming the hordes however the downside is the player’s shield are down.
  • Mallet Enchantment: Then you have the sledge charm which will empower you to harm the hordes yet on a short-go.
  • Crossbow Enchantment: Then you have the crossbow charm which empowers you to shoot various bolts at a lightning speed.

What type of biomes will the player get in Minecraft Dungeons?

As the name recommends the game happens in the underground so there will be just cells and prisons. Cells loaded up with bugs and skeletons captivated with powers attempting to slaughter you and your colleagues. In this way the setting in “Minecraft Dungeon” is Dungeons.


What are other additional features of  Minecraft Dungeons?

  • There are heaps of highlights in the game one can discover stunning while at the same time playing this cell crawler.
  • You can toss TNT bombs on the hordes.
  • You can utilize neighborly sidekick in the game. There are different Golems in the game who do various assaults and ensure you.
  • You can utilize the Artifacts to cause a Healing circle where you to can recuperate yourself just as your companions in the game.
  • You could even utilize a toxic substance powder Artifacts to harm everything around you causing them harm.
  • The most significant thing in Minecraft Dungeons is the Map. This permits you to wander around and not being lost.
  • Which Mobs will be seen in Minecraft Dungeons?
  • Minecraft Dungeons has each and every horde we have ever battled already. There are Skeletons, zombies, arachnids. There are Endermen too who assume the supervisor job in the game.
  • Past the typical ones, we have new hordes, for example, Necromancer which can restore dead crowds. Apparition hordes can set the entire field in immense blazes. The strange Ender Dragon might be additionally found in the following update.

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