Mobile Legends: Best Heroes in the Game and Adventure Tier List [Updated 2019]

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Have you at any point pondered who are the best saints in Mobile Legends: Adventure? Or on the other hand perhaps you needed to see a total level rundown for Mobile Legends: Adventure! All things considered, regardless of the case, I’ll share with you a total level rundown for Mobile Legends: Adventure so you can check which are probably the best saints in the game that you can add to your group!

Initially I am going to reveal to you a tad about the absolute best saints in Mobile Legends: Adventure, or the S Tier ones (to place it in level terms), which are great due to their abilities and by and large details.

When I clarified why a portion of the legends are up there on the level rundown, I will give you the entire level rundown with the best Epic and Elite saints. I won’t make reference to the Common legends since I truly don’t believe it’s any great to utilize them in your group, since it’s genuinely simple to show signs of improvement ones, and furthermore to overhaul them.


This saint is over the best legends list since he is too solid as far as harm, and his barrier is additionally really tolerable. He can without much of a stretch interpretation of the back line of the battle, where all the squishy targets are, as a result of his Puncture ability which enables him to squint to the back line and arrangement a huge amount of harm.

He has AoE abilities and a latent expertise (which opens at level 81) which break the foe’s barrier and make him considerably increasingly helpful in the battles.

  • Class: Assassin
  • Strength: Charge


Estes is probably the best help in game, if not the best. He can buff his partners and mend them too, which makes him perhaps the best resource a group can have. Since his harm yield isn’t astonishing, he can not be viewed as best as far as harm, yet when you need a decent help, you can rely on him.

His steady capacities will make your group fundamentally strong whenever utilized effectively, in light of the fact that once you open his uninvolved expertise “Code of Moon Elves”, at whatever point he interfaces with a partner he will support their capacity by a considerable amount.

  • Class: Support
  • Strength: Heal


We’ve had a decent harm vendor, a great healer, and now it’s the ideal opportunity for ostensibly the best tank in game, Gatotkaca. Regardless of whether his name doesn’t move dread, his range of abilities without a doubt should. He has a huge amount of group control and his abilities enable him to bargain AoE harm, which is likewise very high.

When you pair his high harm with his tankiness, he will turn out to be very dreadful in the front line, in such a case that you additionally have Estes with him to help, recuperate and continue, you will win the majority of the battles.

  • Class: Tank
  • Claim to fame: Crowd Control, Charge


Much the same as Lancelot, Clint is an incredible harm vendor who can shred through the adversary’s wellbeing bar and bring them down in only seconds. His high range will enable him to be genuinely sheltered, on the grounds that he will sit in the back line. Be that as it may, if the adversaries can jump to the back line it could be a little issue (since his safeguard isn’t incredible).

It’s great to have Clint together with a solid Tank in the bleeding edge, since his harm yield is astounding, but since of that he kinda needs protection. Shockingly, he can likewise paralyze an objective for a couple of moments, since his Heel Rope will bargain monstrous harm and exact group control.

  • Class: Marksman
  • Forte: Burst


Alice is a decent saint which arrangements great AoE harm, and can self-support. On the off chance that you don’t have such an extraordinary healer at this time, at that point Alice can be a decent expansion to your group since she doesn’t explicitly require one to keep her alive.

Her Blood Eulogy aptitude will allow her to arrangement harm and mend her in the meantime, which, when matched with her Magic Lineage (detached which opens at level 81 and builds her Magic Lifesteal) will make her excessively irritating to manage as a result of the consistent recuperating.

  • Class: Mage
  • Forte: Regen, Damage

These future probably the best saints in Mobile Legends: Adventure – yet now it’s a great opportunity to get into the total Tier List, so you can make a superior thought on which of the legends you should concentrate on updating first!


Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Supports

  • S Tier: Estes
  • A Tier: Angela
  • B Tier: Rafaela
  • C Tier: Kaja

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Tanks

  • S Tier: Gatotkaca
  • A Tier: Hylos, Grock, Akai
  • B Tier: Lolita, Tigreal
  • C Tier: Franco, Balamond

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Mages

  • S Tier: Alice, Chang’e
  • A Tier: Aurora, Valir, Harley, Odette
  • B Tier: Gord, Eudora
  • C Tier: Cyclops

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Assassins

  • S Tier: Lancelot
  • A Tier: Saber
  • B Tier: Karina
  • C Tier: Helcurt

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Marksmen

  • S Tier: Clint
  • A Tier: Karrie, Moskov, Bruno
  • B Tier: Yi Sun-Shin, Miya
  • C Tier: Layla

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Best Fighters

  • S Tier: Argus, Zilong
  • A Tier: Lapu-Lapu, Alucard
  • B Tier: Jawhead
  • C Tier: Aldous, Bane

Ordinarily a decent group should comprise of 5 great saints, each satisfying a particular job. A few groups can have various of a similar kind of legends (for instance 2 tanks rather than one), as long as despite everything they have enough harm to manage the adversaries.

The perfect group sythesis is: 1 Tank, 1 Support, 2 Damage sellers and 1 group control. One of the Resonance rewards you could without much of a stretch go for is the Fuse Resonance which requires one of each class to be available in your group.

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