Monster Hunter World Guide: Iceborne Acidic Glavenus, Tips & Tricks for How to defeat

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The new Monster Hunter World Iceborne Acidic Glavenus scours the Rotten Vale looking for prey that it can overwhelm with its sulfur-covered tail. In contrast to its searing cousin, this corrosive variation conveys a debuffing impact at whatever point it figures out how to swipe adversaries with its enormous tail, constraining trackers to play all the more protectively on the off chance that they wish to stay away from an early excursion back to base camp. It’s one of the new Monster Hunter World Iceborne beasts and here’s the manner by which to overcome him.

This Brute Wyvern additions expanded assault power and portability at whatever point it hones its tail, making it a flat out bad dream to battle. On the off chance that you thought chasing Glavenus was precarious effectively, at that point you’ll have to take much more consideration with regards to battling this new subspecies. Luckily, our helpful guide plans to supply you with the tips and deceives you have to bring down this hyper-forceful Wyvern.

Acidic Glavenus Behaviour and Traits

Acidic Glavenus is a steadily forceful beast that uses its katana-like tail to convey blisteringly quick assaults and exact pokes that can rapidly overpower even the most experienced trackers. This Brute Wyvern steps through the profundities of the Rotten Vale looking for prey, dispensing its enemy with sulfur injected tail swings. While we may not think a lot about this savage subspecies, we do realize that it has three distinct states that it spins through.

Acidic Glavenus Attacks and Strategy Tips

So as to beat Acidic Glavenus, you’ll first need to comprehend this current subspecies’ honed, typical, and debuffing states. For instance, during the honed state Acidic Glavenus does without all debuffing capacities and rather increases expanded assault power and versatility. This stage is fantastically perilous as it can move around while releasing a volley of destructive punches, so consider setting out an entanglement or stun trap to lessen this present beast’s versatility. At the point when Acidic Glavenus begins to hone its tail, you’ll have to either make some separation, stick behind his left leg, or avoid it with a well-coordinated jump. Ensure you hover round Acidic Glavenus at whatever point it’s preparing one of its deadly tail punches and prepare to weave in a couple of brisk assaults during the movement’s down time. Ultimately, the bouncing tail pummel can be maintained a strategic distance from by just moving to the side before the assault interfaces.

The sheer speed of Acidic Glavenus assaults during its honed stage may appear to be scaring from the start, however they are effectively exploitable when you realize how to maintain a strategic distance from them. Just search for windows where you can release a couple of snappy assaults and after that set yourself up for the following volley. The typical state is progressively likened to normal Glavenus as its moves become a great deal slower, so ensure you hand out as much harm during this stage. While we don’t think a lot about Acidic Glavenus’ sulphuric state, we do realize that its tail winds up covered in splendid yellow sulfur gems. Given the debuff idea of Acidic Glavenus’ sulphuric state, we speculate that trackers will be exacted with the guard down affliction. This debuff impact is as of now utilized by World’s Barnos, Behemoth and Deviljho, so it would bode well that Acidic Glavenus would apply this infirmity so as to shred through its foe’s protective layer.


Monster Hunter World Iceborne Acidic Glavenus

Much the same as would be expected Glavenus, cutting this current subspecies’ katana-like tail ought to be a top need for any chasing gathering, particularly in the event that you wish to decrease the scope of its assaults. You’ll likely have the option to break Acidic Glavenus’ tail during its sulphuric state as the customary Glavenus’ tail is just flimsy when warmed. While this battle is in no way, shape or form simple, there are a couple of things you can do to make it significantly less difficult. In case you’re sick of taking enormous measures of harm when you’ve been caused by Acidic Glavenus’ debuff impact, at that point consider pressing Adamant Seeds or a couple Armorskins. Not exclusively will these things discredit the impacts of the debuff, yet they will likewise keep you from taking disgusting measures of harm.

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