Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Difficulty Guide, Tips & Tricks

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In Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, picking your trouble setting isn’t as basic as setting it to ordinary and proceeding onward. Rather than one worldwide choice, Bannerlord breaks trouble settings into a couple of various territories that you can change. It’s conceivable, for instance, to relax the test of its political frameworks while as yet keeping skirmish battle very lethal. But since Bannerlord utilizes an abnormal naming show for its trouble settings, picking the correct choice for you may be a bit of confounding from the start. We’re here to help.

While picking your trouble toward the start of another battle, there are seven distinct settings to play with that each influence an alternate piece of the game, similar to how effectively you can enlist characters. Every one of these five settings has three choices: extremely simple, simple, and practical.

Trouble choices can be changed whenever by getting to the Campaign Options menu.

You may feel that, given these names, practical is what might be compared to an ordinary trouble, yet it’s progressively similar to hard. Generally, just veterans and masochists should play on reasonable trouble. Be that as it may, we should separate each setting individually and clarify how they work.

If you want to get started right away

New players:

  • Agreeable Troops Received Damage: Realistic
  • Agreeable Parties Received Damage: Realistic
  • Player Received Damage: Easy
  • Enrollment Difficulty: Easy
  • Guide Movement Speed: Easy
  • Empower Death: On
  • Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks: On


  • Agreeable Troops Received Damage: Realistic
  • Agreeable Parties Received Damage: Realistic
  • Player Received Damage: Realistic
  • Enrollment Difficulty: Realistic
  • Guide Movement Speed: Realistic
  • Empower Death: On
  • Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks: On

Friendly Troops Received Damage

This setting decides how much harm your agreeable units take in battle yet prohibits your own character. Consequently, I’d prescribe setting this to reasonable whether or not you’re another player or a veteran. This implies your own soldiers and adversary troops will be on balance when battling, which shouldn’t be an issue in case you’re savvy and consistently attempt to have the greater armed force or better prepared fighters.

This choice requires you to comprehend Bannerlord’s muddled unit order framework, however. On Realistic, you’ll have to provide requests to your various units so they’re generally in a beneficial position, while on lower troubles you can simply arrange them to charge and for the most part disregard them.

Friendly Parties Received Damage

This choice controls how much harm your partners take in battle. Honestly, these are not the soldiers heavily influenced by you, however any extra PC controlled fighters who may go along with you in fight. Once more, I’d prescribe setting this choice to reasonable paying little heed to your involvement in Bannerlord as this implies partnered officers and foes they battle will be on moderately even ground. Furthermore, since you don’t have order over these units at any rate, you don’t need to stress over micromanaging them to keep them alive.

Player Received Damage

This alternative controls how much harm your character takes and will be the most recognizable trouble choice you can tinker with. Setting this to sensible expects you to be capable at Bannerlord’s nuanced battle so as to get by, as even the most vulnerable desperado will have the option to murder you in only a couple of hits. Just veterans should set this alternative to practical, as it requires faultless planning to beat most AI rivals. Furthermore, lord have mercy on you on the off chance that you get dwarfed.

For new players, there’s no disgrace in setting this to simple until you understand battle. I like to set this to simple, actually. It gives me a touch of an edge in one on one battle, yet I despite everything need to order my soldiers successfully to win enormous scope fights.

Recruitment Difficulty

So as to enroll more soldiers from settlements you visit, you need to win the kindness of remarkable NPCs who live there. That is the place this choice comes in as it decides how much characters need to like you before they’ll let you enlist their best fighters to your motivation.

This choice won’t influence your crusade as drastically as the initial three, however it is significant. In the event that you need to invest less energy kissing ass and additional time kicking ass, I’d prescribe setting this to simple. That way you can enroll troops all the more rapidly and invest energy battling. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a progressively true encounter, keep this at practical.

Map Movement Speed

Like Recruitment Difficulty, Map Movement Speed unobtrusively changes how rapidly you can move around on the overworld map. It couldn’t be any more obvious, your speed is dictated by an assortment of components like the quality and number of your ponies, how full your stock is, and even the assurance of your soldiers. This choice alters how much every one of those influences your speed. Like enrollment, bringing down this alternative is incredible for the individuals who need to concentrate on battling and less on the board. Yet, on the off chance that you need an increasingly genuine encounter, keep it at reasonable.

Enable Death

I unequivocally urge everybody to play with Enable Death on, as it includes a fantastic degree of authenticity to Bannerlord. When empowered, named NPCs (called saints) would now be able to kick the bucket, including lords, sovereigns, and, indeed, even you. This makes open doors for sensational changes in the political scene, as characters meet their inopportune end and countries degenerate into confusion. On the off chance that you need to play a battle with genuine results to your activities, Enable Death is the best approach.

All things considered, it will be conceivable that you can kick the bucket. On the off chance that you have a beneficiary, you’ll begin playing as them and your battle will proceed. In the event that you don’t, it’s probable game over. Fortunately, when simply beginning, the danger of that incident is negligible. Most crooks and different hoodlums you battle would like to keep you alive so they can deliver you for cash or sell you into bondage, so rout in battle once in a while implies a genuine game over.


Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks

This is to a lesser extent a trouble choice and all the more a comfort choice. When you begin to manufacture a group, you’ll start dealing with the advancement of characters other than your fundamental one. It’s somewhat similar to playing any gathering based RPG, with the exception of your gathering can get incredibly enormous. This choice removes a portion of the micromanagement from that task by dispensing advantages consequently, however I haven’t yet had the opportunity to investigate how it spreads these focuses around. Else, you’ll have to separately choose which advantages your devotees have, which can be somewhat overwhelming.

Once more, turn this choice on the off chance that you need to concentrate less on Bannerlord’s administration perspective and more on executing stuff. However, similar to every one of these choices, you can generally transform it in case you’re getting overpowered or, on the other hand, need more control of your faction.



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