Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – 4 Legit Ways to Make Money

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How to Make Money (Fast)?


So there are a couple of approaches to acquire cash from the get-go yet here are some simple ways I discovered playing myself.

Remember that everything is liable to be changed in further forms of the game. I’ll attempt to keep this refreshed


You may have seen yourself as of now however there are a couple of average missions that will net you a great deal of cash.

One journey expects you to restore somebody’s girl. This mission will net you around 1.6k Denar and is anything but difficult to do.

– > Just head to the stamped town and quest for the girl within the town. Press Left-Alt to handily discover them.

The second mission expects you to move a crowd of creatures. This ought to be 10 to 12 creatures.

Regularly this mission will just net you 400 Denar however to complete the journey u just need to turn in half of the creatures.

That implies you can sell half of the necessary measure of creatures which should net you in any event an additional 500 Denar.


Exchanging may take you a piece to set up however what you need is around 15 – 20 soldiers and maybe a couple of donkeys so you can ship more weight. Additionally, the main expertise in exchanging which will net you 20% more for exchanging products is useful.

The following stage is to discover certain towns which sell exchanging products. Towns are normally particular on one exchanging great, for example, iron mineral, fish, creatures, salt, and so on.

“Marathea” is worked in iron mineral for instance. You can purchase heaps of iron mineral for lower than 30 Denar here and there and afterward exchange that iron metal for 60+ in urban areas.

Remember to travel a piece and check various urban communities. I for the most part attempt to sell the merchandise for double the sum I got them for.



Quite evident yet competitions are additionally an average method to procure Denar.

These are held in huge urban areas and prize you with a thing in the event that you win and Denar incase u wager cash on yourself.

Remember that you start with your own shield so you should show signs of improvement covering before you start with competitions relying upon how great you know the game. Weapons are constantly given by the competition itself.

Along these lines you normally around 2k+ Denar per Tournament, which relies upon the thing obv.

Fighting Bandits

It won’t acquire you the most yet you will step up your soldiers at the same time.

Ocean Raider, Forest Bandits, and Mountain Bandits appear to be the best adversaries for this.

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