Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Caravan System Trading, Prisoner, Archers

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Where is the Caravan in the mission? Is it so quick than me? How to finish the mission? How to sell detainees? How is exchanging? The toxophilite in the gathering simply stop, why? Don’t apprehensive, a fast guide of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord will help you on these.

Quick Guide to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Caravan System and Trading

Exchanging is much simpler now from Warband, when you go to purchase things check the little tooltips it gives, it may give you old costs from different towns to base on the off chance that you might make benefit, yet don’t totally confide in it.

Thing costs that are red are high, don’t purchase, yet sell on the off chance that you have it. Green is acceptable to purchase however don’t sell. Costs change truly quick as well, so you’d must be speedy.

How to Sell Prisoners?

  • Visit any city.
  • Go to the bar region.
  • There you will discover an alternative to deliver all the detainees.

Caravan Quest (Where is it?)

I thought there is no Caravan or Caravan is me yet I wasn’t right. When leaving the manor Caravan respawns directly behind you however the Caravan has more speed than you. In this manner, before Caravan Quest, you have to improve your speed abilities.


Why Archers do not Set to Fire?

They can not set to fire, even gathering simply stop, if there are snags or individuals before them. Continuously have them remain at any rate 10-15 meters behind your shield divider, and if conceivable – raise them.

In the event that they are not as yet acting, have a go at disbanding any non-bow units from your ran center.

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