Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Caravans Guide- How to Get them Up and Running

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How to Get them Up and Running

Convoys in Bannerlord are non-controlled AI that wander the exchange courses offering merchandise to urban communities and towns. On the off chance that you need to discover more about parades before you send them off into the huge wide universe of Bannerlord, at that point we don’t accuse you – they’re exorbitant afterall. A convoy will hamper you around 15,000 denar and you’ll require 29 train watchmen to run one, which will have a shifted every day upkeep.

You can open bands by talking with dealers in towns, when you’ve presented yourself, just pick ‘I wish to frame a procession right now’. Trains can be a worthwhile business, with the additional advantage of when you send them off into the wild, they’re nearly not your concern any longer – you’ve recently got the opportunity to trust they’ll bring back the dollar.



Here’s a couple of things that is acceptable to think about convoys in Bannerlord before you make the jump:


They take half a month to begin making benefit, so in the event that you don’t see a moment sway on your wallet, at that point don’t surrender yet.


You can’t chase after a troop, so once it’s gotten under way, you can just monitor benefit and use.


There are uninvolved aptitudes that improve trains in your social exchange aptitudes that can lessen exchange punishments and increment benefits.


Having inconvenience following or going with a convoy? Shockingly, apparently this mainstream choice from Warband isn’t in Bannerlord at the hour of composing.

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