Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Make Good Money (Achieving Stonks)

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This guide on accomplishing Stonks in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord by Bullying Caravans will show getting great and more cash.

Making Good Money


In Bannerlord, there are numerous groups to join and win. Thus, there are additionally a wicked measure of bands. What I have found is that bands in Bannerlord are likewise significantly more beneficial than Warband. They have a lot of exchanging products that can be sold in mass for enormous stonks, they have higher level soldiers that sell well as detainees, they drop a lot of ponies that speed up and weight top in their plunder, and they additionally have a superior possibility of giving you higher level apparatus.

The Setup

To have the option to accomplish the technique I’m going to give you, you should satisfy these essentials.

You should have around 30-40 mid level units. On the off chance that you have too much, you won’t have the option to get the parades. It assists with having less units than the bands or you will pursue them over the world. In the event that you have any less, it might be hard for you to crush them. The trains I have experienced so far have all had 35-40 units.

You should either be in any event be somewhat talented in battle and soloing or be playing on a lower trouble so you don’t get executed because of the numbers inconvenience.

A little tolerance. (As a result of the accidents, not to what extent it takes.)

The Strategy

Subsequent to setting up, the following stage is the last one. It’s a great opportunity to menace a few convoys. Follow these tips and techniques so as to get them simpler.

1. Picking an adversary: The country whose convoys you decide to annoy will proclaim war on you following. So I exhort that you become a hired soldier or vassal to a country and pick the countries that are at war with them. In the wake of picking your objective country, make sense of what their identity is aligned with or not battling. This data will be helpful later on.

2(A). Hanging tight for them at the front entryway: It is somewhat idiotic to meander around the country looking for parades, particularly with how quick they are in Bannerlord. Let them come to you. Hold up at the fringe between your objective nation and one of their partners, ideally on an extension between two urban communities. The troops will come to you since you are presently sitting in their course. This makes it a lot simpler to discover them.

Reward Tip: Cities in Bannerlord are built in a way that genuinely cheats trains. Rather than simply riding up you any side of the city like in Warband, you currently need to enter and exit through the passageway purpose of the city. That implies that on the off chance that you see a quick procession go into a city, at that point you can simply hold up at the passageway and snare them when they turn out.


The Stonks

In just a single great parade assault, this was my harsh benefit. ( Don’t recollect precisely.)

  • Around 5,000 denars worth of merchandise.
  • Level 6 chainmail protection.
  • An indecent measure of ponies that (I’m almost certain) speed up and furthermore your weight top.
  • Around 1,200 denars worth of detainees.

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