NBA 2K20: Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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2K’s and Visual Concept’s NBA 2K20 discharged on September sixth, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and versatile. Refining their notable sensible b-ball reenactment with modes like open-world neighborhood, myCareer, WNBA, and freeplay.

Rule on the court with SCUF utilizing these controller and interactivity settings.

How To Improve Your Gameplay Using a SCUF

Everybody plays in an unexpected way; regardless of whether you have a thumbstick inclination or simply need to improve your development and accuracy, SCUF Thumbsticks are compatible to suit your specific playstyle.


  • Sunken Thumbsticks are intended for more command over development.
  • Domed Thumbsticks are intended for more exactness.
  • Short Thumbsticks are intended for snappier development speed.
  • Tall Thumbsticks are intended to have more point to play with and increasingly exact pointing.

For NBA 2K20, have the option to immediately run and switch up headings while safeguarding and hit the green on the Shot Meter. We suggest playing with a Short Concave Thumbstick on the left for snappy controlled development, and a Tall Domed Thumbstick on the appropriate for exactness when shooting with the stick.

For players with bigger hand sizes, evaluate the Tall Thumbsticks for improved solace while playing.


Oars situated on the rear of each SCUF controller improve your solace by enabling you to perform more diligently to get to capacities like the Play Calling Menu and Team Strategies while keeping your thumbs on the thumbsticks to remain over your development and shots.

For SCUF Vantage players, putting Team Strategies (D-Pad Left) on S1 and Play Calling Menu (D-Pad Right) on S2 opens up the oars to utilize a greater amount of your hand for the basics like passing and shooting.


Up until 1 AM rehearsing to arrive at the highest point of the League? Each SCUF controller has the alternative for elite hold: a finished non-slip surface. This is ideal for long gaming sessions to improve solace and execution.



Play like the experts and improve your shots and increment your solace by requesting your SCUF without vibration modules/thunders (or taking them out in case you’re utilizing a SCUF Vantage). Vibration can cause exhaustion extra time from the additional load in your controller, and can meddle with your shots while playing.

NBA 2K20 Gameplay Settings

Here are a few settings to help improve interactivity:

  • Change the camera edge to 2K Camera, so you can have a superior perspective on the court and your players.

Go into Settings > Camera > 2K Camera.

  • The Shot Meter is presently adjustable with new structures to choose from. The choices for the foot meter are simpler to see because of the bigger size, and more exact.

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