Nintendo Missing These Features Switch Update 10.0

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Recently, Nintendo discharged Update 10.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch, including a bunch of energizing new highlights to the framework from new symbols dependent on Animal Crossing: New Horizons to custom catch arrangements for Joy-Cons and even another bookmark framework for news stories. With Update 10.0, Nintendo needed to improve the usefulness of Nintendo Switch’s “frameworks and administrations so as to give the simplest, most easy to understand experience conceivable,” and keeping in mind that it accomplished that, it would appear that a couple of significant highlights didn’t make the cut.

Following on from Update 9.2 in March, which concentrated on general framework dependability, fans were expecting something important from the following Nintendo Switch update. For the most part, numbered programming refreshes imply another phase being developed and are genuinely sizable with new highlights, framework redesigns, and bug fixes frequently put something aside for the discharge. Be that as it may, in spite of the progressions presented in Update 10.0, there’s as yet a considerable rundown of missing highlights that fans have been mentioned since the Nintendo Switch originally discharged. There’s sure things like Virtual Console that many are asking for, however with regards to prompt needs, these take the cake.


Effectively one of the most mentioned highlights is the choice for clients to have the option to make “Envelopes” for various applications and games. The home screen on Nintendo Switch presents players with a course of events that shows the twelve most as of late opened applications and games, trailed by an ‘All Apps’ library toward the end containing any game possessed by the client. Envelopes are an incredible method to sort out the home screen, giving the player the alternative to assemble various classifications, new games to be finished, gushing administrations like Netflix or YouTube (another oft-mentioned highlight), and general top choices for everyday play.

Shopping Cart

Regardless of whether it’s shopping for food or purchasing computer games, it’s genuinely regular for somebody to get a few things, toss them in the shopping basket, and buy numerous things, or games, in one go. On the Nintendo Switch eShop, it’s staggeringly simple to discover games and look at current deals. Notwithstanding, with regards to really purchasing a game, the eShop doesn’t have a ‘Shopping basket’ alternative, and Update 10.0 didn’t contact the eShop. Rather than adding everything to a truck before purchasing, each game must be bought and downloaded independently, with no real way to buy various games on the double in a solitary exchange.


At the point when the Nintendo Switch previously discharged in March 2017, Nintendo’s moderate way to deal with UI was loved. Of course, it was feeling the loss of various large highlights however generally speaking the emphasis was on the games most importantly, and there was a lot of time to work the rest out in future updates. Quick forward three years, and players are as yet passing up various exceptionally mentioned choices for fundamental customization with the most conspicuous being custom foundations. Subjects were a significant element on the Nintendo 3DS, but the Nintendo Switch just gives clients the alternative to pick among highly contrasting. No topics for various games like PS4 and Xbox One, and no choice to utilize screen captures taken on the Switch as foundations.



Nintendo has never been on a similar level as Sony or Microsoft with regards to its online administrations. Switch proprietors were at that point disappointed when Nintendo reported that voice visit was select to the Nintendo Switch Online App; nonetheless, right up ’til the present time there is still no choice to message or speak with companions on the support or application by any means. Rather, players are compelled to impart utilizing different methods or depend entirely on Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s message framework. It’s disillusioning that there’s no choice to take a screen capture of something cool and send it to a companion, particularly when parental controls could deal with the main thing Nintendo is stressed over.

Three years into the lifecycle of the Nintendo Switch, there is as yet a popularity among the Switch’s fanbase for highlights like these, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. From fundamental correspondence alternatives not being incorporated like informing to the absence of customization with envelopes or subjects, for a support that is seen this degree of accomplishment, Nintendo still has far to go with regards to programming refreshes before the Nintendo Switch can arrive at its maximum capacity.

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