Nioh 2: How to Beat the Mezuki Boss Fight (2020)

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The main required supervisor of Nioh 2 is the pony headed Yokai known as Mezuki, holding up toward the finish of The Village of Cursed Blossoms.

How to Beat Mezuki in Nioh 2

Mezuki isn’t the hardest supervisor in the main level – that is still Gozuki, experienced prior on – however Mezuki is obligatory in the event that you need to proceed onward, an ambling horse evil presence that can drag the territory into the Yokai domain.

Mezuki Boss Weaknesses and Strategy

Mezuki is extreme, yet not fantastic. We’ve laid out a progression of helpful stunts and exploitable shortcomings you can use to cut him down no problem at all.

  • Mezuki’s assaults are moderate, yet bargain huge harm. Concentrate on protective battling, chiefly evades and avoidance as opposed to blocking. He broadcasts a ton of his assaults, so watch him cautiously and step back on the off chance that he appears to be prepared to swing his club.
  • His went assaults – spitting homing phantoms and tossing rocks – are avoided effectively enough by simply dashing to one side or right. Simply ensure you have some Ki left over on the off chance that he attempts a subsequent assault.
  • On the off chance that you remain a good ways off, he’ll attempt to charge you. This assault, just as a weapon hammer, can both be Burst Countered.
  • Mezuki doesn’t have a gigantic measure of Ki and turns out to be quite simple to falter on the off chance that you have the correct weapons, particularly in the last 50% of the battle. Prepare a ground-breaking weapon like an Ax, Hammer or Odachi, swap among low and high position for a blend of evading and overwhelming strikes, and make sure to utilize your Ki Burst at each chance – you would prefer not to be an exposed target when he makes one of his assaults.
  • Partially through the battle, Mezuki will drag you both into the Yokai/Dark domain, intensely lessening your Ki recovery speed and engaging a portion of his assaults. This likewise gives him some new moves, for example, a went vitality assault done by swinging the sword. Right now is an ideal opportunity to transform into a Yokai on the off chance that you can and power through it – this domain will blur back to ordinary in the long run and you can continue.


Awards for Beating Mezuki

Prizes shouldn’t be your essential concern, considering you need to beat Mezuki to complete the level. All things considered, you’ll get some decent treats for it – a decent measure of Amrita, a determination of arbitrary hardware and weapons, just as the Mezuki Soul Core, which’ll permit you to do a monstrous club assault when prepared.

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