Nioh 2 Boss – How to Beat Maeda Toshiie and Kasha Guide (2020)

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How to Beat Maeda Toshiie and Kasha

Maeda Toshiie is experienced in the principle crucial “Moves Near” and it’s prescribed to be level 72 when confronting him. Using a lance, Maeda’s primary weapon of decision is a lance. He’ll use a few clearing assaults, normally beginning with a bounce, yet will likewise push the lance forward. Maybe his most irritating assault is the point at which he begins running at you, spinning his lance before assaulting.

Staying away from this assault includes evading to the side – it takes a touch of timing however is especially possible. The best occasions to get some harm in are the point at which he finishes either the whirling assault or push. Step back after a couple of good swings to dodge any reprisal harm. It’s likewise encouraged to not bet everything except if you have loss of motion Ninjutsu. At certain focuses, Maeda shoots fireballs with his Guardian Spirit yet these can be handily stayed away from.

When his wellbeing has dropped enough, Maeda’s assaults will turn out to be quicker. At a certain point, he’ll light his lance and play out a portion of his standard assaults. Keep battling as ordinary, taking consideration to dodge his whirling assault and lance push, and you should win.

How to Beat Kasha

You’ll battle Kasha without precedent for the fundamental strategic “Excited Blade”. It’s prescribed to be level 60 for this and keeping in mind that you can battle Kasha on two different events, her assaults are practically the equivalent.

Kasha utilizes a great deal of fire – so imperviousness to fire will help – and utilizes a whip to assault from a remote place. She’ll additionally run towards you, leaving fire afterward. The technique here is evade to the privilege at whatever point she runs, following behind to assault her (focus on her wheels – they’re the primary feeble focuses). There are three distinct assaults that can be Burst Countered – the one in particular that will give any genuine difficulty is the point at which she swings her whip overhead and afterward pummels it down. When you make sense of the planning on this present, it’s sufficiently simple to maintain a strategic distance from.


In the Dark Realm, Kasha tends

In the Dark Realm, Kasha tends to run and, after reaching the stopping point, pivot for another scramble so be mindful so as not to follow her. She’ll additionally toss a saw that tails you – stay away from it by going around. Two flunkies will likewise be brought yet they can be effortlessly discarded. Be mindful so as not to walk out on her and abstain from hindering her fire assaults.

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