Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Horn Beetle Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps Horn Beetle Guide

Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ battle is trickier to ace than the past game, yet a great deal of fun once you get its hang. When you arrive at this region you’ll have procured two or three capacities that make the battle considerably simpler. Your twofold hop and run capacities will demonstrate their value here, and having just experienced comparable animals in different territories, where better to flaunt your abilities than in a supervisor battle?

The Horn Beetle is scaring, yet you have all that you have to exercise authority over it. In case you’re attempting to exhaust its wellbeing bar, here are a couple of supportive tips to see you through the battle.

How to beat the Ori Horn Beetle

The Horn Beetle has a few assaults that can get you out, however once you’re mindful of its assault designs, it’s anything but difficult to counter. The field manages you adequate space to move around and evade approaching assaults. There are no stages to jump onto, making your position significant.

Avoid a fiery death

The creepy crawly conveys a surge of fire that creeps along the floor. This is very simple to keep away from on the off chance that you figure out how to time your bounce accurately. Trust that the Beetle will convey the fire and not long before it contacts you, utilize your twofold bounce capacity to stay away from the blazes and land back on the ground securely.

Dodge and attack

The Beetle can likewise dispatch itself forward into the air, so be prepared to avoid. Trust that the Beetle will bounce and afterward run under it and behind it. It’s durable exoskeleton is basically invulnerable, so assaults ought to be centered around the uncovered sparkling tail and underside of the animal. Utilize your Spirit Edge capacity to combo your assaults (continue squeezing the assault catch) and arrangement harm. Rehash this methodology for the following barely any occasions that the Beetle bounces. It will at that point land with the goal that it faces you again.


The Beetle isn’t reluctant to close the space between you, so get very close. In these circumstances, it charges towards you before propelling into the air. Concentrate on the gleaming objective on its body and attempt to avoid the edges of the supervisor room: they’re fixed with spikes that hurt you on the off chance that you get excessively close. When it lands confronting endlessly from you, assault the sparkling portion of its body once more.


Horn Beetle boss battle rewards and Bash ability

The prizes for the Horn Beetle manager aren’t a lot to keep in touch with home around: 100 Light Orbs and some wellbeing. Your vitality cells will likewise be topped off. The genuine compensations from this manager fight come marginally later however, as you would now be able to get to a zone lodging an amazing new capacity.

When you’ve bested the creepy crawly, a couple of Moki let a vine down into the manager field. Utilize this vine to exit on the correct side and head off into an unexplored bit of the guide, highlighting new foes that spit shots. Keep investigating downwards, and head to one side once you arrive at the base of the level to find a shining blue tree.

Like how you increase different capacities, retain the light inside to open the Bash capacity. This capacity permits you to utilize lamps and shots to jump higher and arrive at already difficult to reach regions. You can likewise control it to divert shots and break pink stages.

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