The Outer Worlds: Beginner’s Guide Tips & Tricks

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With standard pretending game complexities, profound choices that go into each primary journey, fanning discourse trees, and the capacity to slaughter anybody you meet, it promptly feels like a ton of game — and settling on any choice feels inconceivably upsetting.

In our Outer Worlds learner’s guide, we’ll wipe out a huge amount of potential pressure.


In an early mission, you’ll settle on a major choice. In view of your decision, one town endures and another shrinks. It’s simple (and human) to get deadened by choices like that. Consider the possibility that you murder an essential witness. Imagine a scenario where you settle on an inappropriate decision about who to trust. Consider the possibility that you give the life-(and vocation ) sparing prescription to an inappropriate gathering.

Of course, your choices will have results, and you may make adversaries en route, yet your decisions aren’t generally as paired as they give off an impression of being. In the model above with the two towns, following exchanging power, another target moves everybody into one spot, for the most part happier than they were previously.

Perhaps your decisions will mean you’ll pass up circumstances later on, however The Outer Worlds is worked around letting you settle on choices and afterward course-amending to manage the results.

Try not to struggle with each choice. Settle on the decision that feels right to you (or the character you’re playing), and pull out all the stops. The game adjusts.


The Outer Worlds is worked around the choices you make in-game, yet the character creation choices you make also. You don’t generally need to stress over your high-stealth character being terrible at battle, for instance, since that high stealth makes you great at picking the locks on cartons containing extraordinary weapons.

You’ll quite often have numerous approaches to finish a goal — everything from murdering trouble makers to discovering lost things to breaking into a protected office. These choices will in general compare to different abilities you could possibly have. Arrangements will be around regardless of in the event that you underscored quality, sneaking, or knowledge.

You don’t need to investigate those alternatives — and you won’t have the option to, contingent upon your aptitudes — however it doesn’t make a difference. Utilize your qualities to discover an answer.


Making sense of which of the different ways is best for you isn’t in every case simple, yet The Outer Worlds will give you a lot of insights. Search for work stations, books, notes, and even individuals you converse with — they’ll all indicate the different arrangements. At whatever point you get one of those insights, it’ll show up in your Journal menu under the comparing mission.

Converse with individuals. Peruse everything. The entirety of that data will make finishing your destinations simpler.


Pretty much every room, canister, bookshelf, and carcass has something for you to plunder. You’ll get everything from fixings to explosive launchers just by meandering around and plundering all that you see.

Investigate all over the place and bring whatever’s not nailed down. You won’t utilize (or even need) a large portion of it, yet you can sell it, separate it for parts, or offer it to your colleagues. Nothing is futile, so get everything.



Encumbrance is a technician that originates from your quality, current wellbeing, protective layer mods, and even colleagues, which all go into the count for your convey limit. At the point when your stock weight surpasses your maximum, you won’t have the option to run or quick travel.

At the point when this occurs (and it’s an issue or when, not if), separate your additional weapons and protection into parts. That will typically be sufficient to get you back under the limit.

To evade it in any case, ensure you’re auctioning off your garbage and anything you’re not utilizing. Garbage things are only for selling, and since there’s plunder all over the place (see above), you’re likely going to discover a greater amount of any thing that you sell.

A knapsack covering mod will expand your conveying limit on the off chance that you have an extra space in the shield you’re wearing. You can likewise expand it with the Pack Mule perk. (Another advantage, Traveler, will even let you quick travel when you’re burdened.)


Getting all that you can get your hands on and plundering each carcass that you make implies you will get weapons, protective layer, mods, and consumables practically continually.

At the point when you discover a workbench, you just need bits, the in-game cash, to step up your weapons. You won’t require any additional parts or things. Furthermore, you can introduce and swap mods as you discover them.

There’s nothing uncommon about (the greater part of) the weapons and protective layer you get. On the off chance that it’s superior to anything what you have, use it. On the off chance that it’s not, transform it into parts or sell it. Level up your rigging in the event that you have the money available. On the off chance that you don’t, simply hold up until you discover something better.

Settle on your choices rapidly — there is in every case more rigging to discover. For weapons, take a gander at the sort of weapon and the harm it bargains. For covering, take a gander at its protection detail, any advantages it has, and its weight.

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