Overwatch: Ana Tips & Tricks for Advanced Play

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Ana’s weapons store of possibly game-changing capacities makes her one of the most adaptable healers in Overwatch. Along these lines, she’s likewise one of the hardest saints to play viably and numerous players battle to have an effect having secured her.

A decent Ana keeps her group ceaselessly bested up and in the battle, while settling on split-second choices that could close down foe progresses, bring wellbeing bars again from the edge and open up a chances to step the restriction.

In case you’re simply beginning with the character, our Ana manage contains a lot of data that will get your nuts and bolts up to speed, however we’ve assembled a strong number of further developed tips that will help you in your adventure to acing the saint.

Let’s fix your use of the Biotic Grenade

It’s critical to utilize Biotic Grenade in the correct manner, in the correct conditions. Here are some snappy tips to assist you with recuperating all the more productively with this amazing gadget.

– Your Biotic Grenade is a precious life-sparing capacity however it’s on an especially high cooldown, and that implies it shouldn’t be throwed into fight since you’ve seen somebody take the scarcest trace of harm. It’s best when tossed into a furious engagement, where the result is simply starting to tilt in the rival’s support.

– While keeping your harm sellers alive is pivotal, recollect that they quite often have wellbeing pools that are too little to even consider benefitting from the sprinkle recuperating when a fired from your Biotic Rifle will take care of business. Except if many individuals are taking harm at the same time, it’s needless excess.

– Instead, center hurling your explosive at tanks with wellbeing pools that are just too gigantic to even think about healing through regularly in the event that they’re taking huge amounts of discipline. This guarantees you’re keeping the forefront flawless to ensure the remainder of your group and furthermore astounding the foe exactly when they believe they’re going to get through the greater part of your guard.

Disrupting the enemy team with Biotic Grenade

Ana’s Biotic Grenade isn’t useful for mending your partners yet its enemy of recuperating properties are additionally truly viable at upsetting the dynamic of the whole foe group. It’s an incredible follow up apparatus for a commencement on the off chance that you can sneak it through a hole in the foe’s protection.

Let’s assume you’re on assault, there’s a Reinhardt holding the stifle and his group are dodging behind his shield. Await your opportunity and trust that your group will draw in, and afterward the minute he drops his shield or pivots to manage the quick risk, dispatch your Biotic Grenade in with the general mish-mash and turn all their wellbeing bars superbly purple.

This will keep their healers from having any effect during the beginning times of the teamfight at all, and enables you to gain by their particular weakness, eventually bringing about a staggering triumph when the residue settles. While protecting, flip this situation around to hamstring an adversary push in only seconds.

Another extremely helpful hint to manage at the top of the priority list while picking which focuses to hit with your explosive: consider the legends who depend vigorously on self-mending. Roadhog’s a prime case of a saint who uses this repairman, so you should watch out for this legend on the two sides.

As a partner he benefits enormously from the wellbeing help your explosives award, yet a foe Roadhog is likewise especially powerless to the counter mending impact as well. Keep him from chugging the yellow juice and it’s amazing how quick you can cut the hoard slamming down.

Turn Ana’s Sleep Dart into an OP tool

Considerably more so than Ana’s Biotic Grenade, her Sleep Dart has significant game-evolving potential. So regularly we see Ana players shoot it off generously, overlooking the protracted cooldown and for all intents and purposes willing their shot to occur over an adversary’s way, as opposed to certainly trusting it will hit their proposed objective.

We believe it’s best put something aside for switching things around of a battle, and put something aside for unique events as it were. Consider a Genji moving above you tossing shurikens, a charging Reinhardt, or a McCree who’s recently declared that it’s High Noon. Consider it a capacity that totally discredits probably the most dominant Ultimates and opens up chances to jump on the counter hostile.


Remember, you’re a healer not an offensive hero but…

Frequently it’s exceptionally enticing as an expert marksman to overlook your group for a piece and discharge a few shots at the adversary – who can’t avoid going for a touch of wonder once in a while? The thing is, Ana doesn’t have the insta-murder capability of Widowmaker, so you truly shouldn’t play her like one.

Rather, when you go into each match, center around satisfying a specific amount to prevent yourself straying from the current task. We prescribe a proportion of 85% mending to 15% harm managing. Why? You’re a flexible healer ready to top wellbeing bars up from miles off and at short proximity, while giving the absolute quickest recuperating in the game – benefit as much as possible from it.

We’re not proposing you can’t regularly bring the torment, simply spare it for the correct foes. You’re similarly as liable for managing a foe Pharah as your essential harm vendors seem to be. Again it’s a fine equalization, don’t consume an excessive amount of time attempting to take her out. Stimulate her a piece so your partners can polish her off, or get her low on wellbeing and make her winding out of the sky.

Make your Nano Boost work harder for your team

Nano Boost is Ana’s most noteworthy resource. It has a generally low cooldown which implies it’s infrequently a waste whenever utilized in a battle.

That is our first tip, truly. Try not to clutch your Ultimate hanging tight for the ‘great’ minute. Utilizing it frequently puts undeniably more weight on the resistance and expands your chances of winning each conflict. Try not to be an ambivalent Ana player, be decisive. In the event that it turns out badly, don’t stress, Nano Boost will be energized in for all intents and purposes no time.

The way in to a decent Nano Boost includes surveying the circumstance and picking your partner to coordinate it. Is it true that you are assaulting the principal point on Numbani, for instance, and you have a Winston hoping to get the high ground and bounce the healers on the overhang? With that data prepared, it’s then an instance of hitting him with the lift and changing him into a blue, sparkly gorilla of death who’ll profit by the expanded harm and protective layer to decimate the backline.

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