Overwatch: How to get free Overwatch League Tokens

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How to get free Overwatch League Tokens

Another cash has quite recently been added to Overwatch, and it passes by the name of League Tokens. These new things are utilized to open the new shading plans utilized by the different Overwatch League group. The thought is entirely basic. On the off chance that you follow a specific group, you can show your help for them in-game by wearing similar skins they do in authentic matches.

In our manual for this new money, we’ll clarify precisely how the new Tokens work and what you can do to get your hands on a greater amount of them, regardless of whether through the shop or by taking up the free offers that are right now accessible.

Overwatch League Token FAQ

Alliance Tokens are another money that has been acquainted with permit players to buy skins utilized by their most loved Overwatch League groups.

These buys are totally independent from the Loot Box framework, and you are required to either buy League Tokens from the in-game shop, or snatch the different free token offers that are accessible (more on those in a minute).

The new Overwatch League skins cost 100 Tokens each. You can buy these Tokens in the UK and US at the accompanying costs:

  • 100 League Tokens – 4.99
  • 200 League Tokens – 8.99
  • 400 League Tokens – 16.99
  • 900 League Tokens – 34.99
  • 2600 League Tokens – 87.49

As should be obvious from the table above, it will cost you a sum of 87.49 to open a group’s shading plan for each legend that at present exists in the game the game.

To open the skins, basically go to the Overwatch League segment of the principle interface, and afterward select the group whose hues you need to utilize.

When you’ve done so you’ll see a rundown of each of the 26 Overwatch legends. Essentially hit the Unlock catch to one side of the screen and – accepting you have enough Tokens in the bank – you’ll access the skin being referred to.


Free Overwatch League Tokens

This segment will be refreshed constantly after some time with the most recent free Overwatch League Token offers. In case you’re mindful of a giveaway that isn’t recorded here, if you don’t mind let us know in the remarks so we can refresh the article.

Strategy #1

Another strategy for getting free Overwatch League Tokens has been uncovered by Blizzard on Wednesday 21st February 2018.

You can acquire one League Token for each guide win, by connecting your Twitch record to MLG.com, Twitch.tv or OverwatchLeague.com.

At whatever point a guide finishes up during a live communicate, watchers will get a solitary League Token. Various fans chose indiscriminately will really get 100 Tokens!

The subtleties for how to associate your records right now be found over in a devoted post on the authority Overwatch League site. Note that occupants in Canada have an additional progression to finish, point by point on that page.

Strategy #2

The principal technique for getting your hands on a speedy clump of free League Tokens is to just sign into the game. When you’ve done as such and researched the new Overwatch League tab that has been added to the title screen, you’ll have 100 tokens skilled to your record. Pleasant and straightforward, eh? This lone works the first run through in the wake of signing in after the League start date, obviously.

Strategy #3

Here’s another strategy for snatching some free League Tokens, accepting you can stand a smidgen of light spam in your inbox. In the event that you pursue Overwatch League Updates you’ll get another 100 tokens, totally for nothing out of pocket.

To get your hands on these additional treats, you should pursue these email cautions by January 31st, 2018. You can enter your location over at the authority Overwatch League site – simply look down a little to where the discovery is.

Record restrictions

The primary things to note with regards to these free tokens however is that your record must be on favorable terms so as to pick up the free tokens that are right now on offer.

On the off chance that you have been quieted, or your record has been restricted in some other manner because of punishments, you won’t have the option to get them. This is by all accounts Blizzard’s next exertion in the war against danger.

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