Overwatch: Storm Rising Complete Guide [Updated 2019]

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Overwatch’s most recent occasion has surfaced and it’s apparently based around a sea tempest in Havana, obscure super organizations and could even include an attack on ocean post.

We’ve been blessed to receive two mysteries from Blizzard, one based around an anecdotal first page spread in a neighborhood Havana paper, and the other including a decoded voice message referencing a difference in methodology in the Overwatch’s chase for Doomfist.

At present data is truly constrained right now, yet we’ve gathered together all that we know so far about Storm Rising just underneath.

Overwatch Storm Rising: Everything we know up until this point

Release Date

How about we begin with the significant stuff, when would we be able to stall out in? All things considered, Blizzard has declared it’s practically around the bend and we’ll have the option to play Storm Rising from sixteenth April to the sixth of May.

“Leader Morrison. I have a proposition. We’re going at getting Doomfist the incorrect way. He’s perfect, yet his bookkeeper Maximilien? Pursue the cash and you’ll locate the soil you need. I realize you’re stressed over sending the strike group out again after what occurred with Reinhardt. Be that as it may, I’ve been working with them and I realize they’re prepared.”

She at that point proceeds to diagram who’s possible playable for the occasion:

“I’m placing Tracer in control, with Mercy, Winston, and Genji in help. She’s developed as a pioneer since the King’s Row mission, and I realize you’ll concur. Get back to me when you get this. Also, authority – trust me, they’ll complete it. Visit out.”


Havana Newspaper

Snow squall discharged an anecdotal first page spread from a nearby Havana paper for it’s first Storm Rising secret. It point by point how a family-run refinery transformed into an obscure, unrecognizable super enterprise, and how this organization gradually started to assume control over Havana and drain the life out of the once lively city.

What can we expect from Storm Rising?

In light of past Overwatch Archives occasions, we envision Overwatch Storm Rising will stick to this same pattern. It’s probably going to be a four player PVE involvement in which players will advance through a guide and go head to head against swarms of progressively troublesome foes, just as the incidental supervisor.

This fits in pleasantly with the likelihood of traveling through Havana while the sea tempest is seething on, and the obscure partnership’s offices have been busted wide open.

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