Pokemon Go Great League Best team: Top PvP Pokemon for 1500 CP Tier

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Top PvP Pokemon for 1500 CP Tier

At the point when the Battle League turns, you’ll have to know which Pokemon to use for the Pokemon Go Great League best group. There’s a restriction of 1,500 CP here which is the least PvP group accessible in Pokemon Go, so a large portion of the ordinarily solid Pokemon you’d utilize won’t be conceivable. Rather, you have to comprehend the Pokemon Go Great League meta, which is the thing that this guide should help with, alongside showing you which Pokemon ought to go in your best Pokemon Go Great League group. Here are the main 10 best Pokemon to use in your PvP Pokemon Go Great League best group.


  • Type: Dragon/Flying
  • Weakness: Ice, Dragon, Rock, Fairy, Electri

With such a large number of shortcomings, you’d be pardoned for not expecting a Pokemon like Altaria to be so well known in Great League. The truth is, since it’s part Dragon-type — and solid Dragon-types are rare at this level — Altaria is an articulate monster. Swablu is a typical Pokemon, however you do require 400 candy to develop one, so you better get looking in the event that you don’t have an Altaria as of now.

Winged serpent Breath ought to completely be your charged move of decision to, you know, exploit the Dragon-type nature of Altaria. It likewise has 3 EPT and 4 DPT, making it fantastically important. You’re likewise going to need one of your charged moves to be Sky Attack on the grounds that while Flying-type moves aren’t generally the best, Sky Attack is modest so you can dole out assaults on the standard. In the event that you have a second charged move, decide on Dragon Pulse, in light of the fact that despite the fact that it costs somewhat more, it’s a smart thought to have some additional Dragon-type harm in there.


  • Type: Steel/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Electric, Fire

Skarmory is a famous decision for two reasons; Steel-types don’t have numerous counters in the current meta, and Skarmory has been in the game for a very long time, so the vast majority will have one at a better than average CP. Like Altaria, the Flying-type angle isn’t as valuable, yet you’ll see a lot of Skarmorys in the Great League.

Air Slash should be your decision for the quick move with 3 EPT and DPT, in light of the fact that the other choice is Steel Wing and Steel-type moves aren’t awesome repulsively. Sky Attack completely should be your first decision charged move since it profits by Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB: when a move is a similar kind as the Pokemon, it gets +25% harm) and is the least expensive as far as vitality cost. On the off chance that you have a second charged move, keep away from Brave Bird no matter what and get Flash Cannon.


  • Type: Steel
  • Shortcoming: Fighting, Ground, Fire

Another Steel-type alternative here, Registeel is fundamentally harder to secure than Skarmory since it’s an incredible, however there have been various chances to add one to your assortment. Registeel is much bulkier — and in this manner preferred protectively — over Skarmory, while having a somewhat increasingly assorted moveset.

Lock-On is the best vitality generator in Pokemon Go with 5 EPT, which implies you’ll have the option to utilize a lot of charged moves. For those, Flash Cannon is the less expensive of the two best picks and like Skarmory with Sky Attack, it profits by STAB. On the off chance that you have enough Registeel candy to allow it a second charged move, search for Focus Blast since it bargains a crazy measure of harm. Simply ensure you don’t get halted by a shield or it’s a tremendous move squandered.


  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Shortcoming: Fighting, Ground, Water

Bastiodon is a standout amongst other protective Pokemon you can use in Great League (and is another part Steel-type… seeing a pattern?) and it can likewise give some genuine harm. The primary concern you need to keep an eye out for with Bastiodon is the point at which you’re facing Fighting or Ground-type Pokemon in light of the fact that they’ll bargain twofold harm.

Notwithstanding it just have 2.66 EPT, Smack Down is your best decision for quick move over Iron Tail. You’ll likewise need Stone Edge as your first decision for the charged move in light of the fact that despite the fact that it costs a considerable amount of vitality, it bargains a crazy measure of harm, particularly against Altaria. In the event that you have a subsequent charge move, go for Flamethrower to manage any Pokemon you face that are feeble to fire-type moves.


  • Type: Ground/Water
  • Shortcoming: Grass

As a Ground/Water-type, Swampert just has one significant shortcoming; Grass-type Pokemon. For whatever length of time that you’re not facing a Venusaur, Tropius, or Meganium, Swampert can be urgent in your battle to triumph. Indeed, even Electric-type moves are smothered gratitude to the double composing of Ground and Water.

Continuously go for Mud Shot when you’re shaking Swampert in Great League, since it offers 4.5 EPT. The DPT isn’t excessively high however, which is the reason having two charged moves here is significant; one that you can over and over use as Hydro Cannon (shockingly a network day selective) or Surf. Consolidate both of those with Earthquake for a staggering blending. On the other hand, in the event that you are facing a ton of Grass-type Pokemon, you can swap Earthquake for Sludge Wave.


  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Shortcoming: Fighting, Ground, Water

Another Rock/Steel type, Probopass is a strong option for Bastiodon on the off chance that you don’t have one. It likewise has the upside of two potential Electric-type moves, point by point underneath.

Curiously, Probopass doesn’t have one out and out best quick sort move. Rock Throw offers higher harm in return for less vitality age (2.5 EPT and 4 DPT) while Spark gives the inverse (4 EPT and 2 DPT). On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a Pokemon to counter Altaria, at that point Rock Throw is the reasonable decision, though Spark can assist with goading shields and manage a portion of the other Pokemon you’ll face.

For charged moves, you again have two options. In the event that you have the candy to have two charged moves, at that point get both Rock Slide and Thunderbolt, yet on the off chance that you’ve just got one, at that point you’ll need to pick between them. Both are nullified by Ground-type Pokemon and have comparative force/vitality prerequisites (Thunderbolt is somewhat progressively costly and amazing). On the other hand, pick Magnet Bomb in the event that you need a less expensive Electric-type charged move than Thunderbolt.


  • Type: Dark
  • Shortcoming: Bug, Fairy, Fighting

Umbreon is a fascinating decision for Great League since the present moment, there’s no immediate counters in the meta other than Azumarill with Play Rough. Getting different Umbreons can be baffling gratitude to the development prerequisites, yet on the off chance that you have a not too bad one, consider adding it to your Great League group.

Growl ought to be your pick for quick move since it offers 4.33 EPT, despite the fact that it has recently 1.66 DPT. Bluff Attack can be considered for the harm increment of 3 DPT (and 3 EPT) however more often than not, the vitality addition will be pivotal with Snarl. Three charged moves can be thought of; Foul Play is the modest choice so joined with Snarl, you can hand out charged proceeds onward the ordinary, in addition to you can praise that with Dark Pulse for some additional harm. The entirety of the moves referenced so far are Dark-type however, so in case you’re facing something that opposes Dark-type moves (Ghost-types and other Dark-types), consider utilizing Last Resort in the event that you made it during the network day. This is Normal-type and can be utilized as a tech decision.


Deoxys (Defense)

  • Type: Psychic
  • Shortcoming: Bug, Dark, Ghost

Another protectively disapproved Pokemon, Deoxys (Defense forme) is the main Psychic-type on this rundown which in a split second gives it a major favorable position. The main issue is that it is so hard to get one since it has so far just been accessible in ex-strikes. So except if you’ve either been strolling with Deoxys for a significant distance and miles, or caused it to eat a hundred uncommon treats, you won’t have the option to have two charge proceeds onward this terrible kid yet.

All things considered, you’re going to need to go with Counter for the quick move. It has 3.5 EPT and 4 DPT which settles on it a strong decision, in addition to it’s a Fighting-type move which is an extraordinary “counter” (see what I did there?) to the numerous Steel-type Pokemon referenced previously. For the charged move, pick between either Rock Slide or Thunderbolt. Psycho Boost used to be the best alternative yet it currently gives Deoxys a negative assault debuff after use which isn’t perfect.


  • Type: Grass/Poison
  • Shortcoming: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Venusaur might be the most straightforward Pokemon to jump on this rundown on the off chance that you’ve been playing for some time, since it’s the development of one of the Gen 1 starters and has had its own locale day. It’s an incredible counter against Pokemon like Azumarill and Swampert, and by and by it’s to some degree tanky, particularly for a Grass-type.

On the off chance that you need to produce vitality rapidly to utilize Venusaur’s incredible charge moves, go for Vine Whip as the quick move. It offers 4 EPT (and 2.5 DPT), while the other option, Razor Leaf, just has 2 EPT however deals a noteworthy 5.5 DPT. Incredible on the off chance that you need to depend on the quick move, however hard to inside and out suggest. Free for all Plant is by a long shot the best charged move on the off chance that you made it during network day, yet on the off chance that you didn’t, at that point Sludge Bomb is an incredible Poison-type decision. In the event that you have a subsequent move space and don’t have Frenzy Plant, go for Solar Beam.

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