Pokemon Go Master League Best Pokemon Team

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At the hour of composing, the Battle League as of now expects you to put out your best Pokemon Go Master League group. This implies there is no CP limit at all; any Pokemon you have in your assortment, you can convey to battle against players from everywhere throughout the world in Pokemon Go and gain those sweet Pokemon Go Battle League rewards. Simply picking your most noteworthy CP Pokemon isn’t the best approach be that as it may, on the grounds that you need to consider the current Pokemon Go Master League meta and the Pokemon you’re probably going to face. So right away, here are our best ten decisions for your Pokemon Go Master League best group.


Dialga is one of the most widely recognized Pokemon you’ll face in the Pokemon Go Master League, to a great extent because of its composing and moveset. Steel is impervious to a ton of the sorts you’ll experience, while Dragon is solid against well, other Dragon-types. Dialga is additionally one of the most elevated CP Pokemon you can get with a roof of 4,038 CP, putting it in the main 10.

With regards to moves, Dragon Breath ought to be your top decision for the quick move on account of managing four harm for each turn (DPT) and creating three vitality for every turn (EPT), while you have the decision of Iron Head or Draco Meteor with regards to the charged move. Iron Head requires significantly less vitality to utilize, while Draco Meteor bargains 150 harm for every utilization. The main drawback is that Draco Meteor debuffs Dialga’s assault detail by two phases after each time you use it, so you should just utilize Draco Meteor to polish off a fight.

Giratina (Origin preferred, Altered if not) 

  • Type: Ghost/Dragon
  • Shortcoming: Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Fairy

There’s one key explanation Giratina (Origin forme) is favored over the Altered variation, and that is just in light of the fact that it has a higher max CP. It can go up to 3,683 instead of 3,379 for Altered, which can be a urgent contrast in an association where there is no CP limits. Much the same as how Giratina steps the Ultra League, it is a unimaginably ground-breaking power here as well, with its primary shortcomings being types you’ll once in a while face.

Regardless of which forme you’re utilizing however, the best moveset is fundamentally the same as. Decide on Shadow Claw as the quick assault since it has 3 DPT and 4 EPT, while Shadow Ball ought to be one of your two charged assaults in case you’re utilizing Origin. You would then be able to browse either Dragon Pulse or Ominous Wind for the subsequent charge move; Ominous Wind would mean you have three Ghost-type moves which you might need to control away from, however it has high harm yield. In the mean time, Dragon Pulse is less proficient, however will offer you a Dragon-type move to praise your Ghost-type overwhelming moveset.

On the off chance that you have the Altered type of Giratina, go for Shadow Claw once more, at that point praise that with Dragon Claw. It costs minimal measure of vitality so you can utilize it over and over, at that point for a harder-hitting charged move, snatch Shadow Sneak. Antiquated Power isn’t suggested in light of the fact that it was nerfed as of late.


  • Type: Fairy/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Poison, Steel, Electric, Ice, Rock

Another Ultra League contender that exceeds expectations in Master League, Togekiss might not have the most noteworthy CP potential at 3,332, however it is supported in a ton of the sort matchups you’ll go head to head against. It is amazing against Giratina and Dialga because of its twofold Dragon-type obstruction, in addition to Giratina is feeble to Fairy types.

With regards to moves, Charm is an unquestionable requirement have. It is the second-best quick move in the game as far as DPT and keeping in mind that it doesn’t have incredible EPT, this shouldn’t be an issue since it’s for the most part used to counter the two legendaries. In spite of the nerf to Ancient Power, it’s as yet an incredible charged move decision for Togekiss, while it ought to be praised with Aerial Ace. Flamethrower and Dazzling Gleam are your other two choices, yet both require a lot of vitality to be reasonable with Charm as the quick move.


  • Type: Water
  • Shortcoming: Electric, Grass

Another unbelievable to add to the rundown yet this time, it’s one that has been accessible decently much of the time. Kyogre isn’t the best counter to well known decisions like Dialga and Giratina, yet it can perform breathtakingly against a portion of the other mainstream Pokemon you’ll face like Snorlax, Togekiss, and Heatran.

Moveset astute, Waterfall is on everybody’s Kyogre on the grounds that that is the main quick move it can know (Dragon Tail was expelled in a matter of seconds before the Pokemon was discharged). That is not really a terrible thing since it sports 4 DPT, yet just 2.66 EPT. With regards to charged moves, Surf is crucial in light of the fact that it has a low vitality cost and arrangements amazing harm. Snowstorm can be supported as an option since it’s solid against Dragon-types, however it has a high vitality cost and is a misuse of a move on the off chance that it hits a shield. Thunder can likewise be considered on the grounds that it costs not as much as Blizzard, however isn’t as good with regards to composing.


  • Type: Psychic
  • Shortcoming: Bug, Dark, Ghost

Did you know Mewtwo’s most noteworthy CP is 4,178? This places it in the main five most noteworthy potential CP Pokemon at the hour of composing (there’s some discussion on its accurate situation in the best five) and assault is by a long shot its most grounded detail. It additionally has a fundamentally shifted moveset… with regards to charged moves in any case.

Psycho Cut should be your decision for quick move. It has less harm than Confusion, yet has the second most noteworthy vitality age in the game with 4.5 EPT. Presently with regards to charged moves, set yourself up in light of the fact that there’s many choices. Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt are for the most part immensely extraordinary composed moves that can be valuable after all other options have been exhausted, however you’ll need to consolidate them with one of either Psystrike or Shadow Ball. Psystrike was selective to the incredible assault hour back in October 2019, while Shadow Ball is a heritage move and is not, at this point ready to be scholarly. On the off chance that you do have one of them however, at that point you’re in karma. In the event that you don’t I’d suggest deciding on some different option from Mewtwo, on the grounds that Focus Blast is the following best move and isn’t especially incredible.


  • Type: Dragon/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Ice, Rock, Fairy, Dragon

Because of it being around since the very beginning of the game, each drawn out player ought to have a Dragonite by this point. Its quality against other Dragon-types is executioner and it just passes up the best 10 most noteworthy CP with a maximum of 3,792.

You’ll need to bet everything on the Dragon-type moves, so decide on Dragon Breath as the quick one. 4 DPT and 3 EPT settle on it an astounding decision because of Dragonite’s assault details. Winged serpent Claw ought to be one of your charged move choices too in light of the fact that it has a low vitality prerequisite and you can dole out the harm regularly. For the other charged move (on the off chance that you have two), you can pick among Outrage and Draco Meteor. The previous has 110 force contrasted with the last’s 150, yet is marginally less expensive and doesn’t have Draco Meteor’s assault debuff after use. Shock would be my pick, except if you need an authoritative closer, which Draco Meteor is best at.


  • Type: Dragon/Ground
  • Shortcoming: Ice, Dragon, Fairy

Garchomp is one of the rarest non-incredible Pokemon in the game gratitude to the tricky idea of Gible, however on the off chance that you have your hands on a conventional one, put it to use in the Master League. Mythical beast type again makes it solid against the various Dragon-types in the meta, while the optional Ground-type makes it solid against different, including Poison, Rock, and Electric-types.

Mud Shot must be your top decision for Garchomp’s quick move since it has top level vitality gain at 4.5 EPT. That is fundamental when you consider how costly the two choices for charged moves are; Earthquake and Outrage. Both are high force, medium expense, so Garchomp is totally ruthless when finishing a match off. On the off chance that you have two charged move openings yet you’re missing one of the abovementioned, Sand Tomb can likewise be utilized.


  • Type: Steel
  • Shortcoming: Fighting, Fire, Ground

Getting a Melmetal is no simple errand since you have to finish the Let’s Go, Meltan unique research or acquire one from Pokemon Let’s Go (everything is disclosed in our how to get Meltan in Pokemon Go direct). You at that point need 400 confections to develop it into Melmetal yet when you do, you have a tanky Steel-type Pokemon extraordinary for use in the Master League.

Thundershock is the main quick move accessible and fortunately it’s not all that terrible on the grounds that it creates vitality decently fast. Rock Slide is the best charged move since it just costs 45 vitality to utilize, while Superpower is our recommendation for the other charged move. The main issue is that, similar to Draco Meteor, Superpower gives Melmetal a debuff to both assault and barrier after utilization, which means it’s better at finishing off fights. Thunder Shock is additionally a choice in the event that you need additional Electric-type harm.



  • Type: Normal
  • Shortcoming: Fighting

Snorlax is a work of art, ain’t it? As its… *ahem* size would suggest, Snorlax is a guarded monster, helped by the reality it just has one significant shortcoming which isn’t especially mainstream in the Master League meta. The drawback is that as a Normal-type, it’s not got any sort focal points either.

Lick ought to consistently be your decision for Snorlax’s quick move; it has 3 DPT and EPT which is strong, in addition to different alternatives are not incredible by any stretch of the imagination. There’s a ton of decision with the charged moves however; Body Slam is the best at shield bedeviling in case you’re utilizing Snorlax as an opener, while Earthquake is solid against Steel-type Pokemon. At that point there’s Superpower which is marginally less expensive than Earthquake yet makes a comparative showing. At long last, in case you’re deficient in Dragon-type moves somewhere else in your group, go for Outrage.


  • Type: Dark Weakness: Bug, Fairy, Fighting

Another unbelievable Pokemon to polish things off, Darkrai is completely brilliant against Giratina. It’s impervious to Ghost-type moves while Giratina is feeble to Dark-type ones, making it an awesome counter. Simply ensure you don’t utilize Darkrai against Togekiss in light of the fact that it won’t work out in a good way.

Growl is the top decision for the quick move since Feint Attack isn’t generally excellent by any means, at that point you certainly need Dark Pulse for one of your charged moves. The second charged move is far from being obviously true; Shadow Ball can manage some famous decisions in Master League since it is a Ghost-type move, while Focus Blast is a costly decision yet observes off different sorts like Steel, Normal, and Rock, which Shadow Ball can’t do much about.

That is it for our manual for the Pokemon Go Master League meta; in the event that it changes fundamentally we’ll make certain to refresh this guide with some new decisions. Good karma in the Battle League, mentor!

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