Pokemon Go: Raids Boss List August [Updated 2019]

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The Pokemon Go attacks have changed supervisors by and by with the re-presentation of Rayquaza, and we have a total Pokemon Go strike manager list here so you can check initially which ginormous brutes are accessible to bring down in Pokemon Go. This is right for August 2019 and when they next cycle once more, we’ll update this.

This Pokemon Go assaults supervisor rundown has the majority of the present attack managers in Pokemon Go, from the simple level one strikes to the hardest ex-assaults. Pokemon Go has been around since the late spring of 2016 and keeping in mind that assaults weren’t accessible immediately, they’ve been in the game for some time now so most players have experience sharing in the odd attack or two.

In the event that you haven’t done any Pokemon Go strikes yet and you’re not by any means sure what they are, dread not. Attack supervisors in Pokemon Go are basically larger than usual ordinary Pokemon that you can collaborate with companions to bring down. Some of them are anything but difficult to vanquish, however for other people, you’ll have to bring along a gathering of buddies to try and stand an opportunity.

How to do a Pokemon Go raid

Pokemon Go strikes are found solely at exercise centers, which are the a lot taller Pokestops you’ll find in towns and urban areas. Regardless of which group has control of a rec center, anybody can share in an attack when it shows up, demonstrated by a hued egg on top. This will be joined by a clock, tallying down from 60 minutes, so Pokemon Go people group have enough planning time to get players together to bring it down.

Tapping on the egg symbol in the corner, while taking a gander at the rec center, will uncover how troublesome it is. The measure of beast faces over the egg speaks to the degree of the rec center, as does the shading. Level one and two strikes will consistently be pink, level three and four attacks are yellow, while level five assaults are purple with white stripes.

To do the Pokemon Go strike, you essentially must be at the individual rec center inside the 45 minutes after the egg hatches. For whatever length of time that you have a Raid Pass – which is given out for nothing once every day at your first Gym PokeStop turn of the day – you can have a taken shots at bringing down the assault supervisor. On the off chance that you need to accomplish more than one strike for each day, you can get Premium Raid Passes from the in-game store for 100 coins each.

Pokemon Go Raid tips

In the event that you see a level five attack however you don’t have at any rate a couple of different players to handle it with, overlook it. Solo players can adhere to level one and two strikes dependably, as these assault managers will once in a while set up a lot of a battle. They have low wellbeing and insofar as you’ve outperformed around level 20, you’ll have the option to vanquish them effortlessly without anyone else.

Level three assaults are the place things begin to get dubious, and in case you’re playing solo you’ll have to consider setting up certain counters to the Pokemon strike manager you’ll be battling. In the event that there’s a couple of you battling together however, at that point you shouldn’t have quite a bit of an issue, particularly on the off chance that you’ve all arrived at level 30 or higher.

For the level four and five strikes, you have to enroll the assistance of a couple of amigos. These assaults can run from 20,000 manager CP to 50,000, and you won’t almost certainly complete them solo. This is the place you’ll have the option to get unbelievable Pokemon and different special features, contingent upon which Pokemon are in the present strike pool which is secured underneath.


Pokemon Go raid boss list for August 2019

The Pokemon accessible in attacks routinely change, however there’s no set date for the move. The following change is required to come when Rayquaza leaves on September 2. Here are the majority of the current Pokemon Go attack supervisors in August 2019:

Pokemon Go raid bosses (level one) – August 2019

  • Bagon (Dragon)
  • Shinx (Electric)
  • Snorunt (Ice)
  • Swablu (Normal/Flying)

Pokemon Go raid bosses (level two) – August 2019

  • Alolan Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon)
  • Breloom (Grass/Fighting)
  • Combusken (Fire/Fighting)
  • Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
  • Monferno (Fire/Fighting)

Pokemon Go raid bosses (level three) – August 2019

  • Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
  • Alolan Raichu (Electric/Psychic)
  • Jynx (Ice/Psychic)
  • Onix (Rock/Ground)
  • Piloswine (Ice/Ground)

Pokemon Go raid bosses (level four) – July 2019

  • Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost)
  • Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
  • Granbull (Fairy)
  • Lapras (Water/Ice)
  • Togetic (Fairy/Flying)

Pokemon Go raid bosses (level five) – June 2019

  • Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying)

Pokemon Go Ex-Raid Boss July 2019 – Deoxys Speed Forme

On the off chance that you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for some time, you may have additionally discovered an Ex-Raid, or even got an Ex-Raid Pass for yourself. These are selective attacks which just occur at an assigned time every week, and they are your solitary taken shots at getting Deoxys (Defense Forme).

To acquire an Ex-Raid Pass, you should be welcomed. This is basically arbitrary, however there are ways you can expand your odds. Right off the bat, you have to ensure you’re partaking in ordinary assaults at Ex-Raid qualified rec centers. You’ll know whether a rec center is Ex-Raid qualified on the grounds that a little symbol will show up in the upper right-hand corner. In case you’re attempting to discover one, they keep an eye on just be found in parks or as supported exercise centers.

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