Pokemon Go Ultra League Team: The Top Pokemon Team to use in the Battle

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Pokemon Go Ultra League Team

In case you’re participating in a spot of PvP, there’s an opportunity you’ll be searching for the best Pokemon Go Ultra League group. The fight alliance in Pokemon Go goes through the three associations all the time, so it’s significant you have the best Pokemon Go Ultra League group conceivable to stay aware of the meta and gain those prizes.

It very well may be enticing to simply toss your most elevated evaluated Pokemon into the Pokemon Go Ultra League on the grounds that all things considered, the higher CP must mean they’re the most grounded, correct? Sadly that is not the situation. You have to consider their IV details, move determination, type focal points, and different components that decide exactly how compelling a Pokemon is in the Ultra League meta.

So right away, here are probably the best Pokemon to use in the Ultra League, from those you need to open with, the ones who can tank charged assaults, and the crazy harm vendors.

Best Pokemon Go Ultra League Pokemon


  • Type: Steel
  • Shortcoming: Fire, Ground, Fighting

While Registeel is a well known decision in Great League, its maximum CP of 2449 settles on it an awesome decision in Ultra League as well. The best move blend for Registeel is Lock On (quick) and Flash Cannon (charged) and since it’s a Steel-type Pokemon, it can withstand most other well known Ultra League decisions without any problem. Tragically however, it is an amazing Pokemon, so discovering enough candy to control it up or in any event, getting one in any case is dubious on the off chance that you don’t have one as of now.

Giratina (Origin or Altered)

  • Type: Ghost/Dragon
  • Shortcoming: Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Ice, Fairy

Giratina has two structures – Origin and Altered – and both are astounding decisions for use in Ultra League. Changed will in general be the more mainstream decision, however since both are Dragon/Ghost-type, the two types of Giratina are similarly practical. It will see off most contradicting Pokemon as long as there is definitely not an immediate counter to it and truly, in the event that you don’t have a Giratina in your group, you’ll battle to advance in Ultra League. The best quick move is either Shadow Claw or Dragon Claw, trailed by Dragon Breath or Ancient Power for the charged move.

Armored Mewtwo

  • Type: Psychic
  • Shortcoming: Bug, Dark, Ghost

A great decision here, standard Mewtwo can bargain high harm, yet its protection details aren’t exactly sufficient to contend. Heavily clad Mewtwo then again is an outright tank and on the off chance that you have Rock Slide as one of its charged moves, you can trap shields because of its snappy charge time. Then again, Earthquake is a more slow charging move that bargains more harm, or Psystrike – accessible only with Armored Mewtwos acquired during the dispatch of Mewtwo Strikes Back in February 2020 – is a high-harm Psychic-type move. For the quick assault, Confusion is by a wide margin the best alternative.


  • Type: Water/Ground
  • Shortcoming: Grass

Mudkip people group day has been and gone – in addition to the Gen 3 starters have been in the game for a very long time now – so all ardent players ought to have a solid assortment of Mudkip candy to use on getting a Swampert. Since Swampert is the best Pokemon to use in Ultra League that is anything but an amazing, you’ll be facing it much of the time and would be absurd to exclude it except if you have the three legendaries referenced previously. Mud Shot is anything but an especially harming quick assault yet it is the fastest vitality generator, so is a famous decision. On the off chance that you got Hydro Cannon during the network day, at that point it’s the best decision for the charged move, in any case go with Earthquake. Slime Wave can likewise be considered to counter Grass-type Pokemon.


  • Type: Normal
  • Shortcoming: Fighting

Typical sort Pokemon for the most part are certifiably not an incredible decision since they’re not solid against much and are very frail to Fighting-types, however the current Ultra League meta fortunately doesn’t have any Fighting-type Pokemon in. As you’d anticipate from Snorlax because of exactly how damn enormous it will be, it has high guarded details, and there’s one key component that settles on it an incredible decision for Ultra League; Outrage. In the event that you have the Outrage charge move, it is one of the most reasonable Giratina counters you can utilize. Join that with Lick for its quick assault and you have yourself a monster. On the off chance that you have two charge moves, either pick Earthquake or Body Slam for the second.


  • Type: Fairy/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Rock, Steel, Ice, Electric, Poison

Like Snorlax, Togekiss will once in a while go head to head against a Pokemon solid against it on account of the current Ultra League meta. Thus, you have another Pokemon that can manage Giratina on account of the Charm quick assault (simply don’t have Snorlax and Togekiss in a similar group), at that point Ancient Power or Flamethrower are the best charged moves to use against other Pokemon.


  • Type: Fire/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Water, Electric, Rock

Charizard might be a fan most loved Pokemon around the world, yet it hasn’t seen a lot of utilization in PvP as of not long ago. Long time players ought to have so much Charmander candy they don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage everything, so spend that on getting the Fire Spin quick move and Overheat charged move. Except if you have Blast Burn from network day that is, on the grounds that Blast Burn is by a long shot the best choice.

Alolan Muk

  • Type: Poison/Dark
  • Shortcoming: Ground

To some degree a startling decision here, Alolan Muk is another incredible Giratina counter. The main admonition is that it’s firmly suggested you acquire the Dark Pulse charged move, since it’s the most grounded Dark-type charged move in the game and the main non-Poison-type charged move Alolan Muk can learn. Go for Snarl as your quick move and you’ll get some genuine vitality gains.


  • Type: Water/Flying
  • Shortcoming: Electric, Rock

Magikarp may take 400 candy to develop yet fortunately they’re all over the place, so in case you’re one of only a handful not many without a Gyarados, it shouldn’t take you long. Gyarados is a superb decision for Ultra League since you will seldom face any Electric-type moves, and Gyarados has a wide exhibit of charge type moves to look over. Crunch is the snappiest charging move and is Dark-type, Outrage is Dragon-type and is astounding against Giratina (however don’t run Snorlax with Outrage as well!), while Hydro Pump is the most remarkable and takes longest to charge, yet the Water-type move will see off any semblance of Charizard. Winged serpent Breath is the path forward with regards to the quick assault.



  • Type: Grass
  • Shortcoming: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Wrapping up this rundown is the main Grass-type Pokemon here, Venusaur. It has many shortcomings you may face, most quite Fire and Psychic, yet is a great tech decision to use against Swampert. Vine Whip ought to be your first decision for the quick assault since it can harm Water-types rapidly, while you have the pick of Frenzy Plant (people group day select), Petal Blizzard, or Sludge Bomb for the charged assault. The two previous moves are both Grass-types, while Sludge Bom

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