Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: All Bosses you can Recruit to your Rescue Team

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There’s various Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX legendaries you’ll face in your time with the game, and the vast majority of them are basically supervisor fights. During the principle story, you’ll battle different incredible Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, alongside bounty more in the post-game. Here’s all the subtleties on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX legendaries and managers.

How to recruit legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Each unbelievable you battle before the credits move (Zapdos through to Rayquaza) can’t be selected until you arrive at the credits. At the point when you’ve seen “The End” screen, you can come back to battle them again and enroll them into your group.

For legendaries after this point (Kyogre through to Mewtwo), you have to crush them once, at that point you can come back to bring them down again to select them. Consistently battle against an amazing ensures they will join your group, so you don’t need to seek after the irregular component like with standard wild Pokemon.

Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno

The first legendaries you’ll face will be the three amazing flying creatures from the first 151. Zapdos can be found at the highest point of Mt. Thunder, Moltres at Mt. Burst, and Articuno at Mt. Freeze. None of these battles are excessively troublesome, as long as you select Pokemon with type points of interest; Ground-type for Zapdos, Water-type for Moltres, and Fire-type for Articuno. Return and bring them down again when you’ve beaten the fundamental story and every one of the three can join your group.



Groudon is toward the finish of Magma Cavern and once more, you’ll see it during the fundamental story. The first occasion when you bring it down it’s not especially troublesome, yet when you come back to enroll Groudon to your group, ensure you stack up on Water-type Pokemon and connection moves together to bargain the most harm conceivable. You’ll require a couple Revive All Orbs to endure its Earthquake assault as well.


This mammoth of the sky is the last supervisor of the fundamental story, found at the highest point of Sky Tower. Rayquaza isn’t too extreme the first run through around – simply pop a Dodge All Orb on the off chance that you have one to keep away from Hyper Beam – come back to enlist it to your group for the subsequent time.


After you beat the primary story, the legend of the Stormy Sea will contact you. This is the place you’ll discover Kyogre, something contrary to Groudon. Electric and Grass-type moves will assist you with trip here, as long as you can arrive at the finish of the 40 story cell.

Note that we’ve just come to as yet in the game, however since it’s a revamp of the first Red and Blue Rescue Team, the accompanying legendaries ought to likewise be accessible to acquire alongside their areas.

  • Regirock: Buried Relic
  • Regice: Buried Relic
  • Registeel: Buried Relic
  • Mew: Buried Relic
  • Latios: Northern Range
  • Latias: Southern Island
  • Entei: Fiery Field
  • Raikou: Lightning Field
  • Suicune: Northwind Field
  • Ho-Oh: Mt. Faraway
  • Jirachi: Wish Cave
  • Lugia: Silver Trench
  • Deoxys: Meteor Cave
  • Mewtwo: Western Cave

On the off chance that there are any extra legendaries in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, we’ll update this guide when they’re found.

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