PUBG Armor: The Best Helmets and Vests [Updated]

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From the outset, the PUBG defensive layer framework looks really direct. Impenetrable vests and caps keep running from levels one to three, and more elevated level apparatus offers better assurance. However, there’s more you have to know with PUBG, and on occasion it’s really useful to take a level two thing over a level three. On the off chance that that sounds unreasonable, don’t stress: we’ll clarify it all the PUBG protective layer.

Beneath you’ll discover portrayals of all the apparatus you can get in PUBG, their full details, and investigation of what the numbers mean basically. At the point when you know precisely what number of shots a level two protective cap or a level one vest can bring before you go down, you’ll be in a vastly improved situation to choose what reinforcement to get.


Level 1 Police Vest

With a level one vest, which ought to be without a doubt the base you have on consistently, you will hinder around 30% of each shot, which is a significant huge sum. On occasion, when you are plundering a high worth region, it very well may be anything but difficult to skirt that first level one, thinking you will undoubtedly locate a level two in a little while, yet that is a horrible thought, consistently lift it up.

The key details for a level one vest are generally with regards to 5.56 ARs, SMGs and shotguns. We don’t have authority esteems for anything in PUBG, however a ton of testing from various spots recommends that a level one vest implies it will take four body shots from a 5.56 AR to slaughter, rather than three without a vest. For SMGs it drives the projectiles to execute number up by two for everything except the Tommy Gun and the equivalent goes for shotguns, pushing the S1897 and S686 to a gigantic six slugs to slaughter.

  • Police Vest 200 Durability
  • 30% Damage decrease

Level 2 Police Vest

With only a 10% expansion in harm decrease the contrast between level one and level two isn’t too enormous, so don’t be excessively concerned on the off chance that you can’t discover one. Nonetheless, there are a couple of key weapons that this will shield you from, and obviously the extra 10% when all is said in done is in every case great.

A level two will offer better assurance against the majority of the regular expert sharpshooter rifles. A Kar98k goes from pretty much two shotting you with a level one, to an unmistakable three shot with a level two. While the SKS and Mini 14 will presently require four great body shots rather than three, which is significantly more reasonable. It will likewise pretty much make the 5.56 ARs five shot you rather than four, yet the harm is so near four shotting that the thing that matters isn’t too valuable.

  • Police Vest 220 Durability
  • 40% Damage decrease

Level 3 Military Vest

The Military Vest is obviously the fantasy, with a monstrous 55% harm decrease that gives you a huge favorable position in short proximity battles.

The level three indeed includes one shot to execute most normal marksmen, with the Kar98k taking four shots and the Mini 14 an enormous six. In spite of the fact that on the off chance that you let somebody get six shots on you with a Mini something has turned out badly. It likewise makes the Micro Uzi and S12K really pointless, as both will take 10 slugs to the chest to cut you down.

While 55% harm decrease is extraordinary, it merits recollecting that toughness is a key factor. Odds are you are going to take different shots to the region, and vests will get harmed. On the off chance that you are shaking a full wellbeing level two mid route through the game and after that discover a quarter wellbeing level three on a body, perhaps leave that where it is. Odds are that on the off chance that you take another slug or two that level three will be annihilated, and you will have 0% harm decrease for the remainder of the round. Not a perfect circumstance.

  • Military Vest 250 Durability
  • 55% Damage decrease


Ballistic Mask

Here’s something many individuals don’t understand. The Ballistic Mask is absolutely corrective and won’t hinder any approaching harm. Take it in the event that you think it looks cool, however recollect it won’t assist you with trip at all in any sort of battle.

Level 1 Motorcycle Helmet

As far as harm decrease, the protective caps pursue a similar structure as the vests, just with less sturdiness for each level. Be that as it may, with headshots being the way to speedy executes they are ostensibly increasingly significant, which is the reason you ought to never skirt a level one cap.

Without a cap, all expert sharpshooters and ARs, aside from the VSS, will bring you down with one headshot. However, with a level one cap, all ARs, the SKS and Mini will take two projectiles. That is a huge contrast, as it gives you some an opportunity to respond and stow away. It likewise assists with the various weapons, for the most part allowing you a second or two more to fight it out.

  • 80 Durability
  • 30% harm decrease


Level 2 Military Helmet

While the level two vest rolls out some enormous improvements in what number of shots it will bring to cut you down, the level two head protector is to a greater extent a little update in this office. Most things will at present be fit for bringing you down with only two shots, yet the harm decrease implies that if a head shot transforms into a body shot, you will have the option to live some time longer.

Maybe the key here is the practically twofold toughness. While it might feel like you never figure out how to hit a headshot yourself, they are in reality truly normal and subsequently a level one can be followed only one battle. The level two has more to it, and will last much more. Not having a protective cap is really shocking, so remember the toughness factor.

  • 150 Durability
  • 40% harm decrease

Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet

The level three protective cap is the place things get extremely fun. Just the AWM is fit for bringing you down with one shot now, with any semblance of the Kar98k and M24 dropping right down to two. Only for this reality you ought to consistently take a level three, on the grounds that getting one shotted is the most baffling thing in PUBG. Somewhere else, all the 5.56 weapons drop to three shots to murder, which is very high, and shotguns become entirely pointless, increasing to four and five shots to execute. Be cautioned that the AK is as yet equipped for two shotting you even with a level three.

  • 230 Durability
  • 55% harm decrease

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