PUBG: Best Landing Spots Guide, Tips & Tricks

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On the off chance that you need the most ideal beginning in a round of PUBG, at that point you’ll have to single out your arrival area very carefully. The two maps contain a lot of regions to explore, extending from urban communities to relinquished vestiges, and it’s dependent upon you to work out which area is going to best suit your needs.

Urban communities and bases regularly contain the most elevated volume of plunder however thus they additionally draw in the most players – this obviously expands the chances you’ll get taken out ahead of schedule. It’s murder or be slaughtered in these circumstances, yet in the event that you can cause it out alive you’ll to blast at the creases with incredible weaponry and cumbersome reinforcement.

This doesn’t mean calmer zones don’t contain uncommon plunder, yet you’re less inclined to maximize your rigging in these littler, off the beaten path zones. That said however, your odds of enduring over five minutes improve drastically once you get unusual a tad.

Usually, choosing a better than average beginning area can prompt more prominent accomplishment as the match wears on. To assist you with picking a zone that suits you, we’ve assembled a supportive rundown of the best plunder spots for the two maps: Erangel and Miramar.

Best landing spots: Erangel

Pochinki – A huge city situated in the focal point of the guide. Expect activity straight away among the tight bunch of structures. (High Risk)

School – Perhaps the greatest hotspot of all, School is an enormous U-formed structure filled to the overflow with incredible plunder. Anticipate that numerous players should begin scrambling for a similar rigging after landing – activity moves at a startling pace here. (High Risk)

Sosnovka Military Base – Located right at the base of the guide, Sosnova Military Base is a gigantic complex that offers the absolute best plunder in the game. It’s conceivable you’ll discover Tier 3 protection spread around everywhere – simply watch your back. (High Risk)

Georgopol – A colossal grouping of structures that snake along the coastline, Georgopol contains a not too bad measure of apparatus yet you’ll need to do a great deal of scrounging around to get it. You’re more averse to experience adversaries following landing, yet practice some alert as it’s anything but difficult to forget about foes in the solid wilderness. (Medium Risk)

Lipovka – An undisputed top choice of our own, Lipovka’s settled right on the East side of the guide and it’s uncommon that you’ll experience numerous foes arrival here nearby you. Weird truly, on the grounds that it’s loaded with plunder! (Medium/Low Risk)

Yasnaya Polyana – Filled with enormous 3-4 story structures, you’re probably going to locate some OK gear here and still have the chance to get out solid. (Medium/Low Risk)

Novorepnoye – A port on the eastern edge is home to a little bunch of houses and an enormous shipyard that is loaded up with some incredible plunder. Novorepnoye tends to draw in a significant number players however, so ensure you’re the first to land here. (Medium Risk)

Jail – In a comparative vein to School, Prison is an encased space that will pull in numerous players. Landing first here is fundamental to enduring the invasion! (High Risk)

Best landing spots: Miramar

Hacienda del Patron – This is without a doubt the School of Miramar. It’s one major round structure with a few latrines that draws in huge amounts of players each match. There’s incredible rigging to be had here, it’s only an issue of whether you can outgun every other person. Rise the victor however and you’ll feel like a ruler. (High Risk)

Complejo Penitenciario – Very like Erangel’s Prison, guarantee you’re plundering as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and prepared yourself for a huge number of gunfights immediately. Outlive the restriction and you’ll be remunerated abundantly. (High Risk)

Campo Militar – An assortment of distribution centers and structures that hold some extremely uncommon things including Suppressors for Assault Rifles and Snipers or level 3 shield. Expect some opposition and ensure you have a vehicle to get away from the blue in the event that you figure out how to make it out! (High Risk)

Impala – This is a little however thick zone that is fit for draining dry. Toward the North of the city there’s a modern plant which frequently has some incredible weaponry and shield buried beneath it. (Medium Risk)

Los Leones – The biggest city in Miramar, Los Leones is a tremendous complex of structures. Anticipate heaps of plunder, heaps of individuals and heaps of battling. (High Risk)

Pecado – Home to the scandalous club, Pecado is a hive of action as it so happens. (High Risk)

San Martin – Broken solid structures on the edges of San Martin ordinarily hold some wonderful treats – a most loved of our own. (Medium/Low Risk)


Best landing spots: Sanhok

Bootcamp – This pitchfork molded structure is directly in the focal point, all things considered, and it’s a flat out hive for not too bad plunder. Obviously, being directly in the center of the guide implies it additionally draws in a lot of foes, so be prepared for a battle when you land. (High Risk)

Camp Charlie – Have a rifle through the structures nearest to the focal point of this area for the best rewards. Obviously, it being Sanhok, this is a thick region making it hard to escape from. (High Risk)

Docks – As you’d expect, the docks are loaded up with compartments that will probably be home to some great plunder. They’re somewhat difficult to move over or into, so don’t spend an excessively long time chasing for apparatus, and watch out for any enemies. It’s typically quite calm here, however, so there shouldn’t be a lot of opposition. (Generally safe)

Remains – In a comparable vein to Bootcamp, anticipate that a high centralization of adversaries should land here. Head for the fundamental ruin directly over the unofficial ID itself and you’ll likely discover some high level plunder. (High Risk)

Best landing spots: Vikendi

Château – One of the most fervently challenged regions on the guide, this spot promises you some extraordinary plunder, however you’ll in all likelihood chance upon numerous adversaries. You’ll likewise need to watch where you’re going as it’s somewhat of a labyrinth. (High Risk)

Dobro Mesto – If the flight way isn’t legitimately over this area, at that point we’d state it’s definitely justified even despite a visit. There’s a principle complex legitimately in the middle which contains some not too bad plunder, so cause it out alive and you’ll to be reasonably equipped. (Medium Risk)

Goroka – This is a conservative, thick town loaded up with a lot of houses to loot. Simply don’t get excessively made up for lost time in the progression of clearing up plunder, and attempt your best to focus on your surroundings as you move between structures, floors, rooms and floors – no one can really tell when somebody will jump up out of the blue. (Medium Risk)

Manor – Vikendi’s likeness School, this spot is genuinely dangerous yet packed with tolerable plunder. Ensure when you’ve focused on an arrival spot as you hop from the plane, else you won’t be sufficiently brisk to the plunder, and likely get took out while you’re unarmed. (High Risk)

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