PUBG: Best Loot Spawns (PC / Xbox One)

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Outliving the 99 different players in an extreme battle for survival is the very substance of PUBG. That is the reason you must exploit you can get over your adversaries, directly from the minute you’re falling towards earth with a parachute lashed to your back.

Each guide in PUBG has its very own arrangement of changed areas, extending from haggard remnants to huge urban communities and port towns. In case you’re new to the game, it tends to be hard to recognize which zones will give you the most obvious opportunity with regards to finding incredible weapons, robust protective layer and a variety of mending things.

To enable you to make sense of which territories to drop in to, we’ve assembled a guide for both Erangel and Miramar. We’ll additionally refresh this page with the best plunder brings forth for any new maps that are discharged in PUBG going ahead.

Ensure you visit our center PUBG Guide center point when you’re set here. It contains the majority of the most significant hints and strategies you have to win more games.

Where to find the best loot


Beneath you’ll discover a rundown of all the best spots to get gear on PUBG’s forest guide Erangel.

Georgopol – A gigantic zone that stretches over the coastline, Georgopol is a prevalent goal because of its plenty of plunder. Check the distribution centers for an opportunity at some top-level protection and weapons. Simply be aware of adversaries sneaking around who have a similar thought.

Lipovka – An undisputed top choice of our own. It’s a community that is somewhat off the beaten path, so you’re probably not going to see an excessive amount of activity here. There’s likewise countless structures to plunder, out it an attempt at some point!

Pochinki – A fervently challenged zone filled to the overflow with structures. You’ll have a decent possibility of discovering some quality plunder here, however expect some genuine obstruction as you explore the labyrinth of houses.

School + Hospital – Both these areas are outright bloodbaths as it so happens. Arriving here will mean either moment demise or leaving with a tremendous heap of treats – there’s no genuine center ground.

Sosnovka Military Base – You’re ensured to locate a high grouping of uncommonly incredible plunder in this enormous army installation, yet on the off chance that it’s under the flight way you’re additionally ensured similarly the same number of battles until the very end. Make it out alive however and you’ll be swimming in plunder. It’s additionally worth requiring some investment to go here regardless of whether it’s not legitimately under the plane’s flight way. Thusly you’ll go over less opposition, and have a shockingly better shot at snatching all the great stuff before moving into the circle.

Yasnaya Polyana – An area thickly pressed with multi-story structures that make for incredible plundering chances. It additionally makes for some serious firefights once players rise with whatever weaponry they’ve discovered. It might appear to be peaceful, yet consistently accept that there’s a foe close-by when you’re investigating this zone…


Here are all the best spots to discover plunder on PUBG’s desert map Miramar.

Campo Militar – You’ll discover huge amounts of plunder here, yet at an enormous hazard to your own wellbeing. A great deal of this zone is spread out in little distribution centers, and a couple of extremely huge buildings.

Hacienda Del Patron The huge supervisor’s home and basically Miramar’s rendition of School. It just wouldn’t be Hacienda without seeing twenty different players coasting in close by you. Astounding plunder, and a high possibility of death.

Los Leones – Reminiscent of Pochinki and even Polyana, this is a rambling complex loaded up with a blend of elevated structures and broken solid structures. While it’s brimming with plunder, it can take a ton of attaching around to fabricate that ideal loadout.

Minas Generales – One that flies under the radar somewhat, the absolute best plunder here falsehoods legitimately underneath the huge water tower-like structures. It’s likewise rather focal, which means you for the most part don’t need to stress over the hover for a long time.

Pecado – Drop here and you’ll be in the focal point of a passing snare – decent. This current one’s even more an area to rehearse your point in as opposed to verifying not too bad plunder, however luck out and you’ll be set up very well for a best ten completion.

Jail – Potentially the best spot for plunder on Miramar, there simply little catch to remember: it’s very far away. Plunder rapidly, discover a vehicle and you could make it out with probably the best rigging the game brings to the table.



Where to locate the best plunder on PUBG’s most recent guide.

Bootcamp – The army installation of Sanhok, anticipate that this should be slammed loaded with the best plunder the game brings to the table – however be set up to battle to the demise over who gets the opportunity to wear it.

Remains – This is a little area that draws in a great deal of consideration. It’s basically the School of Sanhok, implying that you’ll have to land quick on the off chance that you need to endure. Cause it out alive and you’ll to swim in apparatus.

All over the place, essentially – While this may appear as though we’re having a giggle, it’s valid. Sanhok’s an a lot littler guide than both Erangel and Miramar with gunfights and activity being the essential drivers behind its improvement. This implies you’ll locate an average measure of incredible plunder for all intents and purposes wherever you go. It’s really a battle not to discover anything!

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